Warehouse Management System Integrations


ClickPost seamlessly integrates with all WMS solutions


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Here is a list of leading WMS which integrate with ClickPost

UMS Unicommerce

Unicommerce is one of the leading e-commerce Supply Chain Solutions providers. It integrates seamlessly with ClickPost allowing customers to use carrier recommendation, manifestation, shipment tracking & returns management.

WMS increff

Increff helps fashion & lifestyle brands and retailers improve inventory turns and provides a single view Inventory Fulfilment. Increff has deep integrations with ClickPost and several apparel giants use both products to improve eCommerce operations.

Vinculumgroup Logo

Vinculum is a leading provider of Omnichannel retailing solutions & enables a real-time view of inventory in stores and warehouses. ClickPost is pre-integrated with Vinculum allowing e-commerce companies to get real-time visibility of orders across all carriers.

WMS Oracle

NetSuite Warehouse Management System (WMS) optimizes day-to-day warehouse operations such as pick and pack processes, barcode scanning etc. ClickPost API can be used to update tracking statuses to Netsuite and enable tracking communication to customers.


IBM Sterling Warehouse Management System helps businesses manage their inventory and processes throughout their network. Several companies use ClickPost to integrate with IBM WMS and improve logistics efficiencies.


SAP Warehouse Management system (WMS) provides automated support in processing all goods movements and in managing stocks in your warehouse complex. ClickPost integrates with SAP WMS to improve logistics processes.

EasyEcom WMS

EasyEcom is a popular Inventory Management Software for e-commerce companies that supports omnichannel inventory management. Using ClickPost with EasyEcom provides direct integrations with 100+ shipping partners and unified tracking.


Shiprocket 360 (Kartrocket) is another solution for Order & Inventory Management that enables omnichannel shopping. ClickPost can be used in addition to ShipRocket 360 to improve the logistics and shipment tracking experience.

custom wms

Any custom or in-house WMS can be integrated with ClickPost to enable integrations with all carrier partners, unified order tracking and complete returns management.


Integrations with Shipping Partners

ClickPost is pre-integrated with 150+ carrier partners, enabling eCommerce companies to go live with a new carrier in just 1 day

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