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ShipHawk Competitors and Alternatives

1) Introduction

In today’s tech-savvy world, there's an app to simplify or perform literally every task, and the world of eCommerce logistics is no exception. Whether you're trying to reduce shipping costs, simplify tracking, streamline order processing and returns management, or automate an eCommerce platform, there are a number of staunch shipping apps to rely upon.

With an astounding variety of apps available online, however, it can become quite challenging to pick one that can help e-sellers manage most of their operations from a single platform. That’s why we’ve compiled this article to make the process of selecting such an app easy for you.

Here, we will explore different shipping apps, their features, pros and cons, while comparing them with ShipHawk, one of the leading shipping apps in the world of eCommerce logistics. 

Let's get started with a quick overview of ShipHawk shipping software.


2) What is ShipHawk - Brief Overview

Based in Santa Barbara, CA, ShipHawk is an advanced packing and shipping software catering to high-volume retail, wholesale, and eCommerce businesses. It is highly scalable and offers a variety of solutions for pressing eCommerce logistics problems like reducing transportation cost, streamlining returns, and improving customer service and supply chain visibility. 

Further, it offers additional benefits like business process improvement, vendor management, technology strategy and implementation, improved regulations, security, managing inventory, as well as scaling and growing business without new employee addition.


3) Top 10 Best ShipHawk Competitors and Alternatives [2023 Updated List]

Although SHipHawk offers helpful features like domestic and international deliveries, quick returns, insurance, and smart tracking technology, there could be several reasons why you might want to pick a different shipping provider for your needs.

If you are looking for some great ShipHawk alternatives, check out our curated list below.

3.1) ClickPost

ClickPost is among the most trusted eCommerce shipping management platforms. It offers a variety of shipping and tracking services to eCommerce sellers intending to improve customers' post-purchase experience. 

The shipping software promotes solutions like branded tracking pages, efficient returns management, an integrated tracking dashboard, cross-selling during tracking, delivery date prediction, tracking updates to customers, and many more.

a) Features

  • Integrates with over 150+ carriers, including selling channels like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Amazon. 

  • Offers unified tracking to reduce WISMO calls.

  • Sends automated SMS/Email/Whatsapp alerts on all shipment milestones.

  • Provides returns solution to accept, process, and track returns.

  • Provides users with comprehensive logistics analytics and reporting solutions.

  • Helps manage and track all orders through a single dashboard.

b) Key highlights

  • ClickPost offers multiple carrier integrations with user-friendly order management.

  • Ideal pick for large as well as medium-sized eCommerce logistics businesses dealing with a high volume of shipments regularly.

These are only a few of ClickPosts’ features. It offers a lot more that makes it a leading ShipHawk competitor.

3.2) ShipStation

ShipStation is a web-based order management and shipping software aimed at making retailers systematized for processing, fulfilling, and shipping their eCommerce orders. It offers numerous facilities from automatically printing return labels to backing individual brands, providing high discounts, and much more. 

a) Features

  • Integrates directly with over 100 top carriers, marketplaces, and selling channels.

  • Comes with a single easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Enables multi-channel inventory synchronization for simple stock appraisal.

  • Provides branded tracking and returns options.

b) Pros

  • Easy to set up and offers great integration and shipping services to shippers.

c) Cons

  • ShipStation can't smoothly work with eCommerce businesses offering a large number of product variations.


3.3) Shippo

Based out of San Francisco (CA), Shippo shipping software operates in countries like the U.S, the UK, Canada, France, Australia, and Germany. It enables storefronts, eCommerce businesses, and marketplaces to reach a wider audience for promoting their products by integrating with the right selling channels.

a) Features

  • Offers integrations with more than 85 storefronts and carriers.

  • Offers global carrier discounts.

  • Allows custom branding for packing slips, email notifications, and tracking pages.

  • Creates automatic shipping labels for existing as well as new orders.  

b) Pros

  • Shippo provides top-notch shipping solutions at affordable rates.

c) Cons

  • Comes with hidden charges or/and limited time period offers.

3.4) WeSupply Labs

Another great alternative of ShipHawk, WeSupply Labs, enables shippers to automate the post-purchase features on their website for a better customer experience. Its tracking management software helps shippers reduce the cost of customer operations and pushes them to focus on pressing problems on their eCommerce platform.

a) Features

  • Integrates with 100+ carriers, storefronts, and support platforms. 

  • Estimates product delivery date before purchase.

  • Provides real-time tracking updates.

  • Gives access to customers to do store pickups or curbside pickups. 

b) Pros 

  • Follows an omnichannel fulfillment approach.

c) Cons

  • Integration with carriers is very slow-paced.

3.5) ParcelPerform

A Singapore-based delivery experience platform, ParcelPerform works on a data-first approach. It solely relies on data to make powerful integrations, send tracking updates, and manage shipping orders to provide the best shopping experience customers could ever witness. 

Being in the eCommerce logistics space for the past ten years, the platform has a proven record for reducing shipping costs, increasing productivity, and enhancing customer experience.

a) Features 

  • More than 900 integrations with online platforms and global carriers 

  • Real-time tracking updates and notifications 

  • On-point analytics reports improving shippers' performance 

b) Pros 

  • Quick response to customer questions and lesser WISMO calls.

c) Cons 

  • A lot of glitches make the platform tough to operate.


3.6) AfterShip

A multi-purpose shipping app that handles both shipments and returns, AfterShip comes with a simple interface and allows shippers to create or choose from its flexible payment plans. The app has an excellent tracking system and notifies and updates customers irrespective of their carrier choices. 

a) Features

  • Integrations with more than 900 carriers, including marketplaces, sales platforms, storefronts, and more.

  • Insightful tracking data to resolve shipping issues.

  • Excellent post-purchase communication.

  • Customer engagement and detailed shipping data.

b) Pros

  • Provides accurate delivery date estimates and sticks to them.

c) Cons

  • Too many ads and suggestions on the branded tracking page.

3.7) EasyShip

EasyShip is among the leading ShipHawk alternative platforms focusing on borderless shipments. The software enables shippers to manage orders easily while reducing the effort and time that goes into shipping each product. Plus, it connects shippers with an efficient team of logistics experts and makes international shipping affordable. 

a) Features

  • Integrations with more than 250 carriers, online selling spaces, and other online platforms.

  • Affordable shipping rates and constant assistance.

  • A one-stop solution to create, track and manage orders.

b) Pros

  • Smooth operations and integrations.

c) Cons

  • Unable to handle high order volume due to technical limitations.

3.8) ShipBob

An omnichannel fulfillment company, ShipBob offers eCommerce owners the best fulfillment services so that they can focus on growing their business and serving customers. When shippers integrate their platform with ShipBob’s software and send their products to its fulfillment center, the company picks, packs, and ships the products efficiently to achieve higher customer satisfaction.


  • Streamlines fulfilments from sellers' online stores to your customer’s doors.

  • Efficient order and inventory management.

  • Provides visibility into operations and performance.

b) Pros

  • Hassle-free onboarding for all types of users.

c) Cons

  • A little bit costly looking at the average market rates.

3.9) Narvar

A US-based shipping software company, Narvar focuses on enhancing the post-purchase customer experience. It believes that taking care of retail customers can push them to make regular purchases and eventually turn into loyal ones. Narvar's specialty is its simplicity, through which it streamlines automation and tracking processes while keeping the platform user-friendly.  

a) Features

  • Integrates with over 350+ carriers, shopping platforms, and marketplaces.

  • Allows customized return requests and exchange rules.

  • Delivers on time without fail.

b) Pros

  • Narvar offers flexibility to customize different portals like the returns portal.

c) Cons

  • Order tracking isn't efficient.

3.10) Convey

Based out of the United States, Convey shipping management software aims at improving the overall customer experience via predictive analysis and by using the right kind of integrations. 

It provides in-depth analysis of specific areas like customer feedback, shipping performance, and customer returns and cuts down operational costs. All these features help Convey occupy a place among the top competitors of ShipHawk.

a) Features

  • Regular analysis to improve the eCommerce logistics platform.

  • Delivery date predictions are displayed to customers on the shippers' website.

  • Integrates with a wide variety of platforms and storefronts.

b) Pros

  • Quick customer response and query solving.

c) Cons

  • Fewer services when it comes to promoting brand 

  • Okay-ish shipping exceptions management.


4) Key criteria when choosing the right ShipHawk alternatives and competitors

ShipHawk offers great services and features, but it might not be your ideal match due to one or multiple reasons. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find ShipHawk competitors for the same purpose.

Let’s have a look at the key attributes you should consider while selecting ShipHawks competitors and alternatives and how that can work wonders for your eCommerce business. 

4.1) Serviceability and amount of integrated carriers

The most important factor is serviceability. Whether or not the eCommerce logistics platform you are selecting serves the areas you are targeting is a big question. You should know its limitations and the number of integrated carriers. 

Since all carriers come with different features and price charts, the more options you get on the software, the more flexibility you will have over prices and area coverage.

4.2) Delivery speed 

Earlier, shippers could request 3-7 days in delivering an order, and it was fine by most customers. But nowadays, customers demand quick and safer service. Express delivery, in a gap of one, two, or three days is preferred by customers and increases the chances of them shopping at your website.

4.3) Shipment tracking

If you are running an online selling business, you are expected to know about your shipment's whereabouts at all times. Real-time tracking enables you to track your shipments to be assured of exactly when they will be delivered. It also helps you make correct shipping decisions and update customers accordingly.

4.4) Software price

Another vital criterion when choosing a shipping software or app is its price. If the price is too high, you won’t be able to cut down on the shipping costs and will end up making losses. On the other hand, if the price is low and the service isn't up to the mark, again you will not be satisfied with it. 

Therefore, finding a balance between price and serviceability is essential for the survival of your platform.

4.5) Availability of customer care

Customers are the lifeline of every eCommerce business. Whether you’re running a large organization and dealing in high order volumes, or a small or medium-sized organization with average or low order volumes, if your customers aren't happy, your business won't survive for long.

That's why investing in a shipping solution that caters to your customer's needs and wants and provides a quick response to them is very essential. 

5) Conclusion

Though there are numerous companies providing eCommerce logistics solutions, only a few are able to target pressing problems and find proper solutions to them. 

In the list above, we have tried covering the most prominent shipping apps that offer similar services like ShipHawk. We hope the list provides you with the necessary information and resolves your queries about ShipHawk alternatives.

FAQS on ShipHawk competitors and alternatives

6.1) Which are the best ShipHawk alternatives?

There are numerous ShipHawk competitors and alternatives, namely ClickPost, Narvar, WeSupplyLabs, ParcelPerform, EasyShip, ShipStation, MetaPack, Shippo, parcelLab, ShipBob, ShipMonk, Ordoro, and more.

6.2) Why do people shift to ShipHawk competitors?

There can be several reasons for eCommerce owners leaving one shipping software and turning to the other. Perhaps they aren't seeing growth in the customer base, aren't happy with the services, or want better tech updates, customer handling, etc.


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