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Table Of Contents

Trust Logistics Services

Shipping services  

  • Transportation of both wet and dry cargo 

  • Regular pressure testing for gas tankers

Special services

  • Appraisal of heavy equipment and vehicles

  • Training and testing of driver proficiency

Technology services

  • Full system inspections for large transit vehicles

  • Regular checks for bulk stability of vehicles

About Trust Logistics


Trust Logistics is Ghanaian transportation and logistics company. It was established in 1968 as a public service bulk hauling company and has since branched into several 3PL and shipping solutions. It is one of the largest logistics companies in Ghana and is currently headquartered in the oil-rich city of Tema. The company is known for its petroleum haulage services and provides petroleum transportation solutions in 10 different regions. The company provides all-around solutions for trucking companies and other businesses requiring vehicle and driver assessments. It offers bulk road vehicle inspection services, valuation services for vehicles and heavy equipment, assessment of driver proficiency as well as training services.

It also offers pressure testing services for gas tankers. Trust Logistics offers logistics services for businesses in the country. It offers transportation solutions for moving wet as well as dry cargo in the region. The company has been expanding their fleet as has recently acquired 30 new vehicles to increase their surface transportation capacity in Ghana. Trust Logistics is a reliable logistics service provider in Ghana for local businesses. 

Its operations span the country and allow businesses to connect with customers throughout the nation. Its transportation services are suitable for small, medium and large companies and their plans to scale, the volume of orders they can manage is likely to increase. Since modern businesses rely on technology to improve efficiency, Trust Logistics offers several API integrations to its clients, allowing them to improve the flow of information between multiple systems.

ClickPost, the fastest-growing logistics intelligence software company in Asia has partnered with Trust Logistics and pre-integrated with their platform. ClickPost allows users to perform a variety of functions including order management, tracking, and management of shipping partners. Businesses who need to avail of the services of Trust Logistics can use ClickPost to integrate with their platform in a side business day.

FAQs about Trust Logistics


1) How do I use Trust Logistics tracking? 

All shipments handled by Trust Logistics are given a unique identification number with the Airway Bill (AWB). This identification number can be inputted on the carrier’s platform to see the delivery status. You can also connect with Trust Logistics API integration to directly receive tracking updates. 

2) What items can I ship with Trust Logistics? 

Trust Logistics is equipped to ship any dry or wet cargo, including heavy items and bulk shipments. It is the premier transportation agent for Petroleum across all industries in Ghana.

3) How Can You Get Started With Trust Logistics?

With the aid of ClickPost, you can get integrated with any carrier of your choosing within 24 hours.

List of Trust Logistics APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Orders are created by automated generation of AWB, followed by a shipping label to enable pickup.

Track Shipment API: Track all of your orders with Trust Logistics using the assigned waybill numbers.
Cancellation API Cancellation of created and manifested shipments is made quick and easy for swift return.
EDD API: Dress up your product pages and checkout pages with the EDD (estimated delivery date)
NDR Action update: All action post receipt of NDR notifications is updated using Trust Logistics API Integration.
Return Web-hooks: Use web-hooks to track return orders being shipped by Trust Logistics.


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