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Table Of Contents

CJ GLS Services

Shipping services  

  • International Delivery

  • Stevedoring and Transportation

  • Freight Forwarding

Special services

  • Third-Party Logistics

  • Integrated Dashboard

  • Shipping Insurance

Technology services

  • Drone Delivery

  • Live Track & Trace

  • RFID Inspection System

About CJ GLS


CJ GLS, or Korea Express, is a logistics and supply chain solution provider with headquarters in Seoul, Korea. It first started out in 1930 with the name Chosun Rice Warehousing Co. Over the course of many years, as private partners and stakeholders entered, the company kept changing names. It was finally in 2016 that the present company, CJ Logistics, took shape. This was a result of the merger of CJ GLS, heading logistics solutions, and CJ Logistics, managing supply chain operations. 

Since then, CJ Logistics has expanded to 36 countries in Asia, the Americas, Europe, and Africa. They have 17 fully automated warehouses across the world and use large barges and shipping vessels for international delivery. Their main services are related to eCommerce, Parcel delivery, Contract logistics or 3PL, Freight forwarding, and Stevedoring.

Under eCommerce, CJ Logistics offers complete fulfillment services from storage and sorting to picking, packaging, and shipping. Businesses can send their stocks to the shipping platform’s warehouses for intelligent inventory management. It provides same-day, next-day, early morning, and immediate delivery. It also has a unified dashboard that allows entrepreneurs to manage and track their orders from various websites and storefronts in real time. 

CJ Logistics commands a delivery fleet of over 27000 vehicles which provide superfast shipping within South Korea. It owns warehouses spanning 110,000 sq. meters equipped with barcode readers and temperature-controlled storage options. Korea Express can bring added advantages to your business as a third-party logistics provider. It has over 190 hubs in domestic and international locations for comprehensive supply chain management

It uses several modes of transport to ship products worldwide, like multimodal shipping, air, sea, land freight, and specialty cargo. It also has a special feature called International Exhibition Service, specifically meant for businesses looking to expand their audience in chosen markets. All items shipped with CJ Logistics are fully insured at an additional cost. It provides timely order status updates to customers via SMS, email, and WhatsApp notifications.

CJ Logistics’ presence across the world makes it a formidable partner for ecommerce vendors. This multinational shipping platform is great for businesses of all sizes, and its offerings address many common pain points. If you want to use the CJ GLS API for your ecommerce business, ClickPost can help you! 

FAQs about CJ GLS


1. Does CJ Logistics offer environmentally friendly packaging?

Yes, CJ Logistics provides eco-friendly packaging options because it is committed to reducing carbon emissions arising from the logistics industry. 

2. Does CJ Logistics offer inventory pickup?

Yes, CJ Logistics offers inventory pickup services. Businesses that choose to partner with CJ Logistics for supply chain management, inventory management, or warehousing can directly contact them for a pickup. 

List of CJ GLS APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Automatically generates AWB number and prints shipping label for order processing

Track Shipment API: Monitors the movement of every shipment on inbound and outbound journeys
Cancellation API Cancels an order after confirmation
EDD API: Displays the estimated delivery date of a package according to the pin code
NDR Action update: Starts the failed delivery management process by triggering carriers
Return Web-hooks: Accepts or rejects customer return requests




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