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1) Introduction 

What makes an efficient e-commerce business journey? The answer is shipping software. Many e-commerce stores juggle various omni-channels, shipping carrier dashboards, shopping carts and more. While there are many shipping options available in the market, eHub is one of those choices among e-commerce retailers. However, several eHub competitors are a must to consider. 

In this blog, we will discuss the detailed features of eHub alternatives. It will help you know the best shipping software for your business. Before starting with the eHub competitors, let's look at the features of eHub.


2) What is eHub?

eHub (Essential Hub) is a shipping software that helps e-commerce businesses find and compare shipping rates between several shipment carriers. It uses data to connect these businesses with third-party logistics to fulfil their shipping requirements. eHub offers 24/7 support, automation and custom development.

Some of the eHub features include:

  • eHub integrates with 50+ carriers nationally and internationally to save time and money. 

  • It offers shipping services such as rate shopping, tracking management, label generation and warehouse management. 

  • eHub's shipping API reduces human work and simplifies order management. 

  • It allows e-commerce companies to calculate postage rates using the USPS shipping calculator. 

  • eHub also provides reporting functionality, which includes insights into sales trends, inventory and customer experience.


3) Top 10 eHub competitors and alternatives

Now that you have gone through the features of eHub, let's move on to the eHub competitors and alternatives. We hope you'll find the best shipping software from the given list:

3.1) ClickPost

ClickPost is a top-rated SaaS-based logistics intelligence platform that provides e-commerce companies with the latest logistics technology. Its OMS and WMS solutions help these companies scale quickly without spending most of their time and money. ClickPost's shipping services improve the post-purchase customer experience. It operates at a massive scale to simplify complex courier operations.

ClickPost enable e-commerce stores to ship products nationally and internationally with the help of 250+ carrier integrations. Its cooperative dashboard allows businesses to view, edit and track their shipments. ClickPost's single courier API integration allows AWB printing, order creation, label printing and more.

The software's NDR management tool helps to manage delayed shipments and reduce RTO% by identifying failed deliveries. With the help of a tracking management system, online sellers can track their orders and get real-time updates via SMS, WhatsApp and email. These features make ClickPost an ideal eHub alternative for shipment services. 


3.2) ShippingEasy

ShippingEasy is an online shipping platform for e-commerce companies. With this software, online sellers can automate shipping and focus on scaling their businesses. It provides discounted UPS and USPS shipping rates to merchants. ShippingEasy integrates with online marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, BigCommerce, Shopify, etc., for inventory and tracking management. 

ShippingEasy offers various shipping tools such as Shopify seller tools, a product catalogue and Amazon seller tools. It allows e-commerce companies to print packing slips, labels, customs forms and picklists using advanced printing technology. The platform also offers returns management and a data reporting system.


3.3) Ecomdash

Ecomdash is an inventory management platform that helps to build web stores for e-commerce brands and manage inventory. It allows you to use website builder tools to create a branded website for your business. It integrates with leading marketplaces such as eBay and Shopify to fulfil the shipment needs of online merchants. Ecomdash allows you to create unlimited product lists across sales channels. It also tracks SKUs in warehouses and provides real-time inventory updates.


3.4) Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship is a cloud-based shipping software that assists small businesses in domestic and global shipments. It allows users to print and purchase shipping labels in any format and share them with customers. The online sellers buy these labels for international and national packages with USPS postage. Pirate Ship helps return labels, generate purchase postage and make online payments. The key features of this software include import/export, online payments, parcel shipping and order tracking. 


3.5) Sellercloud

Sellercloud is an end-to-end e-commerce platform for online sellers to manage and enhance multi-channel sales. It provides them with robust tools to empower their businesses. The software integrates with various shopping carts, 3PL and sales channels to help you reach your shipping goals. With Sellercloud's catalogue feature, online retailers can easily edit their product descriptions.

The platform partners with top carriers such as FedX, DHL and USPS to deliver parcels to the customers quickly and efficiently. It offers reports that give insights into a company's performance. Additionally, Sellercloud provides other shipping services such as inventory management, reporting, purchasing, electronic data interchange (EDI), warehouse management, etc.


3.6) Shipwell

Shipwell is a cloud-based transportation and freight management solution that helps e-commerce businesses to manage their supply chain. It is a 3-in-1 platform that includes; advanced visibility, a robust TMS and an integrated network. The software allows online merchants to book and track shipments via EDI, API and EDL integrations. They can also review rates for FTL and LTL from carrier networks. 

Shipwell integrates with other e-commerce platforms that generate freight pricing rates and let customers select shipping options. Its communication and tracking management systems deliver a satisfactory customer experience. This platform reduces costs and saves time throughout the supply chain. Hence, it is one of the best eHub competitors. 


3.7) Webshipper

Webshipper is an all-in-one logistics platform that connects e-commerce stores with multiple shipping carriers and warehouses to automate shipping and order. Using this platform, e-commerce retailers can generate shipping labels, import orders from their sites and send tracking updates to customers. The software provides order management tools that enable you to improve inventory and order fulfilment control. 

Webshipper offers checkout operations to provide efficient delivery options. It also has a return portal that helps to handle return issues. The portal provides insight into what customers are returning so online sellers can reduce returns and respond to customers. 


3.8) Beetrack

Beetrack is a package tracking and fleet management software for shipping companies. It provides shipping operations management solutions to businesses of all sizes. The software uses logistics technology to deliver a better delivery experience to customers. It allows online retailers to track drivers' locations and analyse delivery route options through a fleet information dashboard.

Beetrack also shares delivery status with customers via email or SMS. It produces reports on delivery KPIs, which include delivery performance, package rejections, number of scheduled deliveries, driver performance and compliance levels. Thus, Beetrack can be considered as an eHub alternative. 


3.9) Shipcaddie

Shipcaddie is a cloud-based transportation and warehouse management software for e-commerce companies. It helps them to handle their orders from marketplaces and deliver them to customers. The software integrates with many marketplaces, such as 3d Cart, eBay, Amazon and Etsy, to streamline the supply chain. 

Using Shipcaddie, e-commerce stores can print packing slips and shipping labels for FedX, USPS, UPS, etc. They can also create multiple carrier and user accounts. Shipcaddie provides reports on delivery KPIs and allows users to evaluate shipping rates from different carriers. 


3.10) Narvar

Narvar is an e-commerce shipping platform that operates in the US. It provides the best shipping services to improve the post-purchase experience of customers. The platform integrates with 350+ carriers and sales channels to fulfil your shipping needs. It provides insights into order trends so online sellers can make better purchase decisions.

Narvar helps track orders and sends real-time order tracking updates to customers via SMS and email. It also has a return portal that enables exchanged rules and requests to be customised. The platform allows customers to pick up orders from Concierge stations.


4) How to choose the best eHub competitors?

After going through the features of eHub competitors, a common question arises in every online seller's mind. What factors to consider while choosing an eHub competitor and alternative? In this section, we'll discuss these factors in detail to help you select an efficient shipping software for your business. 


4.1) Serviceability

The chosen shipping platform should have excellent serviceability. It should satisfy two criteria. First is the number of orders a shipping platform can handle every day. Second is the company's expansion, which means in how many countries it can deliver parcels. Therefore, you should select a logistics platform that fulfils these two criteria. 


4.2) Inventory management

An inventory management system allows e-commerce companies to track their goods throughout their supply chain. The features of this system are inventory item categorisation, barcode scanning, sales order tracking and stock level management. Thus, shipping software must have an inventory management system that synchronises with digital channels like eBay and Amazon.


4.3) Customer reviews

The easiest way to find the best eHub competitor is the customer reviews. E-commerce retailers should go through customer reviews to know the specifications of the shipping software. 


4.4) Security

Security is the most important aspect for e-commerce stores that deal with fragile items. The shipping software should offer insurance on deliveries and products to retain their worth if they get damaged. 


4.5) Cost

E-commerce retailers should consider the price while purchasing shipping software. They should select software that offers services at affordable rates. They must focus on the software's logistics solutions against their prices before making any decision. Online sellers should go for that shipping software that provides a window of the free trial.


5) Conclusion

Essential Hub (eHub) is one of the finest shipping platforms that help e-commerce businesses to scale globally. The shipping services offered by this software manage the supply chain and improve customers' buying journey.

However, eHub may not be an ideal choice for every e-commerce business. Hence, this blog will help online merchants to find effective shipping software among eHub competitors and alternatives.


FAQs on eHub and its Competitors & Alternatives

6.1) What are the best eHub competitors?

The market is filled with many shipping software options. Some of the eHub competitors include ClickPost, Pirate Ship, ShippingEasy, Sellercloud, etc. Online merchants can choose any of them according to their shipping needs.

6.2) When should you get an eHub alternative?

If you're finding that your existing shipping software is not helping you to scale your business, you should shift to other shipping platforms. Your selected alternative shipping software must have advanced features that can increase your supply chain and offer end-to-end shipping services to customers. 


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