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Barqexp Services

Shipping services  

  • 2-Hour Delivery

  • Route Optimization

Special services

  • Cash-0n-delivery

  • Customer Management

Technology services

  • Order Tracking and Notifications

  • Barq Merchants Application

About Barqexp


Barq Express is a subsidiary of the major conglomerate Alafaliq Holding. It is also known as Al Barq Express and operates within the Middle East as a logistics, shipping, and courier services provider company. Its mission is to provide a seamless and streamlined delivery experience every time for all range of customers, from private citizens to eCommerce businesses. It was first launched in 2016 and has since evolved into a leading GCC logistics company and courier partner for eCommerce businesses.  Its mission to support the people of the region extends to aid given to the youth projects of Ras Al Khaimah. It fulfills this mission as a member of the Saud Bin Saqr Foundation. Barq Express uses a state-of-the-art electronic system to exchange information.

This enables more efficient and safe delivery services for all orders across ecommerce companies. Making use of a unified express number, ecommerce businesses can arrange and track deliveries across numerous distribution points spread across the region. This system also enables the automation and free flow of messages (SMS) to customers regarding tracking and order information. eCommerce enterprises can use the BarqApp to follow up on COD orders to enable faster COD remittance. All order data is collected and stored by their system and regular analytic reports can be requested.

To provide the most efficient delivery solutions, Barq Express makes use of an AI-driven recommendation engine for route optimisation. The AI maps out different potential routes and identifies where bottlenecks are likely to occur which will slow down the delivery. It then can be used to identify the ideal route for delivery that avoids such road obstacles and obstructions. Barq Express offers city-wide coverage in select locations, as well as 2-hour delivery services, or hyperlocal delivery services. ClickPost uses a courier API integration with Barq Express to let you go live with Barg Express in just one day.

FAQs about Barq Express


1) How can I track my Barq Parcel?

Barq Parcels can be tracked through the tracking section of the Barq application and website. The tracking number of the parcel should have two letters followed by nine numbers. This tracking number can be inputted in the tracking section of the website, the order management dashboard or the Barq App.

2) When can I expect my COD remittance?

Barq allows you to accept payments through the COD mode or through a payment link sent at the time of delivery. The merchant accounts are remitted for the COD payments every week.

List of Barq Express APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Create a shipping label and manifest a shipping label

Track Shipment API: Trace a shipment and locate it in the supply chain
Cancellation API Cancel the shipping request placed with Barq
EDD API: Estimate the delivery date for the customer’s pin code on the product checkout page
NDR Action update: Flag a failed delivery attempt
Return Web-hooks: Optimize the reverse logistics process




How does ClickPost work?

ClickPost is a customer experience management software that allows you to integrate Barq and other carrier services through a single integration process


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