What Is Expedited Shipping: In Simple Terms

Expedited shipping is the process to make sure the cargo is delivered faster than regular shipping times. And to help fast-track shipping time, transport vehicles generally move from the product's origin to the final delivery destination without any stops in between. 

What Is Expedited shipping: Technical Definition

ClickPost defines Expedited Shipping as the mechanisms used to fast-track shipping times offered by shippers at an additional price to ensure the cargo is delivered to the intended destination faster than standard transportation times. 

How Fast Is An Expedited Shipping?

In delivery practices today, expedited shipping is a way to deliver products faster than standard shipping, which usually takes anywhere between 3-4 days to 8 days depending on the commodity and the location it is processed. So, a fast-tracked shipping time would curtail the time to two days. And expedited shipping requires express times and for an additional cost, carriers are able to deliver the same day, next day, hyperlocal, and 2-hour deliveries. Moreover, cross-border shipping naturally takes more time, even with express deliveries. But with better strategies, international shipping is delivered in two days by a lot of prominent carriers, making expedited shipping common practice in today's e-commerce market, be it domestic or international.

How Does Expedited Shipping Work?

In general shipping, the consignment transport systems might go through several stops like fulfillment centers and warehouses, resulting in slower times between point A and point B. But with expedited shipping, the transport vehicle does not stop in between, and to further speed up things, carriers use multiple drivers to avoid any breaks in between. This results in curtailing the time considerably. Moreover, to fast-track the shipping process, one part of the transportation will be done via airway, and the rest would be done through roadways. In recent years, drones have been utilized to provide super express speeds and would become an ideal candidate for expedited shipping in the future. 

Why is Expedited Shipping More Expensive?

Standard shipping practices rely on fully loaded cargo vehicles distributing commodities in several locations on the way to their destination. This reduced expenses but increased delivery times. But with advanced techs like drones and more frequencies in airway cargo, shipping times have been shortened more than ever. Moreover, carriers also employ strategies like using multiple drivers and partially loaded vehicles, which will cost extra. Therefore, customers are required to pay a premium for these services.

What Are Some Of The Purposes of Expedited Shipping?

Expedited shipping can be helpful or more necessary in different situations, and some of the purposes would be for

  • Perishable products

  • Healthcare products

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Attracting more customers

  • Saving time

  • Saving storage 

  • Avoiding damage 

What is The Difference Between Priority Mail and Expedited Shipping?

Both priority mail and expedited shipping are faster than regular mail and require an additional price to be paid for availing of the service. Moreover, the difference would be that priority mail is available seven days a week, whereas expedited shipping only works during working days.

Can You Track Expedited Shipping?

Yes, expedited shipping can be tracked similarly to regular shipping. Some carriers provide dedicated apps, while others offer reference numbers that can be used on their website to track your shipping. Carriers also display order status on the app and offer timely notifications through emails and SMS.

Is Expedited Shipping the Same As Overnight?

Some marketplaces offer overnight or next-day shipping as a part of their regular shipping practices. In those cases, expedited shipping might be slower than overnight shipping and might not need an additional cost. So, make sure to know the shipping speeds available with the seller before expediting the process.

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