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Table Of Contents

Increff Services

Shipping services  

  • Invoicing and packaging of orders

  • Printing of shipping labels in bulk

Special services

  • Multi-warehouse network

  • Air to surface shipments

Technology services

  • Intelligent Inventory algorithms

  • Automated Inventory Allocation

About Increff


Increff is one of the top inventory management and data solutions software available for Ecommerce businesses. It is especially appreciated and utilised by eCommerce enterprises in the retail industry and fashion & lifestyle industry. Their Accurate Order Fulfillment system, entitled Assure, gives you a single platform to view all of your inventory, thereby assuring you 100% visibility of your stock across all your major selling channels.  Increff also works in the field of data, collating all information on the movement of your inventory to give you actionable insights to improve your business operations. This enables you to reduce inventory holding by upto 40% by reducing delivery speeds through fast order processing and consequently boosting your rate of sales. 

Increff found that for major fashion and retail brands, increasing sales and reducing inventory holding can lead to revenues quadrupling. Another benefit of this careful inventory tracking system is that you can determine purchase patterns of customers and vendors. The former gives you insights into consumer demands and market trends, enabling you to determine the best times to sell at discounts and the best times to increase your full-price sales. The latter accordingly shows you which low performing outlets you need to transfer stock from, and what are the ideal high-performance stores you can send said stock to which again leads to a reduction in held inventory. Through the technology-backed system offered by Increff, you can ensure accuracy of inventory data and ensure simultaneous updates are automatically carried out across all your relevant sales platforms. 

Additionally, this smart management of inventory comes alongside a well-planned warehouse management system that ensures your stock has been intelligently distributed. This system is a cloud-based warehousing solution that offers you an immense amount of flexibility in terms of shipping operations and provides you with room for growth at times when you must scale up your inventory. All of these improvements are carried out with the help of IRIS, Increff's Intelligent Merchandising system. This system comes in a variety of forms depending on your business needs. 

Iris M has a focus on quick and smart stock showcasing, while Iris X provides large businesses demand sensing solutions for different seasons.  Increff also provides a returns processing tool which helps you understand and then maximise the profit you can make out of every return. Increff offers you a multi-faceted highly efficient software for true management of inventory and optimisation of inventory storage, distribution and sale. Clickpost has courier & shipping API integration with Increff and thereby allows eCommerce companies to go-live with Increff in just 1 day.


FAQs about Increff


1) Where is Increff’s headquarters?

Increff has its headquarters based in the city of Bangalore, in the state of Karnataka, India.

2) How do you track orders with Increff?

Orders with Increff can be tracked through their integrated dashboard. Alternatively, you can use a multicarrier integration software to connect with Increff and a multitude of other carriers. This enables tracking notifications and updates to be automated.

List of Increff APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Orders placed must be created with Secure Express, which includes production of an AWB and shipping label. Pickup requests are then automatically placed

Track Shipment API: Use the assigned AWB number and Secure Express API integration to track shipments in real time
Cancellation API Shipment cancellation is carried out with the help of integrations to ensure fast product returns
EDD API: EDD (estimated delivery dates) to be displayed for customers on product and checkout pages
NDR Action update: After NDRs are received, actions taken to ensure successful delivery are directly updated to the carrier
Return Web-hooks: Get real-time tracking updates from all your reverse logistics carriers using return web-hooks




What does it mean to integrate with Increff?

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