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Table Of Contents

Yakit Services

Shipping services  

  • Express Shipping

  • Bulk Shipments

  • Duty-paid Shipment

Special services

  • Shipping Label Generation

  • Shipment Insurance Services

  • Address Correction Services

Technology services

  • End-to-end Tracking Services

  • Y Chat Support application

  • Shipment Monitoring Services

About Yakit


Yakit is a Sunnyvale, California-based logistics and supply chain, major. It focuses almost exclusively on E-commerce and develops bespoke solutions for various businesses. Yakit promises to make international shipping smoother and simpler. It was founded in July 2014 and has since grown significantly with more clients using its services. Using Yakit’s intelligent platform, clients from diverse industries have found it easier and cost-effective to ship their goods internationally. The company relies on cutting-edge AI to provide its clients with the best-suited shipping partners. The Yakit app has gained remarkable traction globally as it allows E-commerce businesses to start accepting international orders and ship them without much fuss. 

The app’s intuitive User Interface (UI) has also proven to be pretty popular with E-commerce businesses. Furthermore, Yakit’s platform also supports DDP shipping. The ‘Delivery Duties Paid’ shipping model is a pretty novel one, and it takes into account all sorts of taxes, cross-border duties and customs before shipping. Subsequently, the merchant pays Yakit and its numerous partner firms for the shipments and also adds the amount chargeable during entry to a foreign market. This helps E-commerce sellers add more countries to their destinations as they know that Yakit will take care of the legalities. 

The Yakit app allows a Merchant to effortlessly ‘pull’ orders from popular platforms including WooCommerce, Etsy and Shopify. In fact, Yakit promises effortless integration with 100 shopping platforms. Yakit provides turnkey shipping solutions at extremely attractive rates to each of these shopping platforms. The app promises superior conversion rates for each platform while also boosting Lifetime Value (LTV) for their customers. E-commerce merchants can also set up carrier and country-specific shipping rules. 

This has to be done only once, and it gets rid of redundancies. Besides, Yakit’s app also provides extremely thorough customer analytics, allowing businesses to understand which parts of their strategies are working and which ones require modifications. Working in the background are several advanced technologies that will automatically correct recipient addresses while also ensuring end-to-end tracking of delivery as it makes its journey to foreign shores. Yakit supports B2B and B2C shipments from almost all countries. However, its logistics services, including Yakit Express and Yakit Domestic, are currently only available in the United States. 

One of the most innovative features Yakit has introduced is its Proactive Monitoring (TM) of goods on the move. This automated system scans for untoward bottlenecks in complicated supply chains and resolves them on a proactive basis. To further up its engineering prowess, the Silicon Valley-based company has recently been investing heavily in onboarding new talent. Do you want to go live with Yakit in just 24 hours? You can start using ClickPost’s Yakit Express shipping and tracking API integration today!

FAQs about Yakit


1) Does Yakit handle domestic deliveries?

Due to popular demand, Yakit has started to offer domestic deliveries in the United States. The carrier offers Express, Domestic and Standard services in the United States along with its seamless Duty-paid International delivery services.

2) What is Yakit Proactive Monitoring?

Yakit Proactive Monitoring is a service provided by the aggregation platform. It monitors the data from your shipments' shipping and delivery process to provide you with actionable insights into your delivery operations. Along with this, it uses this data to provide you with carrier time-to-deliver analytics and cart conversion rates to boost your revenue.

List of Yakit APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Place an order manifestation request with the carrier

Track Shipment API: Track your Yakit shipment through the live tracking feature
Cancellation API Cancel the shipping request and recall the order to the origin warehouse
EDD API: Predict the estimated date of delivery with the multiple carrier partners of Yakit
NDR Action update: Flag a failed delivery to initiate NDR actions
Return Web-hooks: Use webhooks to manage the ecommerce returns process




How doesYakit work?
As you integrate with Yakit through ClickPost, you can save yourself the hassle of integrating with carriers outside Yakit’s network without much hassle.

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