DHL eCommerce: Simple Definition

Founded in San Francisco, USA, in 1969, and now based out of Bonn, Germany, DHL eCommerce is a shipping option for eCommerce enterprises and, more broadly, anyone who chooses to deliver a huge number of eCommerce products. For business customers, DHL eCommerce provides domestic and international shipping and delivery and return services. DHL eCommerce also offers e-commerce logistics solutions in America, the Middle East/Africa, and the Asia Pacific. With its phenomenal reach around the globe, it has made cross-border shipping convenient and affordable.

DHL eCommerce: Technical Definition

ClickPost defines DHL eCommerce as an e-commerce logistics expert, international courier, package delivery, and express hybrid mail service provider that leverages the services of diverse shipping companies to enable online sellers and eCommerce enterprises to reach customers all over the world. It offers the most affordable international and domestic standard parcel shipping in a convenient and quality assured package for significantly big volume shippers and commercial customers. 

What is the difference between DHL Express and DHL eCommerce?

DHL Express and DHL eCommerce are among the top most popular shipping services. Both offer unique services to suit customer and business needs in a varied environment. While DHL eCommerce can handle domestic and international shipping with its flexibility and lower pricing, DHL Express is more time-critical. DHL Express is the solution for you if you offer same-day delivery or time-specific shipments to your clients and ship more international shipments than domestic shipments. However, if you're an online merchant who wishes to transport lightweight items, especially those with products available for overseas purchase, DHL eCommerce is the best choice.

Who delivers for DHL eCommerce?

DHL Aviation is a significant courier and parcel delivery company with 189 aircraft in its fleet and 50 international airline partners. DHL is itself responsible for all of its deliveries. In the United States, DHL collaborates with the United States Postal Service (USPS). Looking beyond the U.S., DHL Aviation and Deutsche Post hold eight airlines that deliver to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Central America, and South America. They also own or have agreements with seven other airlines in Germany, Canada, Australia, the United States, and South Africa.

Is DHL eCommerce fast?

After the merchant or online shop has handed over your shipment to DHL eCommerce, delivery is based on the service chosen. The shipping time is usually indicated on the merchant's or online shop's website. Delivery dates can range from 2-3 days for surrounding countries to up to 20 days for destinations with long distances, depending on the product/service chosen and the origin/destination relation. Moreover, based on the product/service selected, the shipment will most likely be handed over to your region's local postal agency for final delivery to you.

How long does DHL eCommerce take to deliver?

When you use DHL eCommerce to transport your items, you can be assured that your international shipments will arrive in less than 14 days, and your domestic shipments will arrive in less than 8 days. It all depends on the shipping method you're employing. DHL's Expedited Max service is the company's fastest domestic shipping option, while Expedited gets your shipments there in five days or fewer. Ground shipment is the most time-consuming way of delivery. Most international parcels are delivered in eight days or fewer. It could take up to two weeks to ship outside Canada or Europe.

Does DHL have delivery restrictions?

DHL delivers almost everything! Except for living animals, hunting trophies, precious stones, illegal narcotics, cash, illegal commodities, counterfeit goods, firearms, and explosives are among the items that cannot be delivered. Certain restrictions apply to dangerous products and lithium batteries, but you can transport them otherwise. DHL will assist with customs clearance for overseas products, but keep in mind that shipping procedures can differ from one location to the next. If you want to send retail goods from your company, DHL will make sure they arrive safely.

How does DHL eCommerce deliver?

The DHL Express courier ensures that your shipment is delivered safely and signed for. Process:

  • Print your Waybill and schedule a collection using their easy-to-use shipping facilities. 

  • After the courier has picked up your shipment, it is sorted at a DHL Service Center before being transported to a DHL Hub, where it will be sorted for onward transit and put onto a DHL aircraft. 

  • The information required for Customs clearance is instantly provided to the ultimate destination, allowing your shipment to be delivered immediately upon arrival. 

  • Keep track of your package at any time with their online tracking feature. 

  • When your shipment arrives at its destination, it is scanned and sorted for domestic delivery at a DHL hub and local Service Center before delivering the final mile. Protection Status