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Why We Launched a Startup Plan


CLICKPOST has always understood the importance of supporting startups in the e-commerce industry. These young companies are at the beginning of a journey with endless possibilities

That's why we provide highly discounted rates to early stage startups with strong growth potential. Armed with ClickPost technology, these startups would be able to scale rapidly by:

  1. Giving their customers an incredibly efficient and streamlined Amazon-like shipping experience
  2. Keeping operational and support costs really low 

Benefits for startups


Free Setup + Upto 70% Discount on Recurring Fees for 2 yrs.


Access to Best-Practices in shipping for different stages of growth


Ready-Made Solutions to Countless Challenges That Arise When Scaling Up 

Simple Pricing


  • Real Time Shipment tracking over API
  • Tracking updates to customers over SMS/email/whatsapp
  • Integrated tracking across all couriers for customer care team
  • ML-driven Stuck shipment and SLA breach identification
  • Branded landing page for customers to track shipments
  • AI-driven Failed delivery Management (NDR)
  • Complete Logistics Analytics on dashboard

Cost for 2 years

  • Months 1-6: INR 6000 per month
  • Months 7-12: INR 7500 per month
  • Months 13-18: INR 10000 per month
  • Months 19-24: INR 15000 per month
  • 6-monthly prepaid
  • Monthly shipment volumes upto 8000
  • T&C applied

Selection Criteria

  • Funding value should be between $100k and $1.5M
  • Monthly shipment volume should be no more than 8000
  • Should not have used ClickPost in the past
  • Startups will then be selected by the ClickPost Founding team on the basis of their past performance, e-commerce vertical and growth potential
Startup Plan Chess


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