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We’ve gathered all the information you could possibly need about the best alternatives and competitors to SmartFreight.

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SmartFreight Competitors and Alternatives


In today's world, where shipping is a crucial aspect of the supply chain for many businesses, it's critical to have a customer-centric solution. SmartFreight is one such company that provides customer-prioritized shipping software. This means that you, as a customer, have control of the carrier rates and stay connected with the actual transport providers. 

Now, SmartFreight may possess features that all eCommerce brands wish to grab. However, it may only be a one-stop solution for some shipping needs. Hence, we've listed the ten best competitors and alternatives to SmartFreight. 


1) What is SmartFreight?

Before dwelling on the alternatives of SmartFreight, let's take a quick look at the platform itself. In 1997, SmartFreight came into existence and aimed to give control back to customers in the supply chain. 

SmartFrieght uses multiple methods to enhance your shipping journeys, such as easy integration with your platform, route optimization, tracking, and reports. 

Overall, the company provides a vast range of features. These mainly help online stores ease their shipping process and make them more efficient. 


2) Top 10 SmartFreight Competitors and Alternatives 

Here's the list you've come for! Continue reading to find the top 10 SmartFreight competitors and alternatives. 


2.1) ClickPost

The very first organization on the list is ClickPost. Being a SaaS firm, ClickPost assists eCommerce brands with shipping solutions and post-purchase experience. With hundreds of pre-integrated carriers, selling mediums, and online marketplaces, customers have an excellent variety to choose who they ship from.

For store owners with a carrier set in mind, it's good to note that ClickPost can integrate with any carrier in a single day. One of their automation solutions includes an AI-driven recommendation engine that determines the best option, i.e., carrier for your needs.

In addition, they even provide a self-serve returns portal for customers to begin a return seamlessly. Having access to many more such features, ClickPost is one of the best competitors of SmartFreight.  



2.2) ShipHawk 

The second pick for this list is ShipHawk, an eCommerce shipping software that heavily focuses on automation. With the help of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, ShipHawk is able to manage high-volume orders. ShipHawk specializes in providing fulfillment and warehousing services, eliminating manual tasks in between.

There are also multiple APIs that developers can utilize to automate the process of shipping and packing. This is helpful for large warehouses. ShipHawk’s shipping software also helps eCommerce businesses find the best carriers and prices while minimizing any costs in the shipping process. 


2.3) Magaya

Magaya is another excellent alternative to SmartFrieght. It contains multiple extensions and solutions that automate monotonous manual tasks. Besides handling the usual repetitive tasks, Magaya also provides warehouse management solutions, documentation, and last-mile logistics. Customers can even prepare documentation for their shipments with Magaya. 

Another intriguing feature of Magaya is its CRM which enables brands to manage all accounts, leads, and contacts. This also includes interaction with customers. With the Magaya Rate Management solution, you can optimize all of your freights' (air, ocean, road, and rail) rates in one dashboard using drag-and-drop technology. 


2.4) FreightPop

FrieghtPop is yet another great alternative to SmartFreight. It's a shipping management software company that handles outbound and inbound logistics. There are over 300 carriers that customers can choose from, with the option of adding their preferred carrier (if any). Easy integration with the platform enables you to access their CRM system easily, eliminating the infamous double data entry process. FreightPop also offers warehouse management solutions and printing shipping labels. 

What's intriguing about this platform is that it's created for beginners and the experienced. This means that their platform is simple to use for everyone. With a personalized onboarding process, your team can become familiar with the platform quickly. Further, akin to many other logistics software firms, FrieghtPop also allows customers to track their shipments. 


2.5) ShipFusion

ShipFusion is a 3PL (Third-party logistics) that helps eCommerce businesses fulfill their orders via different services such as inventory management, warehousing, returns, etc. Founded by logistics and eCommerce professionals, ShipFusion also provides custom solutions for brands depending on their needs.

In addition to their focus on pick and pack for D2C orders, ShipFusion can reap discounts from carriers, thanks to their high shipping volume. This, in turn, makes shipping solutions more cost-effective for their customers. ShipFusion also has freight services where they offer both inbound and outbound shipping. ShipFusion has freight affiliates in over 90% of the entire world. 


2.6) ShipWell

ShipWell is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses smoothen their supply chains and keep improving them. It is a logistics ecosystem that aids brands in cutting costs. 

One of the most exciting features of ShipWell is its ability to automate multiple operations for businesses. Through their track and trace service, brands can easily communicate with customers and carriers to be alerted on any mishaps or delays. 

The platform also provides webhooks and APIs that enable you to expand your capacity and do more with the software. You can go live with another platform in about three weeks with the help of ShipWell. 


2.7) ShipRush

ShipRush is a simple logistics solution platform that helps eCommerce businesses manage their orders and track shipments. With ShipRush, you can print shipping labels and also packing lists.

Regardless of your carrier (such as USPS or UPS), ShipRush integrates all parcels and their data in one dashboard. It also integrates with well-known eCommerce platforms such as Magento and BigCommerce. They also have a dashboard that states the shipping rates of different carriers and their shipping options. 


2.8) CargoWise

CargoWise is a logistics execution platform that helps businesses tackle their complex transactions in customs and cross-border compliance cases. CargoWise gives real-time data on events, right from the origin to the final destination.

The platform also provides multiple pieces of data, such as customs, destination depot, forwarding, etc., under a single dashboard. They also offer other services, such as international eCommerce, which helps brands take control of the entire supply chain. 


2.9) Linbis

Linbis is yet another cloud-based logistics software. In essence, it helps businesses manage their shipping orders on the cloud. The freight management system of Linbis lets businesses be 'virtually present' at their warehouses and have eyes on their inventory.

Linbis allows brands to automate their operations and connect with logistic service providers worldwide. Loaded with multiple features, Linbis is also customizable and can offer tailored solutions. The CRM of Linbis enables brands to communicate easily with their team, other firms, clients, and customers. Overall, Linbis assists in making your supply chain more efficient. 


2.10) Anvyl

The final pick on this list is Anvyl. Anvyl is a supply chain logistics company that helps brands with multiple supply chain processes. From the very start (the warehouse), Anvyl allows firms to see their product(s) being built in front of them. With the help of 'Anvyl AI,' Anvyl offers businesses insights about essential aspects such as order delay risk, best suppliers, etc.

Additionally, firms can manage all orders, be in touch with suppliers and find new ones. Since the platform is cloud-based, customers can keep their operations running from anywhere around the globe. Anvyl even supports integrations with ERPs such as Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Fulfil, and more. 


3) How to Choose the Best SmartFreight Alternative and Competitor for Your Business

Let's take a look at some factors you should consider to pick the best alternative to SmartFreight. 


3.1) Integrations

A wide range of integrations becomes necessary to get the best out of every shipping software. This allows businesses to work more efficiently with other platforms/apps and reach their shipping goals quickly. 


3.2) Return management system 

You may need help to stop returns on your store. However, what you can do is implement shipping software that has a robust return management system. Ideally, this system should be capable of monitoring every step of the return cycle and help customers place return orders easily. 


3.3) Real-time tracking 

Another critical aspect of good shipping software is its tracking system. Real-time tracking lets you know the whereabouts of a shipment at any given time. 


3.4) Price

Considering your budget before making any decision is vital. The shipping SmartFrieght alternative that you decide on should stay within your budget while providing all the features that you require. 


3.5) Security

The last thing any online business wants is for their customer's data to be hacked. Ensure that your shipping software incorporates the best security measures and operates on tier 3 networks. 


4) Wrapping Things Up 

There are a lot of players in the game of providing shipping software. However, not all taste victory. Only some companies like SmartFreight can stand out from others due to their features and services. However, SmartFreight has a decent number of alternatives, such as ClickPost, ShipRush, and Magaya. We hope you choose the best shipping platform for your eCommerce brand using all the information from this blog. 




6.1) Who is the best SmartFreight competitor? 

While many competitors stand toe to toe with SmartFrieght, ClickPost takes the number one spot. It provides eCommerce brands with almost every feature they expect from a shipping management platform.

6.2) How many carriers are SmartFreight partnered with? 

SmartFreight is partnered with over 650 carriers worldwide. 


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