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Sequel is a leading supply chain management company that provides comprehensive solutions for critical logistics requirements across the globe. With a team of global supply chain experts, robust logistics network and IT systems, the carrier partner offers tailored logistics experiences to businesses.



Flagship logistics service for moving high monetary value consignments such as gems, jewellery, precious commodities, fine art and other valuable products/cargo. 

  • Secured logistics
  • Small value shipments 
  • Skilled packaging and crating 
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Customs clearance and documentation 


Our Specialised logistics service focused on time-critical healthcare shipments. The carrier partner covers 305 towns across India and offers shipment delivery around the globe.

  • Domestic and global door-to-door services for bulk temperature controlled shipments
  • Regulatory customs and clearance procedures
  • Statutory compliance assistance 
  • Insurance



Integration Time

  • Direct: 2-6 weeks

  • Using ClickPost: Immediate go-live

Ongoing API issues

  • Direct: 15-20 per quarter

  • Using ClickPost: 1-2 per quarter

SLA monitoring

  • Direct: Manual

  • Using ClickPost: Automated



ClickPost already has API integrations with Sequel for the complete shipping process.

  • Manifestation and shipping label generation API: Create order on Courier Partner, fetch waybill and shipping label and place pickup request

  • Track Shipment API: Track your shipment using AWB and Courier Partner

  • EDD API: Show estimated delivery date for shipments on the order checkout page

  • NDR Action update: Updates the after NDR action directly on courier company’s database

  • Return Webhooks: Track your return shipment using AWB and Courier Partner using webhooks

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Step 2

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Step 3

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Why e-commerce companies prefer ClickPost over traditional logistics aggregators?

  • Complete control over Contracts with Logistics Partners
  • No middle-layer - Faster resolution of Shipping queries
  • Complete transparency in courier performance
  • Advanced features to reduce RTO% and automate operations
Courier tracking Dashboard


  • Courier Partner Recommendations: Our logistics intelligence platform comes with a recommendation engine. We help you pick the most suitable courier partner for your orders based on their pickup and delivery performance, payment modes, serviceability, RTO orders and 50+ signals.

  • Engaging post-purchase experience: Keep your customers in the loop with automated order status notifications on email and SMS. Reduce post-purchase anxiety and WISMO calls, and get an opportunity to sell more with customer engagement.

  • Branded tracking pages: Make it easier for shoppers to track their orders. Offer a branded tracking page on your store, customized to match your brand. Upsell, cross-sell, collect feedback and improve your NPS score on the page.

  • Automated NDR flow: With an automated NDR flow, we help you reduce RTO by almost 9%. Get insights into shopper preference and gather feedback in real-time to prevent order delays and post-purchase regret.

  • Hassle-Free Integrations: Integrate all your carrier partners with one ClickPost API to bring all your data onto a unified dashboard. Get complete visibility on your logistics to improve order fulfilment.

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Sequel Global is an international supply chain management company based in India. It was founded in 2004 in Bengaluru, where it is currently headquartered. It is known for providing high-security logistics solutions for moving high-value goods and time-critical healthcare shipments. It operates in 110 countries around the world and is a popular custom logistics solutions provider. Sequel Global offers two major services, namely, Secure and Lifecare. The Secure service offers businesses the ability to transport high-value items safely and securely, while the Lifecare service is used by the healthcare industry to transport time-critical items. 

Secure by Sequel Global allows businesses to transport luxury items such as jewellery and diamonds, offering secured logistics via armored vehicles as well as eCommerce logistics services for such items. Sequel Global’s Secure also provides solutions for transporting precious commodities such as gold, silver and other items through armoured vehicles. Additionally, it offers picking and packing as well as vaulting solutions for securely moving and storing such high value items. Another popular offering under the Secure solution from Sequel Global is its fine art moving service which allows individuals, collectors, and auction houses to securely pack, crate, and ship artworks. It also provides museums with exclusive solutions for forward and return logistics for such artwork, while also providing end-to-end exhibition logistics services. 

Apart from these, the Secure offering includes a variety of value-added services for high value items including insurance, customs clearance solutions and assistance with documentation, packaging services, stock notifications as well as improved visibility through SMS or e-mail. Lifecare by Sequel Global is a time-critical logistics service for the healthcare industry. It is used by healthcare professionals and organizations to transport biosamples for testing purposes, as well as sensitive items such as cord blood for stem cell storage. The solution is also widely used to move investigational products that require particular temperatures and minimum turnaround time. 

Another popular product moved through its Lifecare service is medical equipment as well as pharmaceuticals which require high levels of care and controlled environments during transit. The Lifecare service allows businesses to make temperature-controlled shipments, move dangerous goods, and also move live animals via flights. The solution offers a host of value-added services including compliance and documentation assistance, customs clearance as well as comprehensive insurance. Drug makers and healthcare institutions can use the Lifecare service to destroy expired and unused/unusable drugs to rid themselves of such drugs as per statutory regulations. 

Sequel Global is a highly specialized logistics service provider that caters to niche requirements of the health and luxury industry. It offers highly industry-specific solutions to fulfill the needs of non-traditional enterprises. The provider leverages technology that highly accurate and efficient solutions are offered to its customers. Through a host of integrations, it allows Sequel Global to share information such as tracking data, order data and shipping exception information. The provider is pre-integrated with ClickPost, which is the fast-growing logistics intelligence platform in Asia, and businesses can integrate with the platform through ClickPost in a single business day.