SendFast API Integration and Tracking


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Table Of Contents

SendFast Services

Shipping services  

  • Route Optimization

  • Last-mile delivery

Special services

  • 24-hour COD remittance

  • Warehousing

Technology services

  • Real-time tracking

  • Customer Profiling

About SendFast

SendFast is one of the best in the biz when it comes to last-mile logistics solutions. Using a technology-driven platform and an extensively well-connected network, SendFast offers Ecommerce businesses a chance to reach Tier II and Tier III cities with absolutely minimum hassle and provide a streamlined delivery experience for customers. SendFast, as the name would suggest, focuses on faster deliveries through smarter workflows while offering total transparency to match. They have a reach of over 15000 pin codes across the subcontinent including remote regions that are usually more difficult to reach. 

To make it easier for Ecommerce businesses to understand their end customers' behavior, SendFast provides options for customer profiling, in which they rate customers after each delivery experience so that data is collected to maintain profiles on different types of customer preferences. SendFast also employs a well-trained workforce to handle all COD orders and ensure that COD remittance is carried out within 24 hours. This means that there is minimal interruption in your capital flow which is absolutely vital to the smooth functioning of any business.

To aid in last-mile delivery services, SendFast also provides warehousing options with inventory storage space determined based on customer preferences and requirements. Both intercity and intracity transportation is handled by SendFast using a variety of transportation mechanisms from bikes to cargo vans. Their workforce consists of over 2000 professionals that operate in 480+ centers across the country. Using API integrations, SendFast helps businesses connect quickly with delivery agents as well as other ecommerce platforms like merchants and vendor networks. 

These same integrations also power real-time tracking status. With real-time tracking underway, SendFast also uses the data collected as well as additional inputs to perform route optimization algorithms, which determine the fastest and most efficient routes for completing deliveries within the scheduled time frame. SendFast also uses its team of experts to help ecommerce businesses increase their brand promotion and ensure customers gain a greater sense of brand loyalty. SendFast has aided some pretty well-known brands in their endeavors, including but not limited to Myntra, Jabong and BigBasket. You can go live with SendFast within 24 hours using the courier API integration provided by ClickPost.

FAQs about SendFast


1) How do you get started with SendFast?

To get started with SendFast, all you need is a simple API Integration that allows access to all of their services. This API Integration is said to be developer friendly and allows you to automate your order manifestation process and improve your delivery experience. 

2) What is the time frame for COD remittance with SendFast?

SendFast has one of the fastest COD remittances in the industry. The carrier provides COD remittances within 24 hours through its highly skilled staff and extensive last-mile delivery network. 

3) How Does It Work?

When you integrate your ecommerce platform with ClickPost means, you don’t have to rely upon carriers to provide customer experience enhancement features. 

List of SendFast APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Create a shipping request with SendFast to improve last-mile delivery experience.

Track Shipment API: Track and trace your orders in the logistics supply chain
Cancellation API Initiate an RTO request with the carrier for the shipment in transit
EDD API: Enable customers to view an estimated date of delivery
NDR Action update: Generate NDR Reports according to the action taken for an attempted delivery
Return Web-hooks: Manifest a return request with SendFast


How does it work?

Once integrated with ClickPost, you will never have to manually integrate with any other carrier EVER AGAIN


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