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Table Of Contents

FloKart Services

Shipping services  

  • Cash on Delivery Services

  • Intermodal Transportation

Special services

  • Air Forward freight consignments

  • Same Day Delivery Services

Technology services

  • Online Booking and Quotations

  • Digital Tracking of orders

About FloKart

FloKart is an India-based logistics company founded in 2009. It aims to become the leading supply chain custodian for shippers and shoppers across the world. FloKart provides access to a vast network of logistics experts and service providers globally.

FloKart has an expansive reach within the Indian subcontinent, serving over 19,000 pincodes nationwide. They also reach nearly 120 countries and provide a variety of overseas services. It offers a comprehensive set of services for eCommerce companies. The most notable among these are their guaranteed services for hyperlocal delivery and same-day delivery in 10+ cities.

For international and cross-border shipments, FloKart has a range of transportation options to choose from. With a promise of reliability and efficiency, FloKart’s overland transportation methods include rail, road, and intermodal transit. You can also access a range of sea freight features. However, their Air Forward service allows you the flexibility to choose your delivery speed.

FloKart also emphasizes the importance of safety when it comes to shipping services. You can avail their insurance services to secure any valuable shipments. Their insurance options are available for free. So you can secure packages against a variety of exceptions like accidents and harsh weather conditions.

FloKart prides itself on the ease and speed of set-up with them, enabling you to book door-to-door deliveries online. You can receive quotations on your orders instantly prior to placing them, as well as track orders after. And FloKart is well-known for affordable shipping rates. With the help of ClickPost, you can tie up with the FloKart API integration and simplify your shipping operations.

FAQs about FloKart


1) How can orders with FloKart be tracked? 

Once an order has been placed with FloKart, a unique AWB number is assigned to the order. This number can be inputted into FloKart’s tracking page to receive a status update on the order. Alternatively, integrating with a shipping software like ClickPost enables you to receive order tracking updates with FloKart and all your carriers in a single location. 


2) Where is Flokart India Logistics located? 

FloKart India Logistics, as the full name suggests, is based out of India. To be more more precise, FloKart’s headquarters are located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. 

List of FloKart APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Create orders and generate shipping labels instantly with FloKart

Track Shipment API: Get real-time tracking updates on all open orders
Cancellation API Cancel orders with FloKart immediately after a customer’s request.
EDD API: Calculate estimated delivery date accurately with pincode and carrier data
NDR Action update: Resolve failed deliveries quickly using automated customer communications
Return Web-hooks: Request for and track return orders with the right carrier


How does it work?

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