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1) Introduction

One of the most daunting tasks for an e-commerce business is handling shipping. Managing shipping services such as order tracking, express delivery, packaging, and transportation can be challenging. To carry out these services efficiently, e-commerce companies need a professional partner to help fulfil their shipping needs.

A shipping software provides assistance and tools to manage shipping services and enhance your supply chain. One such software is Tive.

In this blog, we will discuss some Tive competitors available in the market. But before this, let's have a look at Tive's features. 


2) What is Tive?

Tive is a Boston-based startup that helps e-commerce companies to manage their shipments and eliminate delays and damage. It provides tracking devices so companies can track their shipments' location and condition in real time. It also sends alerts and notifications if any shipment issue arises. 

Tive creates reports to analyse your data to identify improvement opportunities. It offers the Tive Tag application that stores the temperature data of cold chain shipments. Tive's freight tracking system provides shippers with end-to-end visibility into shipments' location across all modes (road, rail, air and water). With the Tive platform, online sellers can ensure on-time and safe deliveries.


3) Top 10 Tive competitors and alternatives

Tive offers the best freight tracking management solutions. However, there are multiple shipping platforms that focus on various areas of shipping. We have created a list of Tive competitors and alternatives competent in cost optimisation, shipping and warehouse and tracking management. 


3.1) ClickPost

ClickPost is SaaS-based shipping software for e-commerce businesses. It is a solid Tive competitor in providing the best shipping experience to the customers. It offers end-to-end logistics services that aid in reducing operational costs. ClickPost's multi-carrier integration helps online sellers integrate with 200+ carriers at once. The software also handles returns issues through its excellent return management portal. 

ClickPost uses a single shipping API to prepare orders, print shipping labels and create waybills. Its pull and push API integration helps customers to track their shipments through a branded tracking page. Its NDR management system helps auto-resolve failed delivery issues to reduce RTO%. ClickPost also creates reports on configured analytics and data. E-commerce companies can also request a demo of ClickPost's shipping services.


3.2) Vamaship

Vamaship is a logistics and shipping aggregator for e-commerce businesses. It facilitates shipping to over 27,000 pin codes in India and 200+ countries to and from India. It offers air and surface, forward and reverses and national and international shipment services. Vamaship integrates with other logistics partners to help companies manage their supply chain.

Additionally, it sends real-time tracking updates to customers through its tracking page. Vamaship's NDR management solution helps reduce returns issues. E-commerce companies can also make customised shipping labels with the help of Vamaship. This marketplace promises to save shipping costs and time and improve the customer buying experience. 


3.3) ParcelLab

ParcelLab is one of the leading operations experience management (OEM) platforms. It helps e-commerce companies use their operational data effectively. Moreover, it allows them to integrate with multiple carrier partners for an easy shipment process.

Online sellers can track their shipments' location using ParcelLab's tracking page. Further, it prepares analytical reports using your data. The platform keeps customers updated about their order delivery and returns. ParrcelLab also provides returns management service and helps reduce post-purchase customer anxiety through live chat.


3.4) ShipTime

ShipTime is an all-in-one shipping software that helps e-commerce stores to compare and select the right freight carrier partner. It assists them in managing shipping processes more efficiently. It allows you to ship envelopes, parcels and LTL freight with appropriate documentation. ShipTime also provides customs documentation, BOL and shipping labels for national and international shipments.

The platform helps you to save up to 65% every time by shipping with the most trusted carrier partners. It tracks orders and sends real-time updates on the status of each shipment. ShipTime also offers 24/7 customer support via chat, email and phone.


3.5) EasyParcel

EasyParcel is an e-commerce shipping solution provider and a web-based parcel consolidator. It is an online booking platform for parcel delivery. EasyParcel's online delivery service bookings include same-day, local and international courier services. It provides end-to-end shipping solutions that fulfil e-commerce retailers' financial needs. The platform integrates with various carrier partners and offers online shipment tracking services. These features make it the biggest Tive alternative. 


3.6) Shiptheory

Shiptheory is a top-notch shipping management software that directly connects e-commerce businesses with trusted carrier partners. It automates the shipping process and saves you time and money. Shiptheory generates customs documentation and labels automatically. It also uses a barcode scanner for label generation and sends it to different thermal label printers and desktops for correction. 

E-commerce companies can use Shiptheory's shipping rule engine to make shipping rules based on the destination, weight, value, etc. Shiptheory automates international shipping with data-checking tools and automatic customs documentation generation. It provides a detailed insight into shipment destination, order volumes, delivery services, etc.


3.7) TrueCommerce

TrueCommerce is a shipping software solution that offers electronic data interchange (EDI) solutions to small and medium-sized e-commerce companies. These solutions include customer support, network services and data mapping software. The platform provides order fulfilment, EDI services and inventory management. TrueCommerce integrates with various digital marketplaces and storefronts to streamline companies' supply chains. 

The platform enables printing shipping labels and packing slips. TrueCommerce helps suppliers to receive orders, create ASNs and submit invoices. It offers customer support through electronic communication modes. TrueCommerce's other features include managing inventory data, tracking shipments and checking shipment status. 


3.8) ShipStation

ShipStation is a cloud-based shipping software that helps e-commerce retailers to streamline the order fulfilment process. It integrates with trusted marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon to provide a better customer experience. ShipStation imports orders from 100+ IMSs, CRMs, ERPs, marketplaces or sales channels with automatic shipping configurations.

The software creates pick lists, packing slips and shipping labels. It also provides customers with shipment tracking information. Some best-in-class features of ShipStation include product defaults, order tagging and automation rules. These features eliminate human error and automate e-commerce businesses. That's why it can be an ideal Tive competitor. 


3.9) EasyPost

EasyPost is a shipping management software that helps e-commerce stores to solve complex logistics problems. It enables them to deliver a satisfactory post-purchase customer experience. The software integrates with 100+ global carriers such as USPS, FedX, DHL, UPS, etc. Online sellers can easily ship with these carriers and avail of discounted shipping rates. 

The platform's tracking API provides real-time order tracking updates through its customised tracking pages. Customers will be notified via email and SMS. EasyPost also generates shipping labels and provides insurance on shipments. Hence, it is one of the best Tive competitors. 


3.10) EasyShip

EasyShip is a web-based shipping management software for e-commerce businesses. Its shipping dashboard helps them to manage orders and create shipments instantly. Its shipping tool generates customs paperwork, packing slips and shipping labels automatically. EasyShip integrates with 50+ carrier partners, such as USPS, DHL, UPS, FedX, etc., to manage domestic and international shipping. 

EasyShip maintains visibility of parcels with real-time tracking for all shipments. It shares all the tracking information on its tracking page. Additionally, it provides customers with a returns management system and real-time shipping rate calculations. EasyShip also offers shipping solutions to crowdfunding campaigns. Hence, e-commerce retailers must consider this software as a Tive alternative. 


4) How to choose the best Tive shipping software competitor?

Several factors should be kept in mind while choosing an appropriate Tive competitor. In this section, we will discuss some points that will help e-commerce companies select a suitableTive alternative for their businesses.


4.1) Stability of the software

The stability of the software decides how efficiently the e-commerce business runs. The instability of the shipping software leads to disruption for the store and enrages customers. Therefore, online sellers must look up customer reviews to know about the stability and reliability of the software. Shipping software with good customer reviews is the perfect Tive shipping alternative.


4.2) Express delivery

Customers today look for fast delivery experiences for their online purchases. They are not willing to wait for more than 3-5 days for their products. They need expedited options like the same-day, next-day or 2-day delivery services. Hence, e-commerce stores should choose that shipping software that provides express delivery services.


4.3) Tracking management system

Customers often worry about their products after purchasing them online. That is why a tracking management system is the one way to put their minds at ease. Shipping software with a tracking management system sends real-time tracking updates of the shipments via email, SMS or WhatsApp. The software must have a customised tracking page that provides all the shipment details. The system maintains and increases customer engagement. 


4.4) Security

The logistics aggregator is responsible for providing security for the products throughout the supply chain. It offers quality maintenance protocols to maintain product integrity. Hence, shipping software should offer insurance on products to ensure their safety.


4.5) NDR management

Delivery exceptions are a part of the order fulfilment process. These exceptions arise when shipments are stuck, lost or delivered to the wrong destination. Due to this, e-commerce companies have to face failed deliveries. Non-delivery reports (NDR) are generated whenever delivery exceptions occur. The best way to reduce failed deliveries is to provide quick resolutions. Top shipping software uses real-time updates and proactive communication channels between carrier partners and customers to resolve NDRs. Hence, a Tive competitor must have an NDR management system.


5) Final words

Every e-commerce businesses have different shipping needs and challenges. Hence, efficient shipping software helps these businesses to overcome shipping challenges. It helps to automate the shipping process, reduce shipping costs and improve customers' buying journey. We hope our list of top Tive competitors and alternatives will help you to choose the right shipping software for your company.


FAQs on Tive and its Competitors & Alternatives


6.1) Why is ClickPost the best Tive alternative?

ClickPost is the best Tive alternative because it has a broader network of storefronts, WMS and courier integrations. It offers various shipping services such as label generation, tracking management, NDR management, returns management and COD reconciliation. These features make ClickPost a better Tive competitor. 

6.2) Why do e-commerce companies shift to other alternatives?

Tive is highly effective when it comes to providing tracking management services. However, it lacks in some crucial regions, including NDR management, express delivery, insurance support, etc. Due to this reason, e-commerce companies shift to other alternatives to have access to advanced shipping services.


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