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Top ShipBob Alternatives and Competitors


1) Introduction

E-commerce businesses often juggle multiple carriers, marketplaces, order management software, shipping carts and more to handle shipping operations. They require software that incorporates all these processes. Such a platform is known as shipping software. Shipping platforms like ShipBob integrate with e-commerce stores to provide delivery services to customers worldwide. Using this software, distributors, suppliers, retailers and dropshippers connect and interact with each other to manage their sales. 

In this article, we'll discuss the shipping functionalities of ShipBob and its competitors. This blog will help online sellers to choose the best shipping software that integrates with their stores easily. 


2) What is ShipBob?

ShipBob is a tech-based third-party logistics platform that meets the shipping needs of D2C brands. The platform imports the products, sends them to inventory and delivers them to customers when they place their orders. ShipBob's end-to-end supply chain solutions fulfil global orders from the UK, EU, Canada, Australia and US. 

The top-notch shipping features of ShipBob are as follows:

  • ShipBob integrates with leading marketplaces, order management platforms, CRMs, returns management platforms, design solutions, e-commerce platforms, etc., to meet customers' expectations. 

  • The company's fulfilment centres help e-commerce retailers to manage their inventory and send products quickly.

  • ShipBob's order management system enables online merchants and customers to track their wholesale and D2C shipments.

  • Its reporting and analytics feature offers e-commerce businesses complete visibility into their performance and operations to make better supply chain decisions.

  • The platform is trusted by 7,000+ D2C brands as its services improve customers' shopping experience.


3) Top 10 ShipBob competitors and alternatives

E-commerce businesses start looking for ShipBob alternatives and competitors when they are not satisfied with the services of ShipBob. They want a wide range of services to meet customers' requirements. This section will share the list of ShipBob alternatives so that online sellers can choose a shipping solution as per their needs.


3.1) ClickPost

ClickPost is a SaaS-based shipping management platform that offers best-in-class delivery services to e-commerce stores. The platform integrates with 250+ marketplaces, storefronts, courier partners and more to reach 200+ countries worldwide. Its logistics services improve customer experience. ClickPost's tracking management software enables online retailers to track their shipments and notify shoppers via email, WhatsApp or SMS. The platform also manages returns through its returns management portal.

ClickPost's NDR management system handles delivery exceptions and RTO%. Its other services include airway bills and shipping label generation, COD reconciliation, Shopify returns, EDD prediction, customer care services, etc. These services provide end-to-end customer support and help online merchants to expand their businesses.


3.2) MetaPack

MetaPack is a web-based delivery management platform that assists online retailers in managing the shipment process. It provides last-mile and worldwide services to e-commerce companies. The platform integrates with 35,000 storage units and 350+ carriers for secure and timely deliveries. This UK-based logistics software simplifies complex shipping operations. MetaPack's customised tracking page offers real-time tracking updates on shipments to users and customers. 

Its checkout page displays precise delivery dates, shipping options and order cut-off times to meet customers' expectations. The platform's returns management system makes the returns process easy so shoppers can place returns online. MetaPack is a reliable software as it solves consumers' delivery issues and helps online sellers scale their businesses. 


3.3) EasyShip

EasyShip is a Hong Kong-based shipping platform that connects online sellers and marketplaces to streamline the shipment process. It offers delivery services worldwide at affordable rates. This logistics software has a network of fulfilment centres that deliver parcels faster. EasyShip provides 250+ delivery services from DHL, USPS, UPS and more that satisfy users' shipping needs. Its user-friendly interface manages all complex shipment mechanisms efficiently. The platform's branded tracking page allows online retailers to track their shipments. Besides these services, EasyShip offers insurance on shipments and handles taxes, duties and customs on international deliveries.


3.4) Aftership

Aftership is SaaS-based order management and tracking platform that operates globally. Because of its tracking capabilities, the platform is the leading tracking management software in Hong Kong. It enables e-commerce stores to integrate with 400+ sales channels, marketplaces and courier partners. Aftership's personalised tracking dashboard allows shoppers and online sellers to track their orders at every step of the delivery process. The dashboard also sends real-time tracking notifications to them. 

Aftership sends analytic reports regularly so that online merchants can make efficient business decisions to enhance customer experience. Its returns management software handles return requests and resolves customers' queries. Android and IOS device users can also download the Aftership app to avail of its end-to-end logistics services.


3.5) Narvar

Narvar is a US-based supply chain management platform that delivers a wide range of shipping services to give an excellent customer experience. The platform has integration with 350+ e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, storefronts and carriers. Narvar's tracking software tracks shipments and sends tracking notifications to customers via SMS, WhatsApp or email. Its concierge feature allows shoppers to select convenient drop-off and pick-up points from 9,000 locations. The platform's returns management software gives customers a better returns experience. Narvar provides analytic reports on e-commerce companies' sales and lets them print shipping labels. 


3.6) Convey

Convey, also known as Project 44, is a shipping management platform based in Austin, Texas. The platform combines supply chain data with real-time visibility to meet brand expectations. It integrates with multiple e-commerce platforms and carriers for express deliveries. Convey's tracking dashboard tracks the shipments and sends tracking notifications to customers. Its customer care services handle all shipment-related issues of shoppers. The platform also displays estimated delivery dates to customers so they can know when their orders will arrive. Convey's data analysis toolkit provides analytic reports that help e-commerce retailers to make decisions for reducing operational costs. With the platform's efficient shipping services, they can expand their businesses.


3.7) WeSupplyLabs

WeSupplyLabs is an order management software that majorly operates in the US. It aims to improve the post-purchase experience for both customers and e-commerce businesses. This is done by providing real-time tracking updates and estimated delivery dates. The software integrates with 100+ e-commerce platforms, storefronts and courier partners to help online sellers enhance their logistics operations. WeSupplyLabs' reverse logistics solutions manage return issues and enable shoppers to place returns easily. The platform offers in-store and curbside pick-up options that simplify delivery services. Its analytics and report feature allow e-commerce retailers to monitor their performance. These features make WeSupplyLabs a perfect ShipBob alternative.


3.8) Endicia

Endicia is a web-based postage service provider for e-commerce businesses of all sizes in California. Its shipping solutions save time and give access to the best USPS rates. The platform integrates its warehouse solutions with USPS services to reduce shipping costs. Endicia's personalised tracking page lets online sellers and buyers track their packages. E-commerce businesses can create labels and documentation for international and domestic shipments. With WeSupplyLabs shipping services, including international shipping options and insurance on shipments, online merchants can grow their businesses globally.


3.9) ShipRocket

ShipRocket is a renowned tech-enabled shipping platform in India that offers top-notch shipping solutions. These solutions automate and streamline the delivery process. The platform integrates with 17+ carriers and marketplaces to improve the quality of shipping services. Customers can keep an eye on their parcels using ShipRocket's customised tracking page. It provides discounted shipping rates and shipment insurance to build a strong relationship between online shoppers and sellers. The platform also offers other services, such as NDR and returns management. Hence, ShipRocket is one of the superior ShipBob's competitors.


3.10) EasyPost

EasyPost is a reliable multi-carrier shipping platform that offers a wide range of services such as order fulfilment, tracking management, courier integration, etc. It integrates with 100+ carriers around the globe for fast deliveries. Online retailers can avail of affordable shipping rates from DHL, USPS, UPS and more. EasyPost's tracking API delivers real-time tracking updates on delivery status to consumers. Its create label tool allows e-commerce stores to create shipping labels in bulk. The platform also avoids unnecessary delays with its user-friendly shipping interface. 

4) How to choose the best ShipBob competitors?

Knowing only platforms' shipping features will not help online merchants to select a shipping partner for their businesses. They should also keep some factors in mind when choosing the best ShipBob competitors.


4.1) Cost of the software

As an online seller, you should know how important it is to deliver products affordably and timely to consumers. Hence, select a ShipBob alternative which offers services at the best prices. To have a profitable deal, always compare the services with their rates. Pricing is an important factor for e-commerce businesses to stay productive. Online sellers should look for shipping partners that offer free trials and reasonable shipping services.


4.2) Serviceability

E-commerce stores must ensure that their selected shipping platform serves the required locales and handles order volume. Some shipping partners manage large orders and return issues, while some do not. Therefore, logistics software with a high number of pin code reachability is always worthwhile to e-commerce businesses.


4.3) Order tracking management

Order tracking management is a versatile feature that improves customer experience. The tracking software assists users and shoppers in tracking their orders throughout the delivery process. The software also sends real-time tracking notifications to them via SMS, email or WhatsApp. This real-time tracking also enables online sellers to make good shipping decisions based on delivery status.


4.4) Express delivery service

Online shoppers demand fast, secure and convenient delivery services. But the type of services offered depends on the businesses online sellers run and the products consumers want. As express shipping services are preferable, therefore, choose a ShipBob competitor that provides services such as same-day, next-day, 2-day and 1-hour delivery services.


4.5) NDR management

Being unresponsive and not solving delivery exception issues may result in a negative post-purchase experience. Delivery exceptions arise when products get stuck, damaged or do not reach the right destination. Shipping software with an NDR management system manages NDRs (Non-delivery reports) that are created when these exceptions occur. The system creates communication channels between customers and online merchants to reduce the number of delivery exceptions and streamline the supply chain.


5) Final words

E-commerce companies need a competent shipping partner to fulfil their order management requirements. According to their needs, the market offers multiple ShipBob competitors and alternatives. Online sellers have to understand the demands of customers to choose the best shipping option for their businesses. The list of shipping platforms discussed above has unique shipping functionalities. They offer high-quality delivery services that support online merchants and consumers throughout the shipment process. We hope this list of shipping software we'll help you find a suitable shipping partner that will help you expand your company.




6.1) Why should I look for ShipBob alternatives?

Though ShipBob's services help e-commerce businesses to grow, there will be a point when they realise they need advanced shipping services. Hence, online retailers should look for ShipBob alternatives when they want to improve customers' post-purchase experience or expand their reach worldwide. A competent alternative will offer best-in-class delivery services at affordable prices.


6.2) Is ClickPost a better ShipBob competitor?

Yes, ClickPost is a solid ShipBob competitor as its end-to-end shipping options make shoppers' shipping journey simple. This cloud-based platform offers multiple services such as NDR management, courier integrations, tracking management, COD reconciliation, returns management, Shopify returns, etc. E-commerce businesses can utilise these services at lower costs and provide a satisfactory customer experience.


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