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We’ve gathered all the information you could possibly need about the top  alternatives and competitors to Freight Club. 


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Top Freight Club Competitors and Alternatives


1) Introduction

For many shippers, freight forwarding is a paramount task. Seamlessly combining cross-border shipping, international dropshipping and fulfillment, and customs clearance is not an easy feat. This is where freight management software and transport management system (TMS) come into play. 

They ease the complexities of freight shipping, invoicing, and tracking to help scale your business. One such solution is Freight Club. This article elaborates on Freight Club features and ten of Freight Club competitors and their services.


2) What is Freight Club?

Freight Club is a popular freight and transport management software company based out of Reston, Virginia. It has a wide range of services and solutions in its basket, but Freight Club is well used for LTL (Less-than-truckload) shipping and freight intel. 

Its basic features include LTL quote booking from a large selection of courier partners, lower damage with intelligent monitoring and analytics, and fair freight rates at an enterprise level. Apart from this, Freight Club has more specified usages:

  • Freight intel with an enhanced and easy-to-follow visual representation of shipping analytics and metrics. 

  • Scalable API structure tracks carrier status, automatically fulfills orders, generates Bill of Lading, and integrations with Shopify and BigCommerce.

  • Create single tracking codes for easy tracking and freight claim redressal for up to 97% with support from their professional logistics team.

  • Sustainable actions focused on offsetting CO2 emissions by planting over 200000 trees across the United States in collaboration with One Tree Planted. 


3) Top 10 Best Freight Club Competitors and Alternatives

Freight Club offers a host of stellar freight management solutions. However, we have curated a list of the top ten Freight Club competitors that focus on multiple areas of shipping. Some are excellent in areas where Freight Club focuses less, while others offer freight services that are at par with it.

3.1) ClickPost

Those looking for a Freight Club alternative excelling in parcel shipping with last-mile delivery optimization services can consider ClickPost as an ideal solution. ClickPost is a global SaaS-based shipping and logistics optimization company. It offers carrier integrations, returns management, and shipment tracking services. 

ClickPost is a high achiever in improving shipping services and serviceability. With ClickPost, eCommerce retailers can integrate with over 200 global shipping carriers, reduce shipment delays with their NDR (Non-Delivery Report) management portal and reduce RTO (Returns to Origin) percentage significantly. 

ClickPost’s AI engine autopilots carrier allocation by configuring business policies and rules and tracks shipments in real-time with their dense push and pull API network. 

Simultaneously, it generates shipping labels and waybills to hasten order fulfillment. ClickPost processes return requests automatically and create the white labeled branded tracking pages with cross-selling features. It successfully manages pick-up exceptions and notifies customers in multiple channels.


3.2) Freightview

Like FreightClub, Freightview specializes in comparing and booking freight shipments with multiple carriers. It is also FedEx-compatible, making it a functional FreightClub competitor for those who frequently rely on FedEx shopping services.

Freightview services are known to reduce time and savings, along with establishing carrier integrations according to business requirements. 

Freightview retrieves carrier rates for LTL and parcel shipments and directly compares rates, so business owners can select the best price without logging into multiple websites. 

It also schedules pickup and generates BOL, shipping labels, and tracking ID. Freghtview provides spot quotes for large shipments and handles real-time bids for shipment rates. It also has a seamless set-up with an intuitive interface and provides details analytics of freight intel.  

3.3) Freightos

Freightos is a global freight shipping management software skilled in global freight rate comparison, booking management for air, ocean, and truck quotes, and freight management. It instantly compares rates from over 75 freight providers focusing on maintaining a balance between price and transit time.

It also offers on-demand tracking and lives updates to resolve issues airing en route proactively. For small and medium eCommerce businesses looking for cost-effective freight solutions, Freightos can be considered a practical Freight Club alternative.

Freightos gives in-depth details and reviews of each carrier and their prices so that business owners can choose the correct shipping option. 

It also offers document management and connects you with custom brokers. Freightos is highly compatible with Amazon FBA with the best rates for FBA fulfillment centers and custom-built palletization and shipment labeling solutions. It also keeps track of inventory count and on-time delivery rate. 

3.4) Kuebix TMS

Kuebix is an industry-leading TMS software and a flawless FreightClub competitor for enterprise-level businesses and high-volume freight shippers. Compact with a global carrier network for multi-modal freight transport, and freight intelligence, Kuebix automates freight management workflows.

Kuebix’s APIs integrate with major carriers like FedEx Freight and UPS Freight and bridge the gap between carriers without web services and shippers with its EDI integrations. 

Store owners get real-time carrier rate comparisons and dense freight analytics for shippers to keep track of carrier performance and accountability. It also has a fast deployment time for shipment bookings, an intuitive interface,  and ERP integrations.

3.5) Freight Genius

Freight Genius is a web-based enterprise-level TMS solution with intelligent freight capabilities in handling orders, carriers, insurance, rates, and billing for freight shipping. 

Its ingenuity lies in quick and low-cost software implementation and in creating intelligent workflows. Using Freight Genius, freight shippers can get powerful predictive analytics, track freight orders in real time, and get rates based on lanes. 

Freight Genius dashboard captures all data points for freight shipments, including order status, tracking information, and alerts for awaiting documents. 

It generates vital data insights with actionable suggestions and provides benchmark industry rates and a 30-day free trial. Freight Genuis as a Freight Club competitor offers its services to brokers and shippers. 

3.6) FreightPOP

FreightPOP is another TMS solution that rivals Freight Club as a competitor competent in order optimization, shipment tracking, and supply chain management. FreightPOP relies on automation, so there is less manual data entry, savings on shipping rates, and hassle-free shipping workflows. 

FreightPOP has auditing capabilities to address invoice exceptions, such as setting discrepancy limits, and identifying duplicate charges, accessorial fees, and tax rates. With FreightPOP, businesses can shop for the best carrier rates from an estimated 300 carriers for LTL freight quotes. 

It pulls negotiated rates from carriers and saves an average of 10%. FreightPOP manages shipping workflows from automating printing shipping labels, BOLs, and invoices to generating HAZMAT configured shipping documents and automated shipping mode. 

3.7) GoFreight 

GoFreight is software specializing in tracking containers and managing shipping exceptions. With GoFreight, shippers get real-time updates on the estimated time of arrival, the actual time of arrival, and the last free day estimation. 

It also sends demurrage alerts personally to your inbox. Businesses can book freights, EDI-backed freight tracking, and get real-time updates on shipment status.  

Moreover, it offers complete support for main airwaybill generation, freight booking confirmation, security endorsements, and an executive dashboard with freight intel. 

It also helps you avoid penalties on demurrage fees with end-to-end shipment visibility. For businesses looking to partner with a FreightClub alternative competent in freight tracking, GoFreight is an excellent option. 

3.8) Carogwise

Cargowise is a cross-border freight management solution that optimizes logistics from origin to destination for freight. Cargowise boosts productivity by automating shipment tasks, improving visibility with EDI connections, and end-to-end freight viability. It also offers eBookings for air freight flights and over 90% of the ocean carrier network and ports. 

It generates airway bills, updates the booking status of corresponding route legs, and handles exceptions with alerts. The highlight of Cargowise is its excellent customs clearance service, including import clearances, meeting regulatory requirements for cross-border trade, and managing finances. 

Its screening tools speed up the classification process, and comprehensive accounting simplifies transactions. On top of these, it offers last-mile parcel deliveries, inventory and warehouse management, and rate processing. Cargowise has comprehensive features for managing freight, making it an ideal Freight Club competitor.

3.9) SmartFreight

SmartFreight is a shipping solution based out of New South Wales, Australia. It has an extensive integration network with a combined 650 Australian and global carriers.

It has integrations with tools like Oracle Netsuite, Cargowise, SAP Business One, and Shopify. Whether a dropshipper or a multinational eCommerce company, SmartFreight offers something for all, making it another strong Freight Club competitor. 

The essential services of SmartFreight include automating carrier allocation, shipment tracking, and multi-modular shipping services. It offers accurate shipping rates from carriers and plugs into your store checkout to display the right carrier partner. 

It also has a route optimization facility that picks the best route based on price and transit time. It is dropshipping friendly, offering services in sourcing products worldwide and shipping to customers directly. 

3.10) Shipup 

Shipup is an international container tracking software and is a Freight Club competitor for ocean freight shipping. The primary features of Shipup include tracking the live location of containers. It also records the arrival and departure status of ocean vessels and informs shippers of status changes via email. 

Shipup also connects businesses with numerous shipping lines and tracks ocean freight movement worldwide. It also books containers and prepares the bill of lading. 



4) How to Select the Best Competitor and Alternative for Freight Club?

Undoubtedly, FreightClub’s stellar services in freight shipping and logistics. However, it is not the only option in the market for shippers and eCommerce merchants. 

Many of FreightClub's competitors tacitly fill in the gap where it fails to live up to customer expectations, and other offers better versions of the same services. 

Naturally, people may feel confused about to choose. This is why we have strung a list of factors to keep in mind when opting for any FreightClub alternatives. 

4.1) Cost-Effective Shipping

The FreightClub alternative you choose must adhere to cost-effectiveness. Negotiated carrier rates, spot quotes bidding, lowered operational costs, and invoice auditing is areas that be cost optimized. Many FreightClub competitors like FreightPOP, SmartFreight, and Freightos are reasonable offers these services. 

4.2) Freight Auditing and Planning

Freight auditing is an essential part of conducting seamless and error-free freight shipping. An integrated auditing service or auditing feature can avoid unnecessary overcharges or accessorial fees while monitoring carrier accountability. 

Similarly, freight planning services like predictive analysis and intermodal transport route optimization help businesses with seamless shipping.  

4.3) Small Business Support

Some FreightClub alternatives listed are excellent for enterprise-level businesses and large-volume shippers. So, if you are a small business, picking a FreightClub competitor that ideally offers negotiated carrier rates for LTL shipping and invoicing will be largely beneficial.  

Moreover, other services like ground and parcel shipping, dropshipping assistance, and FBA fulfillment will also help businesses save costs.

4.4) Shipment Tracking

An excellent shipment and container tracking service must-have feature for any software. Many FreightClub competitors, like ClickPost, Cargowise, and SmartFreight, excel in end-to-end shipment visibility and order status monitoring. 

Moreover, some of the FreightClub alternatives in our list also offer a branded tracking page and notifying customers on SMS, Whatsapp and emails. 

4.5) Support for Parcel Shipping

Though freight shipping is the primary task of many FreightClub competitors, having a solution offering ground and parcel tracking will only be an added advantage. This is will take away the hassles of coordinating with multiple SaaS solutions, while this combined solution can also prove to be cost-effective. 


5) Final Words

FreightClub is an excellent shipping solution for freight forwarding. It offers multiple amenities like freight intel and fast booking services while adhering to the principles of sustainable shipping. 

Though it has many benefits, other software solutions offer more than what is offered in some areas. This is why we have listed ten such FreightClub competitors, highlighting their essential features so that you can select the best one that suits your needs. 



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