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Table Of Contents

Unicommerce Services

Shipping services  

  • Batch Fulfillment

  • Omnichannel Centralization

  • Hyperlocal Fulfillment

Special services

  • Ecommerce Returns Management

  • Multi-vendor Management

  • Warehouse Management System

Technology services

  • Uniware Mobile Application

  • Shipping Reports and Dashboard

  • End-to-end Tracking Capabilities

About Unicommerce


Unicommerce is one of the leading multi-channel selling platforms available for hire in the ecommerce market. It is also available in the form of the Uniware Mobile App. It is an ecommerce enablement software that works to provide a customisable cloud-based solution for streamlined management of various parts of any ecommerce supply chain. It currently serves a wide range of the top ecommerce enterprises in the world, including Lenskart, Myntra, Lancer and Swiss Military. 

Unicommerce provides a multitude of services. Its first and foremost purpose is to provide ecommerce businesses with an omnichannel sales platform. This essentially connects them with all the relevant mediums for reaching end customers, like online storefronts, marketplaces, shopping carts, comparison shopping platforms, and many others. 

This system is excellent for promoting brand recognition and returning sales. In addition to that, this omnichannel sales ecosystem also enables highly efficient inventory management across all selling channels. This makes processing orders easier and increases the rate of fulfillment as fewer stock-related issues occur. The beauty of an omnichannel integrated platform is that this platform acts as a brain connecting to all the other organs, i.e., management channels, pushing greater and more coordinated functionality. 

The very same highly efficient stock management protocols are further enabled by the Uniware warehousing management software. The warehousing software helps in automating purchase management and order management across multiple vendors. Coupled with the inventory management protocols, it ensures optimum space utilisation. 

Speaking of vendors, Unicommerce also aids in marketplace management, essentially enabling e-tailers to have better relationships with their vendors and ship products to customers directly from vendor locations. This can help cut costs related to shipping, a task that is further promoted with the help of faster delivery times through route optimisation and automated shipping management.

Through Unicommerce, ecommerce businesses can also integrate their marketplace and selling channel with their respective ERP or CRM, customisable based on each company’s needs. With the help of their dropshipping mechanism, orders are processed and status updates are received in real-time. This extends to inventory updates as well as order tracking updates. You can also use the Unicommerce ERP extended feature to send your inventory from your Resource Planning system to your storefront and marketplaces. An added bonus of the ERP software with Unicommerce is that it comes ready with all GST compliances built in for different circumstances. This, along with other aspects of this feature, work to simplify the assimilation of data for your ecommerce enterprise.

Another helpful integration offered by Unicommerce is for accounting purposes, a must have for any successful ecommerce business. With this accounting software integration, you can keep track of specific monetary metrics to make improvements and ensure minimal accounting errors. Your selected accounting software can be integrated with your sales channel, inventory management system, warehouse management system and order management system through Unicommerce. Clickpost has courier & shipping API integration with Unicommerce and thereby allows eCommerce companies to go-live with Unicommerce in just 1 day.


FAQs about Unicommerce


1) Is Unicommerce a carrier?

Unicommerce is a cloud-based SaaS platform that offers various management services. Warehousing and Inventory management systems allow for a better order fulfillment process. The delivery and shipping management software allows for a seamless shipping experience.

2) Can I manage multiple vendor accounts with Unicommerce?

Unicommerce has a centralized panel where you can sync your multiple vendor accounts. The integrated dashboard allows centralized control over your vendor accounts for order and delivery management. The dashboard will enable you to place an order request, ship, deliver and track your order.

3) What are the management services provided by Unicommerce?


The Unicommerce software has a multi-vendor management feature for ecommerce platforms that allow vendors on your platforms to start selling with you seamlessly. In addition to this, the Warehouse Management and Inventory Management systems are synced in real-time to let you better control over your entire supply chain and keep your delivery supply chain functioning efficiently.

List of Unicommerce Post APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Generate a shipping label and manifest the order creation request

Track Shipment API: Use the end-to-end tracking capabilities of Unicommerce to provide real-time updates
Cancellation API Cancel the delivery request and recall the shipment to the origin or nearest warehouse
EDD API: Display the estimated delivery date on the product checkout page
NDR Action update: Trigger NDR actions with Unicommerce
Return Web-hooks: Update the inventory and warehouse management systems for items in returns process




How does API Integration work?

Once you integrate ClickPost with your ecommerce platform, you can have access to the services from Unicommerce and other carriers without much technical hassle.


Step 1 - Select The Courier


Step 2 - Enter API Key


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