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GATI Services

Shipping services  

  • Express distribution services

  • Shipping cost and EDD calculator

Special services

  • Shipping at a variety of costs

  • Special vehicles at extra service locations

Technology services

  • E-copy of Proof of Delivery

  • Cold chain transportation

About GATI


Gati is an India-based courier delivery service and supply chain management provider established in 1989 by Mahendra Agarwal. Gati is listed on the Bombay stock exchange and national stock exchange and headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana (India). Gati has its offices in all the major cities of India and a strong presence in China, the USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, England, and many other countries across the globe. Gati mainly deals in courier services, warehousing, cold-chain, and eCommerce fulfillment services. Its official website is and its yearly revenue is about Rs. 500+ crore. Gati provides warehousing services and solutions to eCommerce, healthcare, retail, and other industries. Under the corporate social responsibility programmer, Gati has started several social initiatives for different organizations in India. In the warehousing and supply chain management industry, Gati is often counted among the top 3 companies. 

Gati has strategic partnerships with AllCargo Logistics and Japan’s Kintetsu World Express. Fortified by these alliances, Gati allows individuals and ecommerce businesses to provide extensive shipping and delivery services to customers in 19000+ pin codes across 730+ districts in India. It enables efficient and fast delivery of shipments from its several warehouses and currently owns over 3 million sq. ft of storage space across India. These warehouses double up as e-fulfillment centers where ecommerce companies can send their products to be shelved till the time an order is placed. Gati also provides first-class customer support to customers and business partners for the smooth functioning of the shipping machinery. With the help of Gati Genie, customers and businesses can get tech or any other kind of assistance through a WhatsApp message.

Gati has a dedicated shipping vertical aimed to serve ecommerce businesses with logistics solutions. The ecommerce logistics service, called Gati e-Connect, offers several advantageous shipping services to online companies like Premium, Express and Cash on Delivery services.  With the Premium service, ecommerce businesses can offer their customers AM-PM Delivery, where orders shipped in the morning are guaranteed to be delivered by 9 PM, the same day. This service is applicable only to the 6 major metro cities. In the off chance that the delivery is not made by 9 PM, Gati guarantees to make several delivery attempts within the 48 hour timeframe. The Premium service also includes superfast air cargo deliveries within the country.

For Express services, Gati makes use of its highly efficient Estimate Delivery Date engine to reflect the exact delivery date to customers. In express delivery, all orders are shipped via express ground transportation. Needless to say, all services provided by Gati come with order tracking features that allow customers to gauge how near or far their order is and how many milestones it has crossed. And lastly, the Cash on Delivery service. COD is an extremely sought after service in the Indian ecommerce industry but a lot of courier delivery services in the country are not well equipped to handle cash on delivery orders. Gati is one of the leading figures in handling cash on delivery, managing about 6 lakh COD orders regularly. In the case of product returns, Gati provides excellent durations for COD remittance, guaranteeing money back within 2 working days.

Gati takes the pain away from ecommerce shipping by maintaining transparency between ecommerce businesses and their customers. It achieves this transparency by sending Proof of Delivery emails to customers and businesses and providing automated order tracking updates to customers. To the benefit of ecommerce entrepreneurs, Gati also features a Shipping Rate and Transit Time Calculator on their website that calculates shipping charges on the basis of source, destination, package weight/volume. It also has a section to add in insurance claims. Gati is the end-to-end logistics and courier delivery company that ecommerce businesses can rely on to provide the best shipping service in India. With Clickpost’s courier API integration with GATI, ecommerce businesses can go live with GATI in just 1 day.

FAQs about GATI


1) How long does Gati take to deliver?

Gati provides delivery of packages of average dimensions all across the country within 1-3 days. Express delivery is typically within 24 hours.

2) Does Gati do packaging?

Gati offers high-quality packaging services to ensure the safety of all orders. Certain packaging supplies are provided at an additional cost.

List of GATI APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Gati makes order creation easier by automating the generation of AWBs, printing shipping labels, and requesting pickup

Track Shipment API: Unique tracking numbers are provided to each order that grant you real-time tracking visibility
Cancellation API Communicate cancellation of ordered shipments to Gati immediately to speed up returns
EDD API: Prior to checkout, customers can view the EDD (Estimated delivery date) by providing their pincode
NDR Action update: Any actions and delivery attempts taken after a failed delivery are automatically reported to Gati
Return Web-hooks: Ensure returns reach in a safe and timely manner with the help of webhooks for returns




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