Feature Update: Multi-Channel Communication for NDRs


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Our NDR Management module has been carefully crafted to automate the process of dealing with failed deliveries. The goal of this module is to help you turn as many failed deliveries into successful deliveries as possible in the shortest amount of time. 

It does so with the help of an automated mechanism that sends cause-specific queries to customers as soon as an NDR is notified. Customers are notified through a variety of communication channels. We’ve decided to take this module to the next level by enabling you to select the best mode of communication for NDRs based on customer responses. 



How It Works?


Using our NDR Management dashboard, NDRs are notified to you in real-time thanks to our nifty tracking APIs. So if a customer’s address could not be found, the query will request information on the nearest landmark. In case the customer was unavailable, it will request a viable time to reschedule the delivery. 

These notifications are sent to customers across all channels - WhatsApp, Email, SMS and IVRS. A customer might open the notification on any of these channels, increasing the likelihood of them choosing a channel unsuitable for that milestone in the shipping journey.

We’ve designed our newest feature update to combat this particular challenge. This feature allows you to collate and analyze data on customer responses and the suitability of each mode of communication. For example, the data may show that address-related failed deliveries get the most responsiveness when customers are notified via SMS. 

Our new feature would then let you enable a setting that ensures notifications are first sent to the customer through SMS only. This empowers you to receive quality feedback from customers at a high speed in addition to reducing costs spent on notifying customers through all communication channels.



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