Looking for Teapplix Competitors and Alternatives?

It's not easy to find the best Teapplix alternatives, but our team of experts have done just that. We spoke with leading retailers and reviewed customer feedback before ranking these top 10 Teapplix alternatives for your business!


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Top 10 Best Teapplix Competitors and Alternatives [2023 Updated List]

With the emergence of new-age technology in logistics, automation has become essential for the majority of eCommerce shipping. Shipping automation platforms make delivering products convenient for brands. 

Additionally, those who further help brands keep track of their inventory are an even better option. Teapplix is a good example of such platforms that offer automation and inventory management services simultaneously.  

However, for companies that are in search of extra features, lower costs, or even more variety of services, we’ve handpicked some great alternatives to Teapplix for you today!


What is Teapplix? 

Teapplix is an inventory management and shipping automation platform. It provides regular updates on the status of your stocked products. A major task of shipping which is generating shipping labels, is entirely automated, including both bulk and custom shipping labels. 

Their main dashboard (which is reminiscent of the classic WordPress editor) displays info on every order. This dashboard even helps you track orders in transit and automates sending delivery notifications to customers. 

Other important functions include address validation prior to shipping and data analytics. You can get access to order and postage reports to track your expenditure over designated periods. Teapplix uses a REST API to perform these functions. 

The REST API also enables you to add webhook notifications for certain events such as the cancellation of an order. 


Top 10 Best Teapplix Alternatives and Competitors

We hope that you’ve gotten at least a basic idea of what Teapplix does by now. Let us explore ten of its alternatives next!

1) ClickPost

The very first alternative on the list is ClickPost, a SaaS-based platform that offers holistic logistics automation solutions. In addition to automating shipping for businesses, ClickPost also focuses on customers' post-purchase experience. 

Their real-time tracking system gives you visibility on all orders instantly while enabling you to effortlessly partner with several carriers. You can further monitor each one’s performance individually.



  • Complete any failed delivery with ClickPost’s automated NDR management system and reduce RTO over time. 
  • Eliminate the hassle of managing returns by automatically filtering out requests which are eligible for returns and which aren’t according to your return policy. 
  • Enjoy branding services like custom branded tracking pages and send instant notifications to customers through multiple mediums.
  • Tie up with multiple carriers using ClickPost and expand your reach of service to as many pin codes as possible. 


2) ShipRush 

What’s better than automating shipping operations? Automating shipping operations with heavy discounts on carriers. You can add providing live human telephonic support (for all plans) to the list as well. In fact, these services accurately define our next alternative, ShipRush.


  • Provide a personalized shipping experience by creating branded packing slips with ShipRush.
  • Resolve queries/problems quickly with a range of customer support such as live chat, telephonic assistance, etc. 
  • Handle thousands of daily orders while automating label printing and multi-carrier connectivity with ShipRush’s eCommerce WMS ‘Descartes Peoplevox.’
  • Explore heavy discount rates on USPS, UPS, and FedEx and save up on carrier costs. 


3) ShipStation

Let’s carry forward and take a quick gander at ShipStation, a platform that assists online stores by offering discounted rates on carriers. This, coupled with integrations with over 180 partners consisting of sales channels, carriers, etc., are the reasons we’ve placed this one in third.


  • Bring in/import sales from numerous channels instantly and fulfill daily orders with pre-set rules. 
  • Speed up your day-to-day shipments with the help of automation and pre-scanned workflows. 
  • Compare the best available carrier rates and experience heavy discounts of up to 84%.
  • Gain visibility on your inventory levels and track in-transit shipments to have eyes on each order. 


4) Webgility

Teapplix isn’t the only shipping solution that helps with accounting. Our next pick is an inventory and accounting solution for eCommerce brands called Webgility

You can also reduce fulfillment errors with Webgility’s 3PL software and receive 70+ data-driven insights. However, an extra fee is applicable for the insights. 


  • Sync all of your inventory from multiple channels and manage their prices under one dashboard. 
  • Update stock quantities quickly in QuickBooks, in real-time, for canceled orders. 
  • Gain the ability to forecast demand and see how much of a product customers truly want, decreasing the chances of overstocking. 
  • Automate manual accounting processes and sync tax from all sale locations.  


5) ShipBob

The fifth option on the list is ShipBob, a platform that focuses on making shipping fast-paced and delivering remarkable unboxing experiences. 

They facilitate a number of services in this regard such as creating a branded box from scratch. In fact, you can also add multiple products in one box for kits (if your brand offers any).


  • Use ShipBob’s WMS to gain visibility of your inventory and see which ones are/aren’t picked or packed in one dashboard. 
  • Gain more transparency by having images of your inventory uploaded to avoid any mishaps later on. 
  • Train new ‘packers’ easily with ShipBob’s user-friendly dashboard that provides visual instructions. 
  • Enable 2-day shipping with ShipBob and send branded product packages to increase the chance of gaining repeat customers.

6) ShipMonk

The sixth alternative to Teapplix is ShipMonk, a shipping solution dedicated to helping small and mid-sized eCommerce brands. ShipMonk’s main aim is to be a 4-in-one platform, offering shipping, inventory, order, and warehouse management solutions.


  • ShipMonk’s inventory management enables you to seamlessly add SKUs, get forecasts and view product images. 
  • Unlike many other 3PLs, billing for inventory occurs daily with ShipMonk. You're charged for storage only when kept in the fulfillment centers. 
  • Branded tracking pages and an automated portal for insured items assist in enhancing the post-purchase experience. 
  • Custom API integrations easily integrate with your store to import all orders. 


7) Shippingeasy

As the name suggests, Shippingeasy is aimed at making your shipping processes easier. It does so with a user-friendly interface and massive discounts on couriers and insurance. 

Additionally, you can customize a report to only receive the data you need while integrating with major eCommerce marketplaces. 


  • Add or credit inventory according to new stock/orders. 
  • Get reports to be aware of the current inventory status and learn which inventory is low in numbers. 
  • Automatically flag orders with low stock via pre-set shipping rules. 
  • Gain more transparency by uploading images of products.  


8) ShipWorks

For the eCommerce merchants dealing with high-volume orders, we’ve got one for you too! ShipWorks is a subsidiary of Stamps.com. It is a cloud-based solution that helps you compare different carrier rates and set up schedules. 


  • Retain your current WMS system and upgrade it without any additional installations. 
  • Manage or track info on all products, and check inventory levels in a single dashboard.
  • Reduce inaccuracies in shipping with the help of Shipsense AI, an intelligence system of ShipWorks. 
  • Import orders from hundreds of different channels with ShipWorks’s wide range of marketplace integrations. 


9) PirateShip

Ever heard of a pirate-themed shipping software? If you haven’t, you’re about to!  PirateShip is a free software that enables you to import orders via spreadsheet or other major eCommerce platforms easily. 

You further benefit from some of the best rates on carriers (predominantly UPS and USPS). 


  • An easy user interface helps newcomers to understand the platform more quickly than others. 
  • PirateShip automatically completes an address as you write it and remembers who you’ve shipped to. 
  • Users are offered discounted rates for shipping and insurance too. 
  • With a unique customer support team that acts as pirates, PirateShip is completely free to use. 


10) ShipWire 

The very last shipping platform on this list is quite well-known. Spread across 160 countries, ShipWire provides multiple solutions like eCommerce fulfillment, reverse logistics, and cross-border shipping.   


  • Tactically store your inventory where demand is high and reduce shipping time with ShipWire’s wide range of warehouse locations.
  • Keep track of previous sales for storing inventory in the most efficient location time and again. 
  • Receive an on-site supervisor who looks after warehouse operations to increase accuracy and visibility. 
  • Connect with over 200 eCommerce companies, platforms, and carts to help you make shipping more efficient.


How to Choose the Best Teapplix Alternatives and Competitors?

Now that we've seen ten of the best alternatives to Teapplix, let's glance at the different factors you should consider before selecting any one. 

1) Price

It's always best to play it safe and subscribe to a platform that fits your budget. Find a shipping software that gives you all the essentials at the lowest rate. Where platforms such as Teapplix start charging more with increasing orders, PirateShip is completely free to use regardless of your order volume. 

2) Customisation 

Not all shipping platforms offer customization of tracking pages, boxes, etc. Hence, you can stand out from the rest if you find a platform that lets you customize these things and improve customer satisfaction. ShipBob is a good example of this. It assists firms in sending branded product boxes for an enhanced post-purchase experience. 

3) Integrations

It goes without saying that integration is a vital aspect of all shipping platforms. Look for software that integrates with the best and high amounts of carriers in the market. While Teapplix only integrates with 15 carriers, platforms such as ClickPost can deliver over 400+ fast live integrations. They also hand out the option to integrate with a carrier of your choosing!

4) User-friendly

A complex software can be hard to navigate, causing inefficiencies in managing orders, tracking parcels, or creating labels.  However , many modern-day shipping software can complete the same tasks with a couple of clicks. Those are the ones you can aim for. ShipStation is one such shipping platform that enables you to handle inventory on both mobile and PC.

5) Customer Support

Excellent and responsive customer support can become the backbone of any app/platform. Select a platform with a responsive customer care team that can communicate via multiple mediums. Companies such as ShipRush offer a good range of customer support, such as telephonic aid and live chat.


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