Secure Express API Integration and Tracking


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Secure Express Services

Shipping services  

  • Same day delivery services 

  • Transports Air and Road Cargo

  • Door-to-Door delivery services

Special services

  • Specialized delivery locations

  • Cash-on-Delivery services 

  • Deliveries to Metros before 2pm

Technology services

  • Has a network of nearly 600 centers

  • Range of e-services and 24 hour support

  • Easy and instant online order tracking

About Secure Express


Secure Express is an Indian courier service provider based out of Kolkata with their corporate office in Mumbai. It offers both domestic as well as international access to businesses that require courier, shipping and other logistics services. It maintains a presence in several major cities internationally with a network of more than 588 centres. The shipping company is witnessing rapid growth and has expanded to over 4000 outlets in India and abroad. It also covers a total of 200 stations around the country. Secure Express operates a total floor space of 40,000 sq. ft. to manage its delivery, CRM, delivery status updation, and customer service operations. It has the capacity to handle more than 2 million shipments every month and delivers almost 1 million documents monthly. 

It currently employs more than 850 personnel and serves over 14000 pin codes throughout India. Secure Express’s services include several delivery and third party logistics solutions along with several dedicated solutions for the eCommerce industry. It offers same-day delivery services for clients that require products to be delivered urgently. In metro cities, businesses can also get their consignments delivered before 2PM during the same. It also offers air cargo and freight services for domestic and international destinations. For eCommerce platforms it offers services such Cash-on-Delivery and several express delivery services. 

Apart from these, it also offers doorstep services and shipping services to special locations, especially remote areas. Secure Express offers 24x7 customer support services to its clients. Secure Express is a growing logistics services provider in the country with its operations reaching international locations as well. It is a well-known service provider online retailers and places focus on providing affordable delivery solutions to its customers. 

It is a reliable courier delivery service with a wide network, global reach and diverse options, making it ideal for several industries. Secure Express also leverages advanced technology to help businesses integrate with its platform using APIs. It extends order tracking and other capabilities through integrations. ClickPost is a leading logistics intelligence platform integrated with Secure Express’s platform. Through ClickPost eCommerce companies can go live with Secure Express in just 1 day.

FAQs about Secure Express


1) When can I expect delivery from Secure Express? 

Secure Express offers same day delivery services, in addition to immediate last mile delivery services for metro cities. The average delivery time, however, is between 3 to 7 days. 

2) How do I track orders with Secure Express? 

You can track your orders with Secure Express two possible ways. The first is directly on Secure Express’ platform, by entering your order tracking number. The second option is to get onboard with Secure Express API integration with the help of shipping softwares like ClickPost. This allows you to get automated tracking updates from Secure Express in real-time with no added effort.

3) How Do You Make Tracking Easy?

Just integrate with Clickpost to solve all your order shipping and tracking difficulties. Hop on board with Secure Express and any carrier required. 

List of Secure Express APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Orders placed must be created with Secure Express, which includes production of an AWB and shipping label. Pickup requests are then automatically placed.

Track Shipment API: Use the assigned AWB number and Secure Express API integration to track shipments in real time.
Cancellation API Shipment cancellation is carried out with the help of integrations to ensure fast product returns.
EDD API: EDD (estimated delivery dates) to be displayed for customers on product and checkout pages.
NDR Action update: After NDRs are received, actions taken to ensure successful delivery are directly updated to the carrier.
Return Web-hooks: Get real-time tracking updates from all your reverse logistics carriers using return web-hooks.


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