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GMS Worldwide Express Services

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Technology services

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About GMS Worldwide Express


GMS Worldwide Express, more officially known as GMS Worldwide Express Pvt Ltd, is a courier and cargo hauling service. It was founded in 2006 in Bengaluru, where its corporate office is still active. Over time, the company has spread rapidly across the country. It has regional offices in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Secunderabad and New Delhi. A more careful study will reveal that these cities have been chosen as operational bases to cater to some of the most industrialised states in India. It is one of the most experienced express distribution service providers with operations in several international markets. GMS Worldwide Express has a robust Pan-India supply and distribution network, and relies heavily on its technology-driven operations to ensure timely deliveries and make short work of last-mile hiccups. 

GMS Worldwide Express is led by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who have led from the front and ensured that it keeps increasing its services and client portfolios with each passing year. In India, GMS Worldwide Express delivers to over 3,500 locations. These include both metropolitan and suburban cities and large towns. To fortify its reach, the company leverages its 4 zonal and 5 regional offices and more than 100 branches. Each of these are company-owned.  To reach out to every part of the colossal Indian market, it has tied up with more than 1200 franchisees, who are essentially business partners. GMS Worldwide Express handles more than 6 million consignments each year. 

From pick-ups to successful deliveries, the company relies heavily on its technological prowess. Using its website, clients can easily track their consignments as they make their way using surface or aerial transport options. All that a customer needs to do is type in the AWB number and hit ‘track’. The company’s website also provides a Pin Code search feature. It helps both customers and the 1200-odd franchisees to ensure that the delivery destination is serviceable. Recently, the company has launched an exclusive plan aimed mainly at enterprises and E-commerce clients. This premium plan is called GMS Gold. 

Some of its value-added features include guaranteed time-sensitive deliveries in India and internationally coupled with a dedicated customer care service. The Gold plan also promises a money-back guarantee in case deliveries are not fulfilled on time. For air freight, GMS Worldwide Express has 3 plans on offer. They include GMS Express, GMS Saver and GMS Freight. Smaller parcels and time-sensitive shipments are best handled using the GMS Express service. The GMS Saver plan is ideal for shipments that have lower priorities, and this service is budget-friendly to boot. The GMS Freight service uses both air and sea routes and is used for commercial shipments which require EXIM and Customs clearances. Do you want to go live with GMS Worldwide Express as soon as possible? Start using ClickPost’s GMS Worldwide Express shipping and tracking API integration today!

FAQs about GMS Worldwide


1) What are the types of international shipping services by GMS Worldwide?

The GMS Worldwide international shipping services can be classified into three categories - Express, Saver, and Freight. Express deliveries are delivered by courier within 5-7 days to the USA, Canada, the Far East, and a few other regions. Freight Services do not have a predefined time frame for them.

2) How do I track my GMS Worldwide parcel?

To track your GMS Worldwide parcel, you must visit the carrier's official website. On the top right-hand side, you should see a clickable box that says ‘Consignment Tracking.’ Once you click on this block, it will lead you to the tracking page of the carrier. Enter your consignment number, and you will see the entire transit history of your parcel and its current status.

List of GMS Worldwide APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Manifest a shipping label to create an order with the carrier

Track Shipment API: Track your GMS worldwide consignment through the tracking service provided by the carrier
Cancellation API Cancel the shipment
EDD API: Estimate the arrival time of the shipment
NDR Action update: Trigger an NDR Exception after the failed delivery
Return Web-hooks: Initiate an ecommerce returns process through the GMS Worldwide returns solutions




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