AfterShip Vs EasyShip?

Here's an unbiased comparison of Aftership v/s Easyship across 12 objective parameters


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an unbiased Comparison of AfterShip with EasyShip & ClickPost






No. of Courier Partners

More than 800 More than 250 More than 150

COD Services

Yes Yes Yes

Order Tracking Page

Advanced Advanced Advanced

Returns Management

Advanced Intermediate Advanced

Carrier Selection Engine

Rules coupled with artificial intelligence Rules coupled with artificial intelligence Rules coupled with artificial intelligence

NDR Management

Does not offer Does not offer Advanced

Provides shipping rates

Yes Yes Yes

Hyperlocal Delivery 

Yes No Yes

Dashboard For Analytics 

Yes Yes Yes



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1. About AfterShip

AfterShip is a leading shipment software that allows businesses to automate and track their packages. The platform was founded in 2012 in the state of Texas and is presently headquartered in Austin. It is a popular shipping management software and caters to more than 10,000 brands from around the world. 

AfterShip employs a distributed workforce of 200 people scattered in different countries. It processes more than 6 billion shipments annually. It is integrated with more than 800 domestic as well as international logistics companies along with 30+ digital platforms such as Magento and Shopify.

AfterShip offers the following solutions to its clients:

  1. AfterShip: It is the flagship offering which allows businesses to improve shipment visibility and create branded tracking pages. It helps businesses improve post-purchase tracking experiences, estimate delivery dates and more.

  2. AfterShip Returns Center: It is a solution for managing order returns and creating branded return pages for an enhanced consumer experience.

  3. Postmen: It is an API solution that allows businesses to integrate with multiple carriers, manage orders and get real-time rates for shipments. It also allows businesses to generate shipping labels.

Features of AfterShip

- AfterShip is a leading shipment tracking solution and helps businesses improve visibility through branded tracking pages and offers actionable insights. 

- It helps send notifications to customers about the status of their orders.

- It allows businesses to manage multiple carriers through a unified platform. 

- It offers reports and analytics on the performance of shipments. 

- It offers a returns management system to manage reverse logistics and customer refunds. It also allows businesses to build a branded returns page.

- It provides delivery date estimates and real-rate shipping rates through API integrations with carriers.


AfterShip helps businesses improve visibility through its leading tracking capabilities. 


Clients complain about API integrations being buggy. 


2. About Easyship

Easyship is a shipment management software. It was developed in 2015 in the US and is headquartered in New York. It allows its clients to reach more than 220 nations and regions throughout the world. The platform is a popular cross-border shipping management solution. 

Easyship operates in 27 countries and provides its services to more than 100,000 businesses worldwide. It generates roughly 3.2 labels each second and has made over 3 billion API calls since its inception. It operates more than 50 warehouses spread across several nations and is integrated with 250+ shipping services.

Easyship offerings the following services among others:

  1. Shipping Management Tool: The solution allows businesses to manage and automate their shipping operations. 

  2. Platform Integrations: The solutions offer integrations with 250+ shipping services, online carts such as Shopify, as well as leading ERP platforms.

  3. Rates at Checkout: The solution enables real-time calculation and display of shipping costs on the checkout page. 

  4. Manage Your Brand Experience: The solution allows businesses to enhance their post-purchase experience through branded tracking pages, automated notifications and customized notifications. 

Features of Easyship

- Easyship is a shipment management platform and allows businesses to choose from over 250 services to ship their products.

- It enables real-time shipping rate calculation. 

- It allows businesses to create unique experiences for its customers through branding in tracking pages and notifications.

- It enables improved visibility by allowing businesses to create tracking pages. 

- It helps create, split and merge orders while also allowing users to generate labels. 

- It offers order fulfilment management tools for handling warehousing, packing, reverse logistics and more. 


Easyship is an affordable platform with a variety of features coming with the default package. 


Users have complained that once a shipment is created, information cannot be edited, and to make changes the users have to start over. 



FAQs on aftership vs easyship?

1. What is AfterShip?

Answer: AfterShip is shipping automation and tracking software that allows businesses to improve visibility for their packages, enhance their post-purchase customer experience, and create AI-powered estimations and recommendations to help select the ideal shipping partner.


2. What is Easyship?

Answer: Easyship is a shipment management platform that offers multi-carrier selection, order management, 3PL management, and estimations for a package. 


3. Which is the best option between ClickPost, AfterShip and Easyship

Answer: While all three are competitive products in the market, ClickPost stands out when a comparison is drawn. ClickPost is the fastest growing logistics intelligence software in Asia and allows businesses to manage their shipping patterns, orders, and reverse logistics through a unified platform. It is integrated with more than 150 shipping and logistics companies and works with top brands  from around the world. ClickPost offers businesses with an Amazon-like shipping experience. Protection Status