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Top Refund Geeks Suite Alternatives and Competitors



Ever wonder what’s the most prevalent factor amongst all eCommerce businesses worldwide? We think it’s the anxiety of high shipping costs. 

Almost every step of the shipping process has a price that businesses must pay: from picking an item in the warehouse to losing money on returns. Things worsen when carriers lose packages en route or deliver them to the wrong address.

This is where cost-saving shipping software like Refund Geeks comes in handy. The article introduces Refund Geeks in detail, along with the ten best Refund Geeks competitors that cut costs across various areas of shipping.


What is Refund Geeks?

Refund Geeks is a cost-optimizing Saas-based solution that connects with your FedEx and UPS accounts. It primarily monitors and syncs all shipment data from both couriers and presents analytical and exhaustive reports on every aspect of order delivery and spending. Refund Geeks promises to lower shipping costs by 30%.

You get notified whenever there is a billing error, late deliveries, DIM weight problems, and canceled shipments. Moreover, it also alerts you when carriers take invalid actions like unspecified address correction fees, unwarranted residential surcharges, etc. Refund Geeks’ auditing tool automatically files for refunds with the carriers.

Another essential task that Refund Geeks perform is contract negotiation with UPS and FedEx. With a complicated rate structure, sometimes business owners find it challenging to grasp the numerous surcharges and service rates. This is where Refund Geeks presents its shipping analytics system that simplifies the rate structure to understand where surcharges are applied. 

Moreover, they have in-house expert negotiators who can deepen your understanding of price points resulting in minimized parcel spending per shipping round.


Top 10 Refund Geeks Competitors and Alternatives

Much like how Refund Geeks processes refunds and streamlines courier tracking, we have curated the list of ten Refund Geeks alternatives. Each has unique ways to lower costs with specialized services:


1) ClickPost

ClickPost is a global multi-carrier shipping optimization software that enhances the last-mile delivery experience. Alongside its shipping automation, it offers automated returns management. 

What makes ClickPost a practical Refund Retriever competitor is its high ROI in optimizing shipping, monitoring carrier performance, and tracking shipments. 

Its specialized services eliminate stuck inventories, reduce the RTO rate (Return to Origin), hold carriers accountable for attempting fake deliveries, and lower operational costs.


  • Proactive NDR management that resolves delivery exceptions by identifying failed deliveries, communicating with customers in real-time, and scheduling pickup that is bound to succeed.

  • Integrations with over 300 carriers, AI-powered courier allocation, detailed logistics metrics, shipping labels, and waybill generation.

  • Advanced real-time order tracking from a single dashboard and a personalized branded tracking page embedded with cross-selling marketing features. 

  • Branded returns portal, automated return order pick-up, exceptions and cancellations management, and end-to-end visibility of return orders.


2) Refund Retriever

Refund Retriever is a direct Refund Geeks competitor. Most of the shipment auditing features in both software overlap. The primary task of Refund Retriever is lowering shipping costs and claiming redressals for the money-back guarantees given by UPS and FedEx carriers. 


  • Audit refunds weekly by critically monitoring and detecting issues with shipments, such as gross overcharges, late deliveries, or lost parcels.

  • Amazon returns auditing, tracking inventory lifecycle, including damaged and lost inventory. 

  • Manually submitting and claiming refunds with quarterly billing on savings. 

  • FedEx and UPS contract negotiations, proprietary freight rate retriever for comparing carrier rates, tracking freight shipments, and creating a bill of lading. 


3) Easyship

EasyShip is another multi-carrier shipping software that offers negotiated carrier rates with an estimated 90% off. For negotiating shipping rates and discounts, Easyship can be taken as a feasible Refund Retriever alternative. 


  • Integrations with over 250 carriers with shipping services in over 35 countries, with bulk shipping for every delivery method.

  • Complete visibility of import duties and taxes and access to a global network of fulfillment centers. 

  • Advanced end-to-end shipment tracking and real-time shipping rate accessibility during checkout.

  • A courier recommendation engine for providing customers with the fastest and cheapest shipping service.


4) FreightPOP

FreightPOP is a supply chain management software that works for manufacturers, distributors, 3PLs, and eCommerce retailers. It is a cloud-based platform with a flexible UI structure. It enables one-click integrations with carriers, ERPs, marketplaces, CRMs, accounting software, and more. 

FreightPOP assists in reducing manual data entry and maintaining data quality. It has auditing, analytical and cost-saving services, making it a practical choice as a Refund Geeks competitor. 


  • Integrated audit tools for freight invoices and refund claims by identifying shipping discrepancies, double-checking discounts and tax rates, and highlighting rate errors. 

  • Automates EDI invoicing from a single dashboard and GL accounting.

  • Tracks audits to ensure that carriers use the lowest rates and meet the brand’s shipping rules.

  • Automates freight pool for LTL and parcel shipments to reduce cost, optimize shipment consolidation, and product weight management with optimized pallets and trucks. 


5) Process Shipper

Process Shipper is a parcel shipping software with multi-carrier integrations capacity for automated freight and parcel shipping. Process Shipper eliminates multiple touchpoints and hastens shipping workflows to reduce costs and increase efficiency. 

As a Refund Geeks alternative, it integrates with MIS (Management Information Systems) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) besides tracking logistics costs.


  • Integrations with multiple carriers to determine the best rate for every parcel, automatically adds address information to shipping labels and packing slips.

  • Offers a scalable multi-currency portal to streamline organizational workflows regarding production, shipping, accounting, and communication.

  • Consolidates LTL shipments, provides visibility to ship-to-bill cycles, and generates packing slips to verify shipments before docking.


6) PirateShip

PirateShip is a popular shipping software that provides one of the best-negotiated rates for USPS and UPS shipping. It saves an estimated 89% on the shipping costs for USPS and 86% off for UPS carriers. 

Its affordable shipping rate with no hidden costs makes it a good Refund Geeks alternative for those focusing on gaining negotiated rates and bulk discounts.


  • Easy-to-use interface that quickly generates shipping labels, transforms spreadsheets into labels, and imports eCommerce orders from sales channels.

  • Print postage from any printer, batch processing of shipping labels, and quick rate comparison for USPS and UPS carriers.

  • Schedule pickups and drop-offs for packages, access Priority Mail Cubic and negotiate shipping rates programs like UPS Digital Access and USPS Commercial Pricing assistance.


7) 2Ship

2Ship is a Transport Management Software with multi-carrier shipping solutions for freight and parcel shipping. 2Ship reduces the chances that businesses unknowingly pay more for shipping by displaying a vast selection of carrier rates. 

You can opt for the best shipping method at the best price. This attribute makes 2Ship an agreeable Refund Geeks alternative. 


  • Single dashboard view that dynamically adjusts all shipment data across carriers, real-time visibility of shipment information with extensive filter view. 

  • Tracks every order with a full display of tracking history and current status.

  • Instantly alerts on non-delivered shipments, analyzes carrier’s delivery performance, and customizes reports on costs. 

  • Track spending on services and delivery methods and one address book to store all critical information of carriers, projects, and customers’ data.


8) Sendcloud

Sendcloud is a logistics software ideal for optimizing shipping and carrier rates for the European market. Sendcloud works by automating almost all the processes involved in shipping, from carrier allocation to returns management. Sendcloud can be considered a Refund Geek competitor that lowers shipping spending.


  • Integrate with over 80 global carriers for European countries and autopilot tasks by configuring with shipping rules.

  • Flexible checkout options for delivery methods, including next-day delivery, integrate with service point pickup locations for easy customer deliveries.

  • Branded tracking experience with advanced API shipment tracking, automatic delivery notifications with emails, and cross-driving sales for online stores.


9) Webgility

If you prefer using QuickBooks (accounting software), then Webgility cab is an ideal Refund Geeks alternative. With Webgility, you can conveniently integrate with QuickBooks and sync inventories, orders, and shipping data. 

Webgility’s system is an expert in managing inventory, tracking prices and quantities across sales channels, and bulk product mapping. These services minimize inventory errors and increments profits.


  • Automate accounting workflows by integrating with QuickBooks, eliminate manual data entry, and record sales taxes, shipping, and payment expenses. 

  • List products to Amazon with ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number), including product descriptions and price, and launch new sales channels.

  • Cloud-based hosting with multi-user accessibility, revenue forecasting, a daily and monthly assessment of sales channel performance, and product sales.


10) LogiNext Mile

LogiNext Mile is a specialized dispatch management shipping software that offers automated delivery routing, route optimization, COD proof, and real-time tracking. 

What makes LogiNext Mile a Refund Geeks alternative is its cost-saving capacity on different logistical metrics. It mainly reduces logistical expenditure by 30% in last-mile delivery shipping and 20% on route optimization.


  • Real-time calculation of the estimated arrival time based on dynamic weather conditions and automated delivery route planning for single and multiple pick-up models.

  • Cash and card payments management, electronic proof of delivery, and interactive dashboard display of the entire delivery network, including heat maps and SLA comparisons. 

  • Intelligent order re-routing based on algorithms considering recourse capacity, time preference, customer locations, etc.


How to Select the Best Alternative and Competitor for Refund Geeks?

Now that we know the different Refund Geeks alternatives and direct competitors let us take a look at the factors one should consider while confirming a business dealing with any of them:


1) Cost Optimization Capacity 

Refund Geeks does a particular job of assisting businesses in keeping track of shipment disputes and claims redressal from UPS and FedEx. This is an effective way to lower shipping costs otherwise lost in shipment mismanagement and surcharge payments.

Taking this as the yardstick, one should seek out a Refund Geeks competitor that either provides refund redressal or effectively lowers shipping costs in other aspects. 

It can automate the shipping process and dynamic logistical planning to reduce logistical operations as done by LogiNext Mile and ClickPost or negotiated rates of Easyship.


2) Order Tracking 

A significant strength of Refund Geeks is its audit tracking system. Similarly, you can select a Refund Geeks competitor with advanced order tracking and end-to-end shipment visibility. This ensures that businesses stay in the loop of what is happening to their shipments, and in cases of exceptions, having shipping software that resolves them is a bonus.


3) Savings Calculator

Having a savings calculator is a priority for many small and medium-sized businesses. Many of the Refund Geeks alternatives mentioned above have one or the other variations of shipping savings calculators. 


4) Invoicing and Auditing 

Refund Geeks’ primary tasks are auditing shipments for UPS, FedEx, and Amazon vendors. However, multiple alternatives like Webgility, 2Ship, and FreightPOP possess more advanced invoicing and auditing features. These include integrations with QuickBooks and ERPs. Added accounting support will only enhance your business dealings.


5) Customer Support

A viable Refund Geeks alternative must have an excellent customer support team. Customer support is crucial in extending software understanding, tackling issues with system errors, and bringing readymade solutions for problems you might have. Moreover, contract negotiation, as given by Refund Retriever, is a bonus.


Final Words

Refunds are undoubtedly a vital component of savings. Having excellent software like Refund Geeks and Refund Retriever only enhances business. However, this is not the only area that can be cost-optimized. 

With several areas of the shipping process that can be made effective with savings, it is better to look for businesses that offer multiple areas of expenditure improvement. This is where Refund Geeks' competitors come into the picture, each having its cost savings formula. 




1) Is Refund Geeks better than Refund Retriever?

Refund Geeks work in the same plane as Refund Retriever; however, the way each handle the tracking and refund process differs slightly. Refund Geeks has a better UI dashboard along with an AI assistant. Apart from this, both work in monitoring shipping and delivery discrepancies. Businesses can choose either one depending on their budget and the extent of services needed.

2) What is the pricing policy of Refund Geeks?

Refund Geek has two price tiers. It collects 25% from the refunds for merchants shipping upto 5000 monthly shipments. However, it only charges when there is a refund situation. For merchants with monthly shipments exceeding 5000, it offers a customized plan with additional benefits like discounts. 


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