EasyShip Vs Stamp?

We’ve gathered all the information you could possibly need about the EasyShip Vs Stamp.com. From their features to their benefits and other insightful information about the best ecommerce shipping solutions available.


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an unbiased Comparison of EasyShip with Stamp.com & ClickPost





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EasyShip Vs Stamp.com


1. About Easyship

Easyship is a leading shipping software company that develops a platform to help eCommerce companies manage their shipments. It was founded in 2015 in New York, and is currently used by businesses in over 27 countries around the world.

Easyship is used by over 100,000 businesses to reach over 220 countries and territories around the world. It offers more than 250 different shipping-related services to eCommerce companies and generates 3.2 labels every second. It also manages 50 warehouse facilities around the world.

Easyship’s top offerings include the following:

1. Shipping Management Tool: 

This tool is used by eCommerce companies to manage their shipments and automate their shipping operations. 

2. Platform Integrations: 

This solution allows companies to integrate with their shipping partners using the platform. It also allows companies to integrate with online carts and ERP solutions. 

3. Rates at Checkout: 

This tool is used to display the cost of shipping a product when the customer is at the checkout window. 

4. Manage Your Brand Experience: 

This solution allows companies to enhance their customer experience by helping them create branded tracking pages and notifications. 

Features of Easyship

  • Easyship is known to offer more than 250 unique solutions to help improve shipping operations.

  • It allows businesses to calculate and display the cost of shipping and the estimated date of delivery of a product at the checkout window in real-time.

  • It helps businesses enhance their post-purchase experience for customers through custom branded tracking pages.

  • It also allows businesses to improve communication with customers through automated notifications to clients. 

  • Businesses can use Easyship to receive instant shipping quotes for different geographies and items from carriers. 

  • Easyship is used by companies to generate shipping labels.  


Easyship is one of the most affordable shipping software solutions in the market. 


The platform does not allow businesses to make changes to an order once it is created. Therefore, any errors in the information for an order can only be rectified through the creation of a new order. 


2. About Stamps.com

Stamps.com is a shipping and postage solutions provider. It was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in El Segundo. It is one of the most popular enterprise postage and shipping solutions providers. It offers internet-based label and postage stamp solutions to businesses.

Stamps.com follows a subscription model and has a total subscriber base of over 700,000 customers and is integrated with 48 logistics solutions providers, 19 digital storefronts and 7 eCommerce marketplaces. The platform is used to ship over 26 million items every month.

Stamps.com’s top offerings include the following:

1. Multi-Location Solutions: 

It allows businesses to manage and ship items from multiple locations. 

2. Shipping Solutions: 

It allows businesses to generate shipping labels, print them as well as avail exclusive discounts on shipping of products. 

3. Warehouse Solutions:

It offers easy warehouse integration with USPS shipping to automate shipping processes and warehouse management. 

Features of Stamps.com

  • Stamps.com allows businesses to easily create online orders, calculate shipping rates and generate labels. 

  • It is used by businesses to avoid hidden fees involved in the shipping process.

  • It allows businesses to shop for the best shipping rates from different carriers and compare them in real-time. 

  • It allows businesses to avail of exclusive shipping discounts from selected partners.

  • It helps businesses send notifications to customers to improve communication. 

  • It helps improve visibility of products through tracking pages to help avoid WISMO calls. 


The platform is an affordable solution and offers heavy discounts.


Customers find it difficult to cancel their subscription once they have signed on. 


FAQs on EasyShip Vs Stamp.com?


1. What is Easyship?

Answer: Easyship is a shipment management solution for eCommerce companies to help them manage their online orders. It allows businesses to create, merge and split different orders, generate shipping labels, track orders, send notifications, manage returns and more.


2. What is Stamps.com?

Answer: Stamps.com is a subscription-based shipping and postage service solution. It allows businesses to generate shipping labels, manage online orders, create shipments, track shipments, and more using an internet-based platform.


3. Which is the best option between ClickPost, Easyship, and Stamps.com?

Answer: Easyship, as well as Stamps.com, are renowned solutions providers in the shipping software industry, however, lack certain capabilities. ClickPost offers much more functionality to eCommerce companies, giving them an end-to-end solution to manage their logistics operations. ClickPost is the fastest-growing logistics intelligence platform in Asia and allows businesses to manage multiple carrier partnerships, create orders, generate labels, track shipments, manage NDR and more. It is integrated with 170+ carriers as well as leading digital storefronts. Businesses are able to use ClickPost to integrate with their shipping partners and other platforms in a single business day. 

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