Shipyaari Vs ShipRocket

Let’s take a look at two leading logistics partners and everything surrounding them in this breakdown of Shipyaari Vs ShipRocket. Let’s take a look at the major differences between these shipping solutions including prices, rates, integrations and features they offer.   


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A Thorough Comparison Between ShipYaari, ShipRocket & ClickPost


No. of Courier Partners
COD Services
Order Tracking Page
Returns Management
Carrier Selection Engine
Fixed Rules
Rules +AI
Fixed Rules
NDR Management
Provides shipping rates
Hyperlocal Delivery 
Dashboard For Analytics 
Order Delay Detection



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Why Companies Need To Shift From ShipYaari And ShipRocket To ClickPost

Work with Carriers Closely for Optimum Shipping

The ClickPost dashboard allows users to maintain separate relationships with individual carriers for the optimum shipping post-purchase experience of customers with timely tracking updates, discounted shipping rates and more.

Live Tracking Updates

ClickPost uses Push and Pull API integrations to send and receive real-time order tracking information. Enhance your customer experience with automated updates, notifications for order delays, etc.

Product Returns Management

Manage returns from a fully customisable returns portal that allows customers to feed in the reason for return. This feature enables ecommerce companies to improve on their existing services on the basis of customer feedback.

NDR Management (Non Delivery Report)

ClickPost can manage delivery exceptions, track fake delivery attempts and resolve all issues around incomplete order fulfillment efficiently with its NDR Management System.

Ship Across the World with 150+ carriers

ClikPost comes pre-integrated with 150+ carriers including all major domestic and international carriers like FedEx, UPS, USPS, Aramex, Blue Dart, DTDC, etc. Plus, you can avail cheaper shipping rates with the discounts on offer.

Scale Up and Manage Increasing Order Volumes

ClickPost is built to accommodate very high order volumes. If you are rapidly scaling up ClickPost can help you with picking, packaging, warehousing, inventory management and delivery management of an influx of orders.

ShipYaari Vs ShipRocket


1. About Shipyaari

Shipyaari is an affordable and easy to use multi-carrier shipping logistics courier aggregator which helps ecommerce businesses sort their order fulfillment procedure. Shipyaari allows you to track your shipments and provides discounted shipping rates bulk volume shipping.


Features of ShipYaari

  • Gain access to 25000+ pin codes for prepaid orders and 19000+ pin codes for COD orders. Also avail of a fast COD remittance cycle.

  • ShipYaari uses shipping APIs to process orders and print labels faster.

  • Track, manage and edit shipments from ShipYaari’s unified dashboard.

  • Avail of insurance of maximum value on all outbound shipments.  


Pros: ShipYaari does not charge for shipping exceptions or any ashipments that are not delivered. It also has a Money Back Guarantee feature for all SLA breaches. 

Cons: Unavailability of returns management makes ecommerce businesses prone to losses due to product returns. 

Price: ShipYaari has 3 pricing plans - Pro, Advanced and Startup. The Pro and Startup Plans are absolutely free of cost. 


2. About Shiprocket

Shiprocket is a logistics courier aggregator company with immense reach all over the world. ShipRocket can enable businesses to streamline their shipping and delivery operations and reach out to 220+ countries and its ecommerce markets. 


Features of ShipRocket:

  • Integrate your ecommerce shop with several selling channels, marketplaces and shopping carts.

  • Deliver orders to 29000+ pin codes within India and 220+ countries worldwide with the help of 17+ carrier integrations

  • Generate pickup and return requests easily with a single click from the ShipRocket  dashboard.

  • Sending order tracking notifications to customers through SMS and email notifications. 

Pros: ShipRocket is best suited for SMEs and SMBs that do not have very high order volumes.   

Cons: Weight and shipping cost discrepancies have plagued many ecommerce businesses that partnered with ShipRocket. 

Price: Domestic shipping charges begin at Rs. 19 per 500 gms. For more info on shipping rates, check out the ShipRocket Shipping Rate Calculator. 




1. What Is ShipRocket?

Answer: ShipRocket is an ecommerce courier aggregator based out of India that offers a lot of logistics and shipping services to help entrepreneurs manage shipping conveniently. It is most loved for the discounted shipping rates it offers on shipping with courier delivery companies like FedEx, USPS, UPS, etc. It also provides Cash on Delivery services to many of its serviceable areas.


2. What Is ShipYaari?

Answer: ShipYaari is a courier aggregator which provides extensive shipping services like scheduled pickups, track and trace, bulk shipping, COD and several other services to ecommerce companies as well as individual shippers. It has large-scale operations in India and can easily handle international shipping with 20+ carrier integrations.   


3. Which Is The Best Option Between ClickPost, ShipRocket And ShipYaari?

Answer: There is no easy way of answering which is the best shipping platform for ecommerce businesses between ShipRocket, ShipYaari and ClickPost. The key thing to note here is that while both ShipRocket and ShipYaari are courier aggregators, ClickPost is a SaaS logistics platform with high functioning A.I.-driven approach to automating shipping processes. Whether you are in need of an ecommerce courier aggregator or a logistics software like ClickPost will be dictated by the kind of monthly order volumes your ecommerce business is dealing with right now. If you are receiving more than 7000 or 10000 orders monthly, it’s better to shift to a shipping logistics software that is better equipped to handle larger order volumes, handle post-purchase customer expectations, manage RTOs, provide advanced tracking, offer a brand immersive experience with branded tracking and aid with warehousing and real-time inventory management.