NimbusPost Vs ShipRocket?

If you’re asking yourself NimbusPost Vs ShipRocket, which is better, we have the answer for you. Here’s a comparison of various important parameters from integrations and features to prices of these two leading courier services providers.    


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No. of Courier Partners

17+ 120+ 10+

COD Services

Yes Yes Yes

Order Tracking Page

Intermediate Advanced Basic

Returns Management

Intermediate Advanced Basic

Carrier Selection Engine

Fixed Rules Rules +AI NA

NDR Management

Basic Advanced Basic

Provides shipping rates

Yes No Yes

Hyperlocal Delivery 

Yes Yes No

Dashboard For Analytics 

Yes Yes No

Order Delay Detection

No Yes No



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why companies shift from NIMBUSPOST and SHIPROCKET to clickpost

Direct Carrier Relationships

Keep independent SLA terms with all of your carriers and monitor their overall shipping performances through ClickPost.

Fastest Tracking Updates

ClickPost uses both push and pull, i.e., dual API integrations to ensure tracking notifications are received and shared in real-time.

Manage Returns Exhaustively

ClickPost’s Complete returns management module requires everything from pickups and exchanges to exceptions to be monitored.

Shipping Exceptions Management

The best way to reduce RTO% significantly is using the ClickPost NDR management feature to auto-resolve all your shipping exceptions.

More Carriers to Choose From

Multiple carrier integrations are important which is why ClickPost gives you access to 130+ instead of the 20+ offered by aggregators.

Perfect For Large Enterprises

For enterprises with high monthly order volumes, ClickPost is a cost-effective platform that optimises the entirety of your shipping operations.




NimbusPost is a shipping solution that was founded in 2019 with the specific intent of providing tech-enabled logistics services. It provides a highly responsive system to connect with multiple courier partners and reach 27000+ pin codes. 


Features of NimbusPost

- NimbusPost lets you integrate with and receive real-time tracking notifications from 15+ courier partners and ecommerce channels.  

- With NimbusPost you can compare various carrier prices before selecting a carrier for each order.

- Give customers faster delivery options like same day and next day delivery, and reduce delivery time

- NimbusPost gives you access to storage facilities across the globe for greater movement of inventory and live inventory updates

- NimbusPost also offers a bi-weekly COD remittance payment system. 


Pros: NimbusPost has been cited as one of the cheapest logistics partners and is great for sellers with higher volumes of COD orders. 

Cons: NimbusPost is best suited for SMBs and not large companies, and COD reconciliation still needs to be carried out.  

Price: NimbusPost offers a starter plan at Rs.27/500 gms and then a standard plan starting at Rs.25/500 gms.  


2. About ShipRocket

ShipRocket is a company founded in 2011 that works as a courier aggregator, giving ecommerce businesses quick and easy access to multiple carriers. Shiprocket also provides a dashboard with which multi-carrier orders can be viewed and tracked uniformly. 


Features of ShipRocket


- With ShipRocket, you can easily integrate with more than 17 different high-ranking courier partners and track orders with them. 

- Review carrier shipping rates with ShipRocket prior to allocation, with discounts made available and select the most cost-effective shipping option.  

- View, manage and track the statuses of all orders from a single unified dashboard. 

- Print shipping labels through an automated process and also get access to insurance rates for your shipments.  


Pros: ShipRocket is perfect for small companies looking to scale up by tying up quickly with multiple carriers at discounted prices. 

Cons: Weight discrepancies during billing are an extremely common difficulty phased by companies tied with ShipRocket.   

Price: Ship with Shiprocket at an initial rate of Rs.19/500 gms and also view long term plans which start shipping at Rs.29/500 gms  


FAQs on NIMBUSPOST vs Shiprocket?



Answer: NimbusPost is a tech-enabled logistics solution that was founded in 2019, but has since grown to serve over 10000+ independent ecommerce retailers. It provides an easy-to-use platform to integrate with 15+ leading courier partners and receive real-time tracking notifications from. It also provides basic NDR and returns management systems. Its main selling point is faster COD remittance and quicker delivery speeds, which can be reduced by upto 50% with NimbusPost. 



Answer: ShipRocket is one of the highest rated courier aggregators in India and provides access to 17+ verified carriers. ShipRocket enables quick integration with these carriers as well as provides access to comparable discounted shipping rates so you can select carriers for orders based on cost. ShipRocket also provides added services like shipping insurance and NDR management. It is most preferred for its wide pin code coverage, low rates and fast integrations.    



Answer: If you’re looking for the best option between ClickPost, NimbusPost Vs ShipRocket, you need look no further than at your own business blueprints. This is because the right option for your ecommerce company is based on your company’s needs at any given point of time. In early phases of scaling up, both ShipRocket and NimbusPost are excellent options. They help you to meet your major fulfillment needs with ease and allow you to climb the ladder of profitability with the help of low shipping costs. However, aggregators like Shiprocket are most effective for businesses with order volumes between 1000 and 5000. Once your order volumes cross this mark, basic fulfillment is no longer the major priority. In fact, by this point you’ll likely need more niche carriers as well as specifically-negotiated SLA terms to ensure carrier performance is up to the mark for your requirements. With ClickPost, you can maintain individual carrier relationships and monitor SLA terms with greater visibility. Integrations and tracking can also be carried out with greater speeds. Mostly important, ClickPost provides automated solutions for everything from order creation and carrier allocation to NDR management and returns management. ClickPost focuses on creative a customer-interactive system to optimise your shipping operations while also reducing operational costs and improving post-purchase customer experience through brand recognition. Protection Status