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eCabs Services

Shipping services  

  • Same-day Delivery

  • Next-day Delivery

Special services

  • Smart Supply Chain Management

  • Digital proof of delivery

Technology services

  • Returns Management Platform

  • Fastdrop API Platform

About eCabs


The eCabs organization decided to launch a last-mile delivery service under the name Fastdrop in the Malta and Gozo regions. The eCabs company was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in the Greater Chicago area. The Fastdrop service of eCabs focused on providing express courier service for the regions, with a vision to be one of the fastest delivery services. 

Started by Matthew Bezzina, eCabs quickly delivered a significant fleet and implemented a pretty neat fleet management system. Seeing the advantage of its fleet management system for last-mile deliveries, the company launched the Fastdrop service. Since the company had a presence in the cab market in the Maltese market, it was easy for them to develop a delivery supply chain. 

The average delivery time for hyperlocal same-day delivery with Fastdrop is just 26 mins, one of the best in the industry. The contactless delivery model and the flexibility to handle a wide variety of goods allow you to enable a seamless e-commerce delivery experience. You can even schedule deliveries for a later time or the next day. 

The Fastdrop service also delivers on weekends and public holidays, allowing you to serve your customers all year-around. This allows you to offer a personalized experience to your customers and reduce the frequency of failed deliveries. 

Additionally, the carrier backend is compatible with multiple warehouse and management systems. This empowers a smart supply chain management workflow that works on avoiding inaccurate fulfillment, and improves efficiency. You can also reduce delivery and return fraud, as Fastdrop collects and forwards digital proof of delivery to your order management system. 

To ensure a seamless customer experience, the courier company has a separate returns management platform. Fastdrop supports doorstep pickups and replacements for the customer and merchants to empower a hassle-free experience. All these features of the carrier can be enabled through a simple API integration process. 

The API platform leaves more room for customization and automation development in your fulfillment workflow. ClickPost has a courier API integration with the Fastdrop API, which allows you to start shipping in Malta and Gozo regions with real-time tracking and notification features. 

FAQs about eCabs


1) Are eCabs and Fastdrop the same?

eCabs is the parent company of the Fastdrop courier service. Since the cab company had a significant operational presence in the Maltese market, it decided to leverage this reach into a seamless last-mile courier service. 

2) What is the average delivery time frame for the delivery?

Fastdrop service claims to deliver the orders within just 25 mins of dispatch. This average delivery time is one of the best in the market. However, you can schedule the delivery according to the customer’s preference. 

List of eCabs APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:
Request the carrier to generate and share the label to manifest the order
Track Shipment API:
Locate the shipment in real time based on the transit data available
Cancellation API
Start the order cancellation protocol to return the shipment to the merchant warehouse
Calculate the estimated delivery date and share it with the customers on the website
NDR Action update:
Take action to share failed delivery reports and resolve the issues
Return Web-hooks:
Return an item to the merchant as per the return request approved by the company




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