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ClickPost seamlessly integrates with all storefronts

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With 1 million+ store on its platform, Shopify is one of the largest ecommerce platforms globally. It's highly intuitive enabling even non-technical folks to build an online store. ClickPost has a direct plugin on Shopify, enabling ecommerce companies to go live instantaneously.



Magento is one of the most customizable eCommerce platforms. It has two services: One is Open Source, which is free, and the other is Magento Commerce, which is a paid plan that provides all hosting services. ClickPost has deep integrations with Magento, enabling seamless data transfer between the two platforms.



WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin with the largest market share among storefronts. It's open-source and the base product is Free. WooCommerce users use ClickPost to improve ecommerce logistics and shipping experience.



BigCommerce is one of the top ecommerce platform. It is mainly aimed at people with limited tech skills, but it also allows developers to tweak the HTML and CSS of their online stores. ClickPost APIs can be used to integrate with BigCommerce.



KartMax is a pioneer in Headless Commerce that uses PWA and Serverless tech to give an unmatched performance at any level of scale. It enables the site to handle thousands of concurrent visitors at any given time without worrying about the performance.



Any other custom shopfront can be integrated with ClickPost. Large e-commerce companies with in-house shopfronts integrate ClickPost APIs with ease to improve their shipping performance


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ClickPost is pre-integrated with 150+ courier partners, enabling ecommerce companies to go-live with a new carrier in just 1 day

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