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Wefast Services

Shipping services  

  • Same-day delivery

  • Order Combining

Special services

  • Payment on delivery

  • Buyout Services

Technology services

  • Application & Web Dashboards

  • Tracking & EDD capabilities

About Wefast


WeFast is a budget-oriented courier pick-up cum delivery service that is headquartered in New Delhi. It offers a wide variety of last-mile delivery solutions across the country but is most prominent in tier-1 cities. WeFast was founded in September 2012. Initially, its business operations were restricted to the 4 metro cities in India. Over time, it has expanded its customer base to several other cities and suburban regions. The WeFast app is available for Apple and Android users, and a special app targeted at Huawei device users has recently been launched. The company provides customised shipping and tracking solutions for several industries, and is capable of handling both perishable and non-perishable goods. WeFast also provides time-bound deliveries for intra-city destinations. 

A cursory look at the locations it handles strongly indicates the company’s penchant for handling large volumes of shipments in heavily industrialised zones. WeFast has several different services when it comes to courier deliveries. It provides one-day and express deliveries. WeFast also has dedicated handlers of E-commerce shipments. In major cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi, among others, the company is well-known for delivering perishable items like food and even flowers for special occasions. In light of lockdowns and the emergence of containment zones after the Covid-19 pandemic, the company quickly shifted focus to ensuring that medicines, food items, essential documents, and other day-to-day necessities were delivered from pick-up points to a client’s doorstep. 

To further boost its speed and efficacy of handling intra-city deliveries, the company has unveiled a dedicated fleet of bike couriers. The latter can easily navigate through narrow and often inaccessible zones and deliver several important items, including milk and meat, groceries, vegetables and fast food. WeFast has even delivered drinking water in cities like Hyderabad on occasions. This makes it a recognised player in the hyperlocal niche. With Cloud kitchens acquiring greater popularity and acceptance in several parts of the country, WeFast has announced a fleet of refrigerated vehicles capable of picking-up and dropping off items like ice cream. The company has extremely competitive and transparent pricing strategies which are mentioned in detail on their website.

In Mumbai, for example, hyperlocal tariffs start at a pocket-friendly Rs 60 for each delivery. Thereafter, the patron has to pay Rs 8 for every kilometre in Zone-1 of the city. Note that these figures are subject to change without notice and are meant for representative purposes only. This means that the tariffs can differ quite a bit in other cities. WeFast promises on-demand and guaranteed drop-offs of flowers, sundry gift items and essential documents in just 90 minutes. The company also provides COD services which are currently available only for businesses. To ensure reliable real-time tracking, the recipient is informed of the order’s status at each step of a parcel’s journey via SMS. Do you want to go live with WeFast in a mere 24 hours? You can start using ClickPost’s WeFast shipping and tracking API integration and cast aside your delivery-related worries!

FAQs about WeFast


1) How to book a shipment with WeFast?

You can choose to book your orders through the website or mobile application when you want to deliver your order. Alternatively, you can integrate WeFast’s services through their API Integration services of the carrier.

2) Can I request my delivery through a car?

If the weight of your order is more than 15 kg, WeFast automatically assigns a car to deliver your orders. You can request a car while booking the delivery, but the car delivery comes at an extra cost. Along with this, WeFast offers urgent delivery services at no extra cost.

List of WeFast APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Generate a shipping label and manifest the orders

Track Shipment API: Trace your shipment through the map with GPS-enabled tracking service
Cancellation API Cancel the delivery request placed with WeFast
EDD API: Estimate the date and time of delivery for your parcel
NDR Action update: Manage failed deliveries and handle the redelivery attempts
Return Web-hooks: Optimize the reverse logistics process and pickups with WeFast




How does Wefast work?

If you integrate with WeFast through the ClickPost API Integration service, you can improve your hyperlocal delivery network and make urgent deliveries with other carriers without much hassle.


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