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CMS Logistics Services

Shipping services  

  • Ocean & Air Freight

  • Dangerous Goods Shipping

Special services

  • Warehousing and Distribution

  • Customs Clearance

Technology services

  • Import Tracking

  • Online Booking Management

About CMS Logistics


CMS Logistics Group has been catering to freight needs across the globe since the year 2000. The company focuses on enabling e-commerce and retail businesses to expand their business horizons across the globe by enabling a hassle-free freight experience. The carrier is mainly present in Southeast Asia but can send your products to over 50 different countries. 

CMS was established in Qingdao, China. It created its Singapore brand in 2008 to enable better connectivity to the entire Southeast Asia region. It has overseas offices in South Korea, Malaysia, Australia, and Thailand. Alongside this, the carrier established its presence in over 70 base ports that can be used to import/export products spread across the globe. 

This network of base ports and offices around the world supports ocean and air freight services for its customers. Known for its competitive pricing, CMS has partnerships with transnational shipping companies that enable a worldwide shipping network. The service is supported by a responsive customer support team, a rare find in the logistics sector. 

CMS logistics has a separate web dashboard and shipping services that can handle every type of ‘dangerous’ goods. You can coordinate with the carrier for approvals and safe shipping, so you do not have to limit your product to a particular region due to shipping restrictions. The Groupage service of the carrier allows you to send your parcels irrespective of the size. 

Additionally, the company also offers warehousing and distribution services for a better fulfillment experience. You can even access the customs clearance services for your international shipments with the carrier. The company will take care of the documentation and compliances to assure a hassle-free cross-border shipping experience. 

For better order management, you can even track your imports in real time. CMS also offers a web-enabled dashboard that lets you book your shipments online and in a quick manner. ClickPost has a courier API integration with CMS to empower a transnational shipping network in the Southeast Asia region. 

FAQs about CMS Logistics


1) What does the customs clearance service from CMS include? 

The Customs Clearance service from CMS includes a Certificate of Origin, Commodity Inspection, Health Certificate, Customs Clearance, Health Certificate, Fumigation, Quarantine, etc. The service basically includes every single service that will allow your goods to enter the destination country. 

2) Where does CMS operate?

CMS Logistics has a network of 70 base ports that allows it access to over 70 countries. It has offices across China and overseas offices in Thailand, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore. 

List of CMS Logistics APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Manifest a shipping label for a shipping request according to the carrier's requirements

Track Shipment API:

Track a shipment to share the current status of the package with the customer

Cancellation API

Cancel and request a return to the origin/nearest warehouse


Display a near-accurate date of delivery on the checkout page

NDR Action update:

Establish a standard protocol to resolve failed deliveries without converting them into RTOs

Return Web-hooks:

Use webhooks to process a return request by the customer




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