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ClickPost Multi-carrier integration platform lets you integrate with 150+ carriers including BARQ Fleet using a single API


Table Of Contents

BARQ Fleet Services

Shipping services  

  • 2-Hour Delivery

  • Hyperlocal Coverage

Special services

  • Multiple Pickup Points

  • Cash-on-delivery enablement

Technology services

  • AI-enabled Route Optimisation

  • BARQ Merchant’s Application

About BARQ Fleet


BARQ fleet is a carrier that specializes in hyperlocal deliveries for all types of e-commerce businesses. The hyperlocal coverage of the fleet carrier enables restaurants and merchants to reach customers within 2 hours in almost all prominent cities in Saudi Arabia. 

Established in 2020, the courier company has focused on incorporating Artificial Intelligence technology in the logistics supply chain. With this vision, it has managed to bring down the delivery time from 3 days to just 2 hours. This 2-hour delivery service is one of the most popular services of the carrier, and it provides end-to-end hyperlocal coverage under the same. 

Additionally, the BARQ fleet is built with the merchant’s convenience in mind. The platform enables you to have multiple pickup points across a city. This makes for easier and faster fulfillment and allows you to decentralize your supply chain to optimize it operationally. The cash-on-delivery enablement enables you to build your brand on customer trust and empower a better customer experience. 

The entire service suite of the carrier can be accessed from a merchant’s application. But, it is not just an application to book shipments, but a single window platform that enables you to control the delivery experience. The application allows you to seamlessly provide live customer support to your customers. Additionally, the notification feature of the application allows you to automate delivery communications through multiple channels. 

The carrier also has an advanced tracking setup. You can even share this tracking information with your customers in real-time to reduce the WISMO calls on your platform. You can even manage multiple branches through a single application for centralized oversight. 

The AI-enabled route optimization technology developed by the carrier is designed to lower the delivery cost and time significantly. ClickPost has a logistics API integration with the BARQ fleet to enable faster hyperlocal deliveries in Saudi Arabia for merchants from all categories.

FAQs about BARQ Fleet


1) What are the key features of the BARQ merchants application?

The key features of the application include delivery notifications, branch management, and order tracking. Apart from this, you can even manage your customer support and include a dispatching hub for an improved delivery experience. 

2) Where does the BARQ Fleet primarily operate?

The BARQ application promises end-to-end coverage in Riyadh and other Saudi Cities. You can check their serviceability coverage from the application, or you can make a request with customer support to request delivery support in your preferred area. 

List of BARQ Fleet APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Manifest a shipping order with the carrier to create a shipping label

Track Shipment API:

Track the real-time status of the shipment through the carrier

Cancellation API

Cancel the shipping request with the carrier


Calculate and display the EDD

NDR Action update:

Take action to resolve failed deliveries and reduce RTO

Return Web-hooks:

Initiate a return request through webhooks with the carriers for an optimized return journey



How does it work?

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