Spoton Logistics API Integration and Tracking


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Spoton Logistics Services

Shipping services  

  • Road and Air Express

  • EduExpress Service

Special services

  • Warehousing

  • Reverse Logistics

Technology services

  • Shipment Tracking service

  • Integrated Order Fulfilment

About Spoton Logistics


Spoton is one of the top-rated express logistics companies in India and provides a wide range of highly coveted curios services. This courier company began its journey in 2012 when it was purchased from TNT India by a private firm called India Equity Partners. At the time, the company went by the name StarTrek Logistics and was running at a loss. In less than 5 years, the business was renamed Spoton and began to show a profit. Today, it is one of the most preferred carriers in India, providing access to a well-connected network of over 1600+ highly trained professionals across India. This heavy and productive ground force works out of 13 major depots and also provides access to 35 transit hubs which improve the quality and ease of delivery services to 22000 pin codes across the nation. 

No wonder this successful shipping company was purchased by Delhivery in August 2021. Spoton provides a single interface for the management of Delivery operations and accounts. It also provides a dedicated customer service line that is constantly available to meet your needs. Since Spoton specializes in express delivery services, the road express services and air express services offered by them are most popular.

The road express services are operated by 500+ highly experienced delivery and pickup agents with the help of senior-level logistics experience. And these vehicles are operational 24/7, all year round. This form of express transportation is made faster with the help of 300+ service centers as well as extremely versatile technological backing. These technological advancements aid in ensuring delivery accuracy through track and trace protocols online, as well as enable proactive reporting and milestone-based tracking. The Route Tracking and Monitoring System used by Spoton helps ensure the utmost efficiency of all deliveries and pickups. 

Inventory management is also aided with the help of technology. The air express services provided by Spoton are excellent for time-sensitive goods like perishables that need the shortest transit periods. This service is also useful for fragile goods as well as high-value ones. This mode of transportation comes with access to all the same benefits and technology as that of the road express option provided by Spoton. 

Spoton has additional services to provide delivery for local retailers requiring small shipments, and for students that may need to ship any study materials or personal consignments. Spoton additionally provides delivery options for exhibition items that need to be moved. Because Spoton offers fast-tracking and delivery accuracy options, it has steadfastly become a favorite among Ecommerce businesses. To go live with Spoton in a single day, just connect with the ClickPost courier API integration.

FAQs about Spoton Logistics


1) How to send your orders with SpotOn?

In order to send your shipment with SpotOn, you will need to book a pickup with the help of its online pickup request form or use the eSpotOn service. Both these options allow you to request a pickup and select the shipping option through which you want to send your courier. 

2) Can I create a business/enterprise account with SpotOn?

SpotOn has a special EasyPay service which allows you to create Retails account with the carrier. Through this account, you can preload credits in the system to allow for seamless and uninterrupted shipping with the carrier.

3) How Does It Work?

Your integration with ClickPost does not require an individual integration with SpotOn and allows you to go live with the carrier within 24 hours.

List of Spoton APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Create a shipping and pickup request with the courier along with the required shipping label

Track Shipment API: Allows you to track the order through its journey
Cancellation API Cancel the order and shipment request created with the carrier and initiate RTO if the courier is already in transit
EDD API: Display the estimated date of delivery while booking the shipment, and on the product page
NDR Action update: Update NDR status along with the actions taken, and delivery attempts made
Return Web-hooks: Create a return request with the carrier to initiate a collect request


How does it work?

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