Looking for GoFreight Competitors and Alternatives?

We’ve gathered all the information you could possibly need about the top alternatives and competitors to GoFreight. From their features to their benefits and other insightful information about the best ecommerce shipping solutions available.


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Top GoFreight Alternatives and Competitors



Freight forwarding is a crucial aspect of the supply chain for e-commerce businesses. They need a reliable shipping partner that streamlines and automates the freight shipping operations. Freight management software like GoFreight helps online retailers in international shipping, cross-border dropshipping, customs clearance, etc. The software simplifies the complexities in the shipment process. 

If you're looking for an effective freight forwarding solutions provider, then you are at the right place. This article will share the best-in-class features of GoFreight and its competitors and alternatives. It will help you to select a suitable freight forwarding platform for your business.


What is GoFreight?

GoFreight is a web-based freight management software that helps freight forwarders to scale their revenue and business and streamline their operations. It specializes in providing customer support, training, data security and tracking updates. The platform has world-class experts who solve freight forwarding problems for e-commerce stores and their customers. GoFreight is trusted by 1000+ freight forwarders making it US's leading freight forwarding platform.

Here are some top-notch features of GoFreight.

  • GoFreight helps to manage inland, air and ocean shipments, including warehousing, accounting, invoicing, PO management, etc.

  • Its cloud-based solutions enable users to analyze critical information to make business decisions.

  • The platform's customer portal allows shoppers to export or view information about vehicles.

  • GoFreight's container tracking system tracks your cargo's locations and sends real-time tracking updates to e-commerce retailers and customers.

  • Its document centre module assists users in arranging and storing files alongside their shipments.


Top 10 GoFreight competitors and alternatives

Check out the given list below to know the top-rated GoFreight competitors and alternatives.


1) ClickPost

ClickPost is a leading cloud-based logistics platform. It ranks high among GoFreight competitors. The platform helps e-commerce companies to deliver an excellent shipping experience to customers. As it integrates with over 200 storefronts, carriers, marketplace and WMS, online sellers can choose any of them to ship their products. ClickPost's personalized dashboard enables you to generate return labels, airway bills and shipping labels.

With its branded tracking page, users can track their orders in real-time and send notifications to shoppers via WhatsApp, SMS or email. The platform has an NDR management system that handles delivery exceptions and helps reduce RTO%. Additionally, ClickPost's returns portal manages cancellations, allows customers to place returns online seamlessly and automates return pickups. 



2) ShipRocket

ShipRocket is one of the most trusted shipping software in the world. Its various shipping services allow online merchants to deliver packages and parcels in 200+ countries. The platform connects them with more than 17 online selling channels, marketplaces and courier partners. E-commerce stores can avail of discounted shipping rates and create shipping labels for their shipments. ShipRocket provides tracking information to users regarding their delivery status. The platform also manages returns, delivery exceptions, payment reconciliation and COD orders. 


3) Aftership

Aftership is an order-tracking software headquartered in Hong Kong. It operates internationally and enhances shipping operations. The software offers integrations with 900+ sales channels, carriers and marketplaces. Its analytics and reports feature provides detailed analytical reports on the company's performance. Aftership's customised tracking page enables online merchants to keep track of their orders and send tracking information to customers via multiple channels. It also offers low subscription rates and 7 days free trial. The platform's API solutions support e-commerce stores to reach customers globally. 


4) Webgility

This entry is a little different from the others on this list because Webgility is not a shipping software. We think there is more to ecommerce than shipping and logistics. Webgility is an accounting and data automation software that works for any business that uses QuickBooks for record-keeping.

It connects with all third-party software and apps that an online store uses for its operations like POS, shipping software, ERPs, CRM, WMS, OMS, etc. With these integrations Webgility increases operational efficiency across channels - accurate inventory updates, demand forecasting, real time pricing, etc. 

You can integrate Webgility with all marketplaces and storefronts you sell from and print shipping and return labels. You can also automate warehousing with auto-generated pick lists for faster order fulfillment. 


5) LateShipment

LateShipment started in 2013 with headquarters in Florida, United States. They are a logistics and supply chain management company with a generous offering of CRM, email marketing, shipping and OMS tools. They have 3 main products - parcel shipping and refunds, delivery management and reverse logistics.

The main goal of LateShipment is to bridge the communication gap between ecommerce sellers and their partnered shipping carriers. The company claims that most online sellers don’t have proper visibility into their shipping mechanisms. This is true because in most cases, entrepreneurs relegate shipping to carriers and trust their data. 

However, since delays and failed deliveries abound in the ecommerce world, it pays to know why shipments don’t reach their customers on time. LateShipment will help all struggling businesses recover costs arising from negligence or delays and formulate rules to avoid such scenarios.


6) Skubana

Skubana, recently renamed Extensiv, is an order management platform for ecommerce businesses to reach new heights with omnichannel fulfillment. Extensiv combines the offline and online selling model to create a seamless shopping and shipping experience for customers. 

With Extensiv, you get access to multiple carriers, WMS, and order management systems. It helps businesses provide a better customer experience by finding new ways to fulfill orders by collecting data from every sales channel. 

For strictly omnichannel businesses whose stores double up as fulfillment centers, Extensiv can help with real-time inventory management and forecasting. If there’s a dip in sales, you could use Extensiv’s marketplace integrations to shift sales online and give your physical store a break. 

We think Extensiv is great for any business that’s transitioning or isn’t sure which mode, offline or online, would get them the best results.


7) ShippingEasy

ShippingEasy is a cloud-based shipping management software that helps growing e-commerce businesses ship internationally. It integrates with the world's trusted online marketplaces to deliver products instantly. The platform automatically tracks the shipments and sends notifications to customers via email. ShippingEasy also streamlines the back-end fulfilment processes like printing shipping labels, managing returns requests, applying shipping rules, etc. With this platform, online merchants can avail of discounted UPS and USPS shipping rates and save money. 


8) Infoplus

Infoplus is a web-based warehouse management software for B2C and B2B businesses in third-party logistics, e-commerce, retail and wholesale. Its user-friendly interface helps these businesses to handle inventory, shipping and warehouse operations. The software offers integration with carriers and shopping cart platforms so that online merchants can get all of the real-time inventory data and ship faster at affordable rates. Infoplus's robust shipping tools enable e-commerce retailers to create, import, edit and track orders. It also provides them with customized templates that are used to make packing slips, pick lists and shipping labels. E-commerce stores can comply with regulations when shipping items such as hazardous goods, alcohol, etc.


9) Shippo

Shippo is a multi-carrier shipping software enabling online marketplaces and e-commerce businesses to integrate with leading shipping carriers. Its powerful tools help them automate the inefficiencies that arise during the shipment process. With Shippo, online sellers can get access to DHL, UPS and USPS discounts. The platform's tracking management system allows users to track their shipments and send real-time tracking information to consumers. Its other services are label creation, returns management, shipment insurance, pick-up points and more. 


10) Cin7

Cin7 is an all-in-one order management platform that connects e-commerce stores' accounting, inventory and channels together. It also provides integration with 700+ courier partners, TMS, payment channels, warehouses and supply chain management systems. The platform's order management software reduces manual inventory to control intricate workflows and increase sales. Cin7 has an analytics and reports feature that assists online sellers in knowing their companies' performances and making effective decisions. It offers services to dropshippers and Amazon vendors too. 


How to choose the best GoFreight competitor and alternative?

Now, e-commerce store owners may wonder how to find the perfect GoFreight competitor and alternative. We have made a list of factors that should be kept in mind while choosing the most appropriate shipping software.


1) Reliability

Reliability is the most crucial factor that tells whether the software performs all shipping operations efficiently or not. A reliable GoFreight competitor must be capable of carrying out shipping processes without any interruptions or glitches. You can research and check customers' reviews to know the reliability of the shipping platforms. 


2) Analytics and reports

The shipping software's responsibility is to provide online sellers with complete insights into their inventory or shipping metrics. This includes the company's performance, sales accounting, information about carriers and more. The data helps them to know their weak points and make effective strategies to maintain their bottom line. Hence, a GoFreight alternative should have analytics and reports features that give detailed analytical reports.


3) Tracking management system

Shipment tracking solutions let e-commerce business owners monitor their shipments' movements throughout the delivery process. A tracking management system provides real-time tracking updates on the delivery status. The system also notifies customers of the same via SMS, WhatsApp or email. That's why you should select a shipping partner that has a seamless tracking management system.


4) Inventory management system

An inventory management system helps e-commerce companies to know about their stock and track their inventory from purchase to sales of the products. It enables them to keep a detailed record of returned or new products. The system saves time and improves customer satisfaction. Thus, a GoFreight competitor must have an inventory management system that aids in better ordering and planning stock items.


5) Customer support

Shipping software must offer customer support or customer care services to fetch more customers. Therefore, online retailers should look for a GoFreight alternative that provides end-to-end customer support. Solving customers' shipping problems makes them feel satisfied and leads to more growth. 



GoFreight is an all-in-one cloud-based freight forwarding management platform that consolidates the complex work of freight forwarders. It has expertise in sea export and import, air export and import, tracking, etc. Though the platform proposes multiple services, there are other shipping platforms in the market that deliver more advanced shipping services. That's why we've shared the list of top GoFreight competitors and alternatives with you. We hope this blog will make it easy for you to pick out shipping software that suits your requirements. 


FAQs on GoFreight and its Competitors & Alternatives


1) Is ClickPost the best GoFreight competitor? 

Yes, ClickPost is an ideal GoFreight competitor. This SaaS-based shipping management software gives end-to-end support throughout the shipment process. It connects your platform with 300+ carriers to reach all regions in the country. ClickPost's services include tracking management, Shopify returns, NDR management, COD reconciliation, returns management, etc. These services improve shipping and deliver a better customer experience.


2) When should you get GoFreight alternatives?

If online sellers are facing complexities in exporting and importing goods with their existing software, they should get GoFreight alternatives. You should choose shipping software that provides import and export services at affordable rates. Make sure that your selected shipping partner provides efficient logistics services that will help your business grow. 



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