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1) Introduction

Managing e-commerce logistics is a challenging task for many online sellers. In today's tech-savvy world, many platforms simplify and perform shipping tasks such as tracking management, 24/7 customer support, returns management, etc. These platforms are the shipping platforms that help e-commerce retailers to scale their businesses worldwide. But finding an excellent shipping solution is a tedious job. 

In this article, we will discuss some features of Yakkyofy and its alternatives. This will help online merchants to select the right shipping software to provide cost-effective shipping services to their customers.


2) What is Yakkyofy?

Yakkyofy is a shipping software that provides logistics solutions to e-commerce owners, dropshippers, managers and entrepreneurs. This software makes their businesses more flexible by reducing shipping complexities. Yakkyofy sources buy quality products for e-commerce businesses, generate labels and logos and import them into their stores. 

Some prominent features of Yakkyofy are:

  • Yakkyofy enables online sellers to dropship products branded with their logo. 

  • The platform offers products at B2B prices.

  • Yakkyofy's customised dashboard allows users and customers to track their shipments in real time. It sends tracking notifications via email. 

  • Its warehouse management system oversees inventory and provides real-time stock-level updates to e-commerce retailers.

  • This multi-channel integration platform delivers products to over 100 countries and automates the order fulfilment process. 


3) Top 10 Yakkyofy competitors and alternatives

In this section, we'll discuss some features and advantages of top-notch Yakkyofy competitors and alternatives. Keep reading to know about these shipping solutions.


3.1) ClickPost

ClickPost is one of the solid Yakkyofy competitors. It is India's largest shipping management platform that provides shipping solutions to e-commerce companies to grow their businesses. The platform offers various logistics services to improve the post-purchase experience. ClickPost integrates with 250+ courier partners, WMS and storefronts to deliver parcels to 200+ countries. Its personalised dashboard allows online sellers to track their shipments and send real-time tracking updates to customers via SMS, WhatsApp or email.

This shipping software helps to reduce RTOs% by solving return issues through its returns management portal. E-commerce businesses can identify failed deliveries and automatically manage shipment delays using ClickPost's NDR management system. ClickPost's single API integration allows online retailers to pick up assignments, generate shipping labels and create orders.


3.2) Narvar

Narvar is one of the US's leading e-commerce logistics software that offers a wide range of shipping services to users. It provides reverse and forward logistics across 38 countries. The platform integrates with more than 350 shipping carriers to enhance the post-purchase experience and automates shipping operations. Narvar manages returns, exchanges and cancellations through a personalised returns portal. The platform allows online sellers and customers to get real-time tracking notifications of their orders. Its other services include analytics and reports and easy pickups and drop-offs. 


3.3) Vamaship

Vamaship is a logistics aggregator that makes shipping easy for growing e-commerce retailers. It provides shipping services in India and 200+ other countries. The platform allows online merchants to integrate with 10+ marketplaces, storefronts and courier partners. Vamaship lets e-commerce businesses compare the shipping rates of different carriers. It enables them to manage and track their shipments. The software provides analytics reports to online sellers so they can improve their shipping services. Vamaship also offers other services, such as NDR management, express and surface shipping, label generation, COD and forward and reverse shipments. 


3.4) Aftership

Aftership is a startup headquartered in Hong Kong that offers order tracking through a SaaS model. It is well-known for its tracking, inventory and order fulfilment services. Its user-friendly interface helps e-commerce stores to communicate with customers. Aftership offers quick integration with more than 400 sales channels, carriers and marketplaces. Its branded tracking page allows users to track their packages in real-time and sends notifications to customers. The software also provides analytics reports to improve shipment tracking and post-purchase experience. These features make Aftership an ideal Yakkyofy alternative. 


3.5) ShipStation

ShipStation is a SaaS-based shipping software that helps e-commerce companies to manage their small parcel and LTL shipping needs in one place. The software assists them in end-to-end supply chain synchronisation and management. This multi-carrier shipping platform allows online retailers to integrate with 70+ e-commerce markets, selling channels and carriers. ShipStation also produces shipping labels at discounted rates. Its tracking management system updates tracking information to the customers and selling channels. The platform streamlines the shipping process and provides returns management services. This makes ShipStation a perfect Yakkyofy competitor.


3.6) Cin7

Cin7 is a third-party order and inventory management platform that offer multiple shipping services in B2B and B2C sectors. This platform helps e-commerce businesses to streamline their sales processes. It enables them to make informed decisions about what and how to sell. Cin7 integrates with 700+ warehouses, ERPs, shipping carriers, payment channels, TMS and supply chain management firms for order fulfilment. It also offers 24/7 customer support throughout the shipping journey. The platform allows online sellers to generate quotes and pricing information for their products. It also provides other services, such as Amazon Vendor, Amazon direct fulfilment, Amazon (FBA), etc. Cin7 is an end-to-end shipping solution for e-commerce fulfilment, cross-sales and inventory management.


3.7) Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship is a SaaS-based shipping software that offers shipping services to e-commerce companies at discounted UPs and USPS shipping rates. These services include tracking management, batch shipping, order fulfilment, inventory management, international shipping etc. It enables e-commerce businesses to manage their shipping operations. The software integrates with multiple e-commerce platforms to reach a wider audience. Pirate Ship also sends real-time order tracking notifications to customers via emails and SMS. It allows online retailers to print shipping labels and postage and return them in various formats. 


3.8) Ordoro

Ordoro is an all-in-one shipping platform that helps growing merchants to run and expand their businesses. It aims to provide centralised web-based shipping solutions to small and medium-sized companies. Its personalised dashboard offers discounted USPS shipping rates, fulfils orders and automates order import. Ordoro's barcode scanning feature streamlines order fulfilment and inventory management operations. Its push and pull APIs allow users to get their order status in real-time. The platform's other services include returns management, shipping label generation, analytics and reports, shipment insurance, etc.


3.9) Stamps.com

Stamps.com is one of the top Yakkyofy competitors. It is a US-based shipping service provider. The platform provides free pick-up and 24/7 online mailing services. It allows e-commerce retailers to create and print USPS shipping labels from their homes or offices. Stamps.com aims to offer its services to home offices and small businesses. Besides shipping labels, it also enables online merchants to print postcards and envelopes and facilitate packaging for international and national shipments. Stamps.com integrates e-commerce warehouse services with USPS shipping and provides customer support via calls and emails. 


3.10) Convey

Convey, also known as project44, is a shipping management platform based in the US. It helps e-commerce stores to automate their shipping operations and improve the post-purchase experience. The platform integrates with multiple WMS, e-commerce partners and shipping carriers to provide a wide range of shipping services to customers. Convey's predictive analytics help online sellers find shipping exceptions and take proactive measures against them. It also provides estimated delivery dates and sends shipment tracking notifications to customers. Hence, Convey can be considered as a Yakkyofy alternative. 


4) How to choose the best Yakkyofy competitors and alternatives?

Many factors will assist e-commerce stores to select an efficient shipping solution for their business. Some of these factors are discussed in this section. 


4.1) Cost of software

An e-commerce business needs to deliver its products to the customers as quickly, safely and affordably as possible. That's why it is necessary for online sellers to partner with shipping software to offer the best services at affordable rates to their customers. Hence, while selecting a shipping platform, you should compare these services with their rates. Also, you should analyse how this software is valuable for your business. Before making any decisions, you should take a free trial of the shipping platform to know its features.


4.2) Tracking management system

Every e-commerce business needs to have a tracking management system. This system helps you track your packages and parcels in real-time. It provides complete information such as the location and delivery date of orders. The tracking management system sends tracking notifications to customers so they can also know about their order status.


4.3) NDR management system

Delivery exceptions lead to negative post-purchase customer experience. These exceptions occur when packages are damaged, stuck or lost. When these delivery exceptions arise, Non-delivery reports (NDRs) are generated. Therefore, to manage these reports, e-commerce businesses require shipping software with an NDR management system. This system resolves NDRs by providing communication channels between customers and online retailers.


4.4) Customer support

Customer support is needed at every stage of business. As a business owner, you should provide customers with the best shipping services. Hence, e-commerce stores should select shipping software that solves customers' queries and offers an excellent post-purchase experience. You can check customer reviews while choosing software for your business.


4.5) Use of advanced technologies

An e-commerce company should use advanced technologies to expand its reach to customers and grow its business globally. Having shipping software with these technologies enables online retailers to offer high-tech shipping services, such as APIs, GPS tracking, route optimisation, etc., to customers. These advanced technologies help you save money and time and increase customer satisfaction. 


5) Final Words

Many shipping platforms provide logistics solutions, but there are only a few among them that offer end-to-end shipping solutions to e-commerce businesses. The most favoured Yakkyofy competitors and alternatives are ClickPost, AfterShip, Narvar, Ship Station and Convey. These platforms use advanced technologies to provide a variety of services at affordable prices. We hope this blog will enable e-commerce retailers to pick the finest shipping software to scale businesses.


FAQs on Yakkyofy and its Competitors & Alternatives


6.1) Which is the best Yakkyofy competitor?

Shipping is not easy to handle. There are many platforms that assist online merchants in managing their shipping process. But choosing one of them is a difficult task. Some of Yakkyofy's competitors include ClickPost, AfterShip, Cin7, Ordoro, Convey, etc. These shipping solutions provide the best services at affordable prices. You can choose any of these to make shipping easier. 

6.2) Why do e-commerce companies shift from Yakkyofy to other alternatives?

Yakkyofy offers all the necessary shipping services, such as multi-carrier integration, warehouse management, a customised tracking page, etc. But it has certain drawbacks, such as its new design creating problems, unavailability of products, improper navigation, limited products, etc. Due to these reasons, e-commerce companies shift to Yakkyofy alternatives.


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