iThink Logistics vs Shiprocket

Here's an unbiased comparison of iThink Logistics v/s Shiprocket across 12 objective parameters


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an unbiased Comparison of ithink logistics with shiprocket & ClickPost



iThink Logistics



No. of Courier Partners

Insufficient information More than 17 More than 150

COD Services

Yes Yes Yes

Order Tracking Page

Yes Intermediate Advanced

Returns Management

Yes Intermediate Advanced

Carrier Selection Engine

Yes coupled with artificial intelligence Fixed Rules Rules coupled with artificial intelligence

NDR Management

Advanced Basic Advanced

Provides shipping rates

Yes Yes Yes

Hyperlocal Delivery 

Yes Yes Yes

Dashboard For Analytics 

Yes Yes Yes



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Ithink logistics Vs shiprocket


1. About iThink Logistics

iThink Logistics is a eCommerce shipping software provider headquartered in Mumbai. It was founded in 2016 and offers third-party logistics management solutions to online selling businesses in India. 

iThink Logistics currently serves over 26,000 pin codes across India and offers businesses a reach of more than 180 countries around the world. It manages more than 25,000 shipments every single day through its platform and serves 5000+ customers throughout India.

iThink Logistics’ offerings include:

1. AI-Driven Recommendation Engine

It helps businesses choose the best carrier for a particular order depending on demographics, cost and geography.  

2. Order Management

It allows businesses to manage payments, improve order processing speed, synchronize store orders in real-time, extend high-quality customer support, and more. 

3. White Label Tracking

It allows businesses to create customized tracking pages for post-purchase marketing opportunities, real-time order tracking, display of estimated date of delivery, and improved communication with customers. 

4. NDR Management

The platform helps reduce RTOs through an AI-driven NDR management system that automates repeat delivery attempts, provides live NDR updates, offers early detection, generates performance reports and more.

5. Rate Calculator

It allows businesses to calculate the cost of shipping an item before accepting an online order in order to maintain profitability. 


Features of iThink Logistics

  • iThink Logistics allows businesses to reduce the number of RTOs through its state-of-the-art NDR management system that uses AI to resolve issues with a shipment. 

  • The platform improves visibility and communication with customers through the use of branded tracking pages and status update notifications. 

  • It helps businesses manage orders from multiple channels across multiple carriers using a single dashboard. 

  • It accurately estimates the expected date of delivery of the product. 

  • Its intuitive recommendation engine helps businesses choose the ideal career for every order depending on a variety of factors. 

  • It helps businesses manage to return orders and even offers NDR management for reverse logistics. 


iThink Logistics is known for providing an intuitive NDR management system that helps businesses reduce RTOs.


The platform’s customer service is known to be sub-par. 


2. About Shiprocket

Shiprocket is an aggregation platform for shipping companies. It is based out of India and is currently headquartered in New Delhi. The platform helps businesses select from a list of 17 integrated carriers to ship products at pre-negotiated rates. 

Shiprocket handles an average of 200,000 orders on a daily basis and works with 100,000 merchants throughout the country. It offers its clients a reach of more than 29,000+ pin codes as well as 220 countries. 


Shiprocket’s offerings include:

1. Aggregation: 

It helps businesses ship their products using one of its 17 integrated shipping companies at pre-negotiated shipping prices.

2. Estimation:

It accurately estimates the cost of delivering a product to a destination based on a variety of factors including weight, type and dimensions. It also estimates the delivery date of an item. 

3. Order management: 

Its platform helps businesses manage order across multiple channels and carriers using a unified dashboard. Through the dashboard businesses can create, process and track their orders. 

4. Post-purchase experience: 

It allows businesses to create unique post-purchase experiences through branded tracking pages and notifications. This allows businesses to improve customer experience while simultaneously leveraging additional sales channels and marketing opportunities.


Features of Shiprocket

  • Shiprocket allows businesses to choose the preferred shipping partner from a list of integrated carriers. 

  • It provides businesses with accurate information on the estimated date of delivery of an item and the cost of shipping such product to the given location. 

  • It helps businesses improve visibility of their products through tracking pages. It also enables businesses to create branded tracking pages for better customer experience. 

  • It allows businesses to send notifications and branded communications to customers to inform them about the status of their orders. 


The platform provides access to several shipping companies through a single platform without having to negotiate with each provider independently. 


Shiprocket is only ideal for small businesses with lower volumes, as with higher volumes the cost of shipping can begin to harm revenues. 



FAQs on ithink logistics vs shiprocket?

1. What is ithink Logistics?

Answer: iThink Logistics is an eCommerce shipping management solution that allows businesses to manage their orders, assign orders to carriers, improve visibility and manage NDR to reduce RTOs.

2. What is Shiprocket?

Answer: Shiprocket is a courier aggregator that helps businesses ship items through one of its 17 integrated shipping partners. It helps businesses choose carriers, estimate rates, manage returns and track orders.

3. Which is the best option between ClickPost, iThink Logistics, and Shiprocket?

Answer: Both iThink Logistics and Shiprocket are decent solutions, however, out of the three, ClickPost stands out. ClickPost is the fastest-growing logistics intelligence and multi-carrier management software in Asia. It is integrated with more than 170 carriers and allows businesses to manage orders, returns, NDR, and COD reconciliation. Businesses can go live with the carrier of their choice using ClickPost in a single business day. Protection Status