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The world's fastest-growing
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Powering incredible post-purchase experience 
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Trusted by 400+ brands globally

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Smart Multi-carrier Integration for increased serviceability

Manage Multiple Carriers through a Single API Integration

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Efficient Returns Management to improve customer satisfaction

Streamline Returns with Automated Returns Processes

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Branded Tracking Page to improve the post-purchase experience 

Build a Branded Tracking Page with Personalised Product Recommendations

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Order tracking notifications to reduce customer queries 

Send Automated Updates across Multiple Channels. Reduce Order Anxiety & WISMO Calls

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AI-based Carrier Allocation

Embrace carrier allocation automation to streamline fixed+custom rules, lower costs and improve delivery turnaround time.

Easy Returns Management

Ace- up your return/exchange process game through automation & return update notifications.

Shopify Returns Made Easy

Easily and quickly build an online return portal with Shopify Returns. Let customers take control of their returns in order to receive timely replacements.

Stuck Shipment Identification

Identify stuck shipments and trigger an automated protocol. Get notified if your reply is late, update the customer, and notify the carrier with a click.

Reduce costs and amplify
customer satisfaction through
Smart shipment tracking 
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Integrated with 300+ E-commerce Partners

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