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Table Of Contents

DEX-I Services

Shipping services  

  • International Shipping 

  • Freight Forwarding

Special services

  • Freight Insurance

  • Warehousing Solutions

Technology services

  • API Integration

  • On-Demand Technical Support

About DEX-I


DEX-I is a Chinese courier and freight forwarding company. They handle domestic and international shipments out of major trade hubs in China. They are situated at the hotbed of ecommerce and trade traffic in South-East Asia. DEX-I offers shipping options to all major countries and territories near China like Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Taiwan

They offer ecommerce-specific shipping options for brands operating out of China. Value-added services like on-premises pickup, reinforced packaging, and insurance are also on offer. Even if you are an ecommerce company dealing primarily in bulk shipments, you can use their freight forwarding services.

For shipments to Malaysia, they offer both sea and air freight options with hassle-free tax clearances. Similar services are on offer for other Asian and Southeast Asian countries. DEX-I also handles shipments to Australia, Africa, Europe, Russia, and the USA.

DEX-I offers personalized supply chain solutions for warehousing, export customs declaration, full container shipments, and exclusive arrangements for bulk cargo.

ClickPost features comprehensive integration with DEX-I. This allows you to create and manage shipments with DEX-I from an integrated dashboard. With ClickPost, you can streamline your operations and manage several courier and logistics partners seamlessly. ClickPost’s business intelligence features make it a breeze to find problems bottlenecking your operations, and our automation tools can resolve a range of issues without manual intervention.

FAQs about DEX-I


1) What advantages does DEX-I provide when shipping to Southeast Asian countries?

DEX-I has a range of solutions to ensure hassle-free deliveries to Southeast Asian countries. They have seamless tax clearance services to most Southeast Asian countries. This ensures that the tax is collected during purchase and customers do not have to pay anything extra for customs clearance. These countries include Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and India.

2) What kind of technical support is provided by DEX-I to ecommerce companies?

DEX-I provides a range of on-demand technical support to ecommerce companies. These include system configuration, system docking, and website design. They can also assist with logistics and transportation software development on demand.

List of DEX-I APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Uploads order details into the courier partner’s system, provides AWB number, and generates shipping label

Track Shipment API: Provides real-time shipment tracking information and sends tracking notifications to the customer
Cancellation API Cancels a shipment that has been manifested but not delivered
EDD API: Calculates Estimated Delivery Date based on inputted pincode and recorded carrier data
NDR Action update: Used to take action on NDRs, like changing delivery date, to ensure successful delivery
Return Web-hooks: Initiates the return process for delivered orders and tracking of reverse shipments




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