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ClickPost Multi-carrier integration platform lets you integrate with 150+ carriers including AGL using a single API


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AGL Services

Shipping services  

  • Domestic delivery 

  • International delivery

  • Same day and next day delivery


Special services

  • Shipping cost calculator

  • 24 hour support through WhatsApp

  • API integration


Technology services

  • Integrated e-commerce solutions

  • Personalized Virtual Greeting Cards

About AGL


AGL courier is a Middle-Eastern courier service that primarily caters to the Dubai Market. They handle domestic as well as international shipments. AGL also offers freight and cargo shipping services. Despite the presence of international shipping services, they primarily handle domestic shipments.

When using AGL for order shipments, you can easily integrate them with your logistics platform using their API. This API provides a reliable and convenient way to handle shipments on AGL couriers using any third party service.

AGL offers domestic as well as international cash on delivery shipments. This is a must have feature in the Middle Eastern market. They have 24 hour support services via call and WhatsApp. You can also opt for same day and next day domestic delivery services.

Some B2B specific shipping services are also available. You can also use their B2B logistics service to outsource some of your logistics operations. 

Their next-day delivery service starts at AED 75. International shipments have a base rate of AED 250 per 20 km. You can also use their Economy Express International shipping which is priced at AED 200 per 10 km.

FAQs about AGL


1) How can you calculate shipping cost for packages sent through AGL?

To calculate shipping costs for packages sent using AGL, you can use the 'Get Quote' utility on their website. You will need to provide details like origin address, destination address, volumetric weight, etc.,

You can also contact their sales team for more details on tariffs.

2) Can AGL courier handle international shipments?

AGL courier handles international shipments and provides a range of ionternational shipping services. They have a robust infrastructure for deliveries to neighbouring middle eastern countries and beyond .

List of AGL APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

This API manifests the orders and takes details like order type, origin address, destination address, etc., as parameters.

Track Shipment API:

This API retrieves the tracking details of the shipment using AWB number as the reference.

Cancellation API

Used to initiate cancellation of an order. If shipped, the order is returned back to origin following this.

EDD API: Provides the estimated delivery date of the order. Can be used to push updates to customers if EDD changes.
NDR Action update:

This API is used to handle NDR reports and take appropriate action.

Return Web-hooks: Used to handle the returns process for delivered shipments.


How does it work?

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