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Table Of Contents

Dependo Services

Shipping services  

  • First Mile Logistics Management

  • Next-day Delivery

Special services

  • Optimized Reverse Logistics 

  • Distribution Chain Management

Technology services

  • GPS-enabled Shipment Tracking

  • Managed Dropshipping

About Dependo


Dependo is a courier company based in India that enables first and last-mile deliveries for its clients in B2B and B2C sectors. The holistic fulfillment service suite of the carrier enables e-commerce companies to outsource their fulfillment workload to the carrier. In return, the company provides 24x7 support to its clients for a better shipping experience. 

Dependo is backed by Altruist Group, an international group with a presence in over 40 countries. The company currently operates out of its headquarters in Panchkula, Haryana, and delivers around 1 lakh packets on an everyday basis. The delivery fleet of Dependo has over 500+ delivery vans and 1700+ delivery associate bikers. 

With the help of its partnerships with all popular marketplaces like Myntra, Big Basket, Paytm, Udaan, etc. Dependo is empowering merchants in the Indian market. The carrier offers next-day delivery that allows the merchants to have the edge over their competition on these marketplaces. The pickup service just adds to the convenience of using the courier platform. 

The Distribution Chain Management feature of the Dependo platform plays a vital role in optimizing your last-mile operations. Not only will it allow for quicker deliveries, but it will also enhance for better customer experience. You can even process reverse logistics with the carrier with doorstep pickups and optimized transit processes. 

The GPS-enabled tracking platform allows you to track your packages in real-time and share the updates with the customers. This will reduce the WISMO calls and allow for a better customer experience. Merchants can use the Dependo service to also manage their drop shipping business, as this carrier has a separate management platform for them. 

With on-demand courier services, businesses and individuals can take advantage of the Dependo platform alike. ClickPost has a shipping API integration with Dependo to enable better first and last-mile logistics, and you can have access to a plethora of new features, including NDR management and Automated Notifications. 

FAQs about Dependo


1) What is included in the On-demand delivery service?

On-demand courier service can be used to ship anything from a retail order to a confidential document. The service includes doorstep pickup, weight-based shipping fee and doorstep delivery. 


2) Who are some of the popular marketplace partners of Dependo?

With Dependo, you can ship for your merchant's accounts on Myntra, Paytm, and Udaan. Since the carrier also provides next-day delivery, you can also ship on hyperlocal platforms like BigBasket, Grofers, etc. 

List of Dependo APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Print a shipping label to dispatch the order with the carrier

Track Shipment API:

Fetch the status of the parcel in transit using the AWB

Cancellation API

Cancel the shipment during the shipping process


Predict and display the delivery date on the product listing page

NDR Action update:

Take action according to the reason for failed delivery 

Return Web-hooks:

Initiate a return request with the carrier to trigger the reverse logistics process




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