Looking for BuyCo Competitors and Alternatives?

We’ve gathered all the information you could possibly need about the best alternatives and competitors to BuyCo. From their features to their benefits and other insightful information about the best ecommerce shipping solutions available.


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The dream of every entrepreneur is to build a successful brand that resonates with people. Most businesses start out of small spaces with a tiny group of employees managing everything. In most cases, owners themselves end up wearing many hats, handling shipping, packing, tracking and customer service. 

However, this is not a sustainable model. As businesses grow and evolve, they must relegate some operations to third-party organisations for cost-effective management. 

One 3PL organisation ecommerce company can’t do without are shipping management software. Today, we are here to discuss BuyCo.’s alternatives and competitors. So, let’s get started.


What is BuyCo?

BuyCo is the world's most trusted maritime management platform. This cloud-based software is built for importers and exporters to facilitate transportation via the ocean. It automates shipping operations and eliminates time-consuming workflows. The software aims to provide streamlined and secure international shipping worldwide.

Below are some primary shipping features of BuyCo.

  • It is a SaaS-based platform that connects online sellers to 97% of ocean carriers to simplify shipping tasks.

  • It also helps e-commerce stores to manage their marine transportation documents and develop customized document workflows.

  • The platform's branded tracking page gives real-time tracking details of the containers. The page notifies customers and online merchants about delivery exceptions or delays.

  • BuyCo provides e-commerce retailers with their supply chain data so that they make effective business decisions. The platform increases the reliability of data by collecting it from different carriers.

  • It has developed a mobile app that facilitates container operations at industrial sites and warehouses. 


Top 10 BuyCo competitors and alternatives

Now that you have known the features of BuyCo, it's time to understand the shipping functionalities of other platforms too. Below is the list of BuyCo competitors and alternatives with their special characteristics.


1) ClickPost

ClickPost is a SaaS-based shipping management platform that provides end-to-end shipping services. These services reduce operational costs and deliver a great post-purchase experience. The platform specialises in forward and reverse logistics. It connects e-commerce stores with 200+ marketplaces, storefronts and carriers. Online sellers' can resolve delivery exceptions using ClickPost's NDR management system.

Its API-driven tracking system allows customers to track their shipments, sends notifications via email, WhatsApp or SMS and reduces WISMO calls. ClickPost's returns portal handles returns issues, enables shoppers to place a return online and manages refunds and exchanges. Besides these services, the platform also offers the option of Shopify returns, 24/7 customer support, analytical reports, etc. That's why ClickPost is the leading BuyCo competitor. 


2) Narvar

Narvar is a supply chain management software company headquartered in the US. It helps online merchants to meet their customers' needs. The platform's services convert one-time shoppers into repeat consumers. It integrates with more than 350 e-commerce platforms, carriers and marketplaces. Narvar sets estimated delivery dates based on the order volume or sale season for their buyers. It tracks every single movement of the shipment and notifies its clients via messages or multi-channels. The platform offers a concierge feature. This feature allows e-commerce retailers to talk with omni channels regarding returns and in-store pick-ups. It provides logistics services across 38 countries.


3) WeSupplyLabs

WeSupplyLabs is an order management software that focuses on providing a satisfactory customer experience. It is a well-known BuyCo alternative trusted by millions of small and global brands. The platform easily integrates with multiple courier partners and e-commerce platforms to save money and time. WeSupplyLabs has a curbside and in-store pick-up facility that enhances the delivery processes. Its self-service returns feature reduces the complexities of the return process and provides a pain-free return experience. The platform's other top-notch services are tracking management, delivery notifications, analytics and reports and estimated delivery dates.  


4) Project44

Project44 helps ecommerce retail companies refine supply chain efficiencies and improve overall profitability. It supports various kinds of shipping modes - ocean, land and air freight, and intermodal transportation.

It also helps brands cut down on last mile delivery costs arising from outdated data and inefficient route management. This data-driven platform helps businesses scale up with continued visibility across the organisation. Project44 can be a good alternative to BuyCo for cross-border and domestic if maritime shipping is not your mainstay.


5) ParcelPerform

ParcelPerform is a well-renowned delivery experience software that operates globally. Having expertise in logistics and data, the platform optimises shipping operations. It has integration with 950+ carrier partners that allow online sellers to ship parcels in 160+ countries. ParcelPerform's branded tracking page lets shoppers and online sellers track orders in real time and update them via SMS, email or WhatsApp. Its customer service toolkit assists e-commerce stores in monitoring and resolving customer complaints. The platform's wide range of services helps it maintain a place in the list of BuyCo alternatives.


6) MetaPack

MetaPack is a cloud-based delivery management platform. It helps e-commerce companies to retain customers by offering best-in-class shipping services. The platform gives access to the world's largest network of courier partners. MetaPack's comprehensive tracking system provides tracking details and helps reduce WISMO calls. Its other features comprise shipping label creation, self-return options, storage facilities and pick-up and drop-off points.


7) Pickrr

Pickrr is India's most trusted and famous logistics aggregator that provides logistics solutions. It helps hundreds of brands to do business in 200+ nations. The platform's API integration assists you in inventory management, warehousing and order fulfillment. Pickrr is integrated with 20+ online selling channels and carriers to reduce shipping costs. Its pickup options enable online retailers to select the locations and delivery modes. Also, the platform sends delivery exceptions and tracking notifications via SMS and email.


8) Aftership

Aftership is a web-based shipping software that manages all delivery operations efficiently. It's a strong BuyCo competitor that delights customers by providing them with a first-class post-purchase experience. It has integrations with over 900 storefronts, marketplaces, carriers, etc. The platform's tracking management system enables its clients to track their shipments. Aftership offers shipment visibility to resolve delivery problems. Its other services are delivery date prediction, mobile app, analytics, etc. The platform's features increase sales revenue and brand loyalty.


9) EasyPost

EasyPost is a multi-carrier shipping software built for e-commerce businesses. It was established as a RESTful API for shipping. With this platform, online sellers can deliver packages with 100+ global courier partners. They can get discounted shipping rates with DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc. EasyPost assists e-commerce stores in handling fulfilment centres and storefronts. Its tracking API offers real-time tracking notifications on delivery status. The platform also allows online retailers to create shipping labels and provides shipment insurance.


10) EasyShip

EasyShip is a powerful cloud-based shipping platform that helps e-commerce companies to grow internationally. This platform automates shipping and manages and creates orders. It integrates with more than 250 e-commerce platforms, online selling channels and carriers. EasyPost assists them in handling duties, customs and taxes on global shipments. It offers warehousing solutions for order fulfilment. The platform's additional services are discounted shipping rates, order tracking, return label creation, shipping insurance and collection points.


How to choose the best BuyCo competitors and alternatives?

Many e-commerce enterprises trust BuyCo delivery services to ship containers internationally via sea or ocean. But what if it's not helping them to scale and meet their client's requirements? To solve this issue, online merchants must consider BuyCo competitors and alternatives. Here, we have shared the selection criteria which will help you to select the right shipping software for your shipping needs.


1) Shipping software price

A perfect shipping solution is that which saves time and money. Shipping software can be expensive; hence online sellers should select a cost-efficient BuyCo alternative. You can compare services with their prices to know the affordability of the shipping software.


2) Customer reviews

The survival of an e-commerce business depends on customers' satisfaction. Users' reviews are helpful to get a clear picture of shipping software. These reviews provide detailed information about how the software works or what services it offers. Hence, customers can be beneficial in finding a solid BuyCo competitor.


3) Returns management

Returns management is a crucial easiest of every e-commerce business. It is an inconvenient process as it becomes difficult for online retailers to handle return requests in bulk. Thus, a returns management system simplifies reverse logistics by solving returns issues. It generates non-pickup reports and provides communication channels for the returns process. A shipping platform must have a returns management system.


4) Serviceability

Before finalizing an efficient BuyCo alternative, check its serviceability. Your chosen shipping software must provide services in all your selected areas. It should also be able to handle orders in bulk. Therefore, shipping software with larger pin code breathability helps e-commerce companies to scale domestically and globally.


5) Hi-tech services

With the advancement in technology, clients need technical support to make their shipping journey easy. A shipping platform that offers hi-tech services also assists online merchants to enhance customer experience and upgrade their shipping operations. These technology services include tracking management, software's mobile application, API integration, etc. Due to this reason, e-commerce retailers should keep this factor in mind while selecting a BuyCo competitor.



After reading this blog, online retailers have got an idea about the importance of shipping software. You also got familiar with the features of BuyCo and its competitors. Now it's your turn to pick a suitable, efficient and affordable shipping platform that fits your business. We hope the above information will be worthwhile and solves all your queries regarding these shipping platforms.




1. What are the best BuyCo competitors?

BuyCo specialises in ocean transportation. In case, if online sellers are looking for more end-to-end shipping solutions, then they may consider other shipping platforms. The best BuyCo competitors include ClickPost, Aftership, Convey, Pickrr, MetaPack, ParcelPerform and more.


2. Why do people shift to BuyCo alternatives?

BuyCo specialises in container shipping management for ocean transportation. But e-commerce stores need more shipping options to deliver a better post-purchase experience. This is the most important reason why people shift to BuyCo alternatives. The other reasons may include they aren't seeing growth, want to uplift their supply chains, need technical support, etc.


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