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AL Services Services

Shipping services  

  • Same-day delivery

  • Mid-day delivery service

Special services

  • AL fulfillment

  • In-transit recovery policy

Technology services

  • Tech-blanketed security 

  • Multiple Modes of Payment

About AL Services


AL Services is a last-mile delivery service provider for jewelry brands and marketplaces. The courier company was founded with its vision to provide end-to-end fulfillment services in the Indian region at affordable costs. OTP-verified deliveries enable brands with high-value items to be assured about the security of their items. 

The courier provides its services through an API-enabled platform for easier integrations. This integration allows you to establish an automated workflow for order processing. You can even enable same-day deliveries for your customer services. This service can be availed in over 8 key cities across the country. 

The mid-day delivery service of AL services allows a real-time serviceability check and has an in-transit recovery policy. These shipping services have a 95 percent delivery success rate in over 2300+ pin codes. The success rate can be credited to the real-time sync with the driver systems and visibility over the entire supply chain. 

You can even pair these shipping services with AL fulfillment services that allow you to set up warehouses across multiple geographies. This partnership claims to reduce your shipping costs by over 20 percent and bring down your RTO percentage. The Omni Channel and Hall Marking services make the carrier an ideal partner for jewelry brands.

The zero-investment infrastructure allows even starter companies to venture into the e-commerce space. The carrier promotes a user-friendly onboarding process with its transparent policies. You can also avail customized packaging services that will allow you to promote your brand image during the shipping process.  

To enable jewelry brands to ship more safely, the courier company has tech-enabled security features. This includes OTP verification and a secured payment gateway to ensure an improved delivery success rate. The multi-modal payment gateway also allows you to provide a plethora of payment options and boost conversions. ClickPost has a logistics API integration with AL Services that enables companies to access the services within 24 hours. 

FAQs about AL Services


1) What to do if a shipment with AL services is missing?

If your shipment will AL Services is missing or delayed, you will have to file a claim with the carrier. If your shipment is insured and the carrier is to blame, you will be reimbursed for the Average Declared amount for the shipment. 

2) Can a pickup be scheduled on the same day for any shipment?

AL Services has a flexible pickup service that allows you to schedule a shipment as soon as you receive it. With the API platform, you can even automate this process. The shipment can even be delivered on the same day in over 8 major cities in India.

List of AL Services APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Used to automate the order creation process in WMS and carrier systems for easier fulfillment

Track Shipment API:

Track the progress of the package in real-time

Cancellation API

Cancel the order in transit, and ensure it returns to the origin or nearest warehouse


Predict a near-accurate delivery date for improved conversions

NDR Action update:

Trigger an automated workflow to handle failed deliveries

Return Web-hooks:

Enable a streamlined returns workflow for seamless returns



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