Starlinks API Integration and Tracking


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Starlinks Services

Shipping services  

  • Domestic and International shipping services

  • Get same day and express last mile delivery 

  • Handles heavy shipments and bulk orders

Special services

  • Temperature-controlled storage solutions

  • Access to 500+ pickup and drop off points

  • Offers express customs clearance services

Technology services

  • Enables customization of delivery services

  • Tech-enabled Inventory Management

  • Robotics-powered warehousing options

About Starlinks


Starlinks is one of the most technologically sophisticated end-to-end logistics and supply chain management companies in the Middle East. Starlinks is headquartered in Dammam, one of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s (KSA) most economically important cities. Its network spans across the GCC and covers the entire Kingdom. Starlinks is perhaps best-known for its freight hauling capabilities, including fleets of specialised vehicles designed to ferry perishable goods. It serves a number of renowned companies from various business niches, including Samsonite, American Tourister, Henkel, Remington, Canon, the luxury watchmakers Citizen, Del Monte, and Nutridor. To each of these top-shelf entities, Starlinks offers a unique supply chain solutions, omni-channel fulfilment services, professional transportation services, courier delivery services and last-mile deliveries.

Starlinks is the flagship company of the prominent investment firm Ali Zaid Al Quraishi and Brothers (AZAQ), one of the oldest and most prestigious holding entities not only in the KSA but across the region. Over the last 60-odd years, AZAQ has shown the route to diversification to most major businesses in the KSA. This is an important strategic decision since the Kingdom is still heavily dependent on its oil exports. This makes Starlinks a ‘local’ business which made it big. This aspect also helps in boosting its brand image. Starlinks’ list of services is on par with some of the biggest companies in the sector. It was one of the first major logistics experts to invest significant sums in modern warehousing and associated management software. The company offers modern supply chain solutions to a variety of businesses from different sectors. 

Since the entity has always relied on its reputation as a reliable freight hauling service provider in the Kingdom and the surrounding regions, it has decades of experience in supply chain management techniques and how to get rid of bottlenecks. Also, Starlinks owns and operates several professionally-handled shipping hubs dotting the region. Most of these are in the most important cities of the KSA. The busiest of these hubs are in Jeddah, Tabuk, Riyadh and Madinah. These hubs also double as Quality Control centres for the wide range of goods that Starlinks delivers from point A to B and so on. This strategy has been adopted by the company keeping in mind reverse logistics. 

Due to the rising numbers of RTOs in the KSA, courier and logistics companies are using every trick in the book to identify which undelivered (or returned) shipment is beyond repair and in no shape to be resold. Dedicated QC hubs employ a large number of highly-trained personnel who help salvage any material from these piles of goods which can then be recycled and sold. Starlinks has become one of the go-to providers of both LTL & FTL transportation services for online businesses in the KSA. 

Thanks to their advanced Transport Management System (TMS), route optimisation, real-time vehicle tracking, and driver replacements (especially on long-haul goods deliveries which require more than a day or two) are automated and offer value-for-money services. The company is very active on Social Media and has a trained team of customer service professionals in-house. This ensures faster and detailed replies to customer queries. You can now go live with Starlinks in just one day! It’s true- in only 24 hours. Start using ClickPost’s Starlinks Express tracking and shipping API integration today.

FAQs about Starlinks


1) How can you track orders with Starlinks?

You can track any order with Starlinks by entering the AWB number of the order on the courier platform. This action will display the shipping status of the order. Another easier option is to track all your orders with Starlinks through the multicarrier integration platform ClickPost.

2) Where can Starlinks courier company ship to? 

Starlinks is primarily operational in the Middle East, though it also offers global services on a wide scale. It has over 500 parcel points spread across the world, with coverage in 96 cities in Saudi Arabia.

List of Starlinks APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Order creation is made easy with Starlinks API integration. Get the waybill and shipping label ready and then request pickup.

Track Shipment API: Receive minute-to-minute updates on all your Starlink shipments
Cancellation API This API enables cancellation of orders post-manifestation so they can be returned quickly.
EDD API: Let customers know the estimated delivery date by displaying the EDD on your website.
NDR Action update: Get immediate updates on NDR-related activities directly from Starlinks’s database.
Return Web-hooks: Track your returns with the same vigor used to track outgoing orders




What’s the easiest way to ship with Starlink?

Once you’re integrated with ClickPost, you can get connected with Starlinks or any carrier you want without any extra effort.


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Step 2 - Enter API Key


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