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Table Of Contents

Hypertrack Services

Shipping services  

  • On-time Delivery

  • Delayed Order Reduction

  • Auto-assigned Fleet

Special services

  • Geofences

  • Geotags

  • Dynamic Driver Allocation

Technology services

  • Optimised Route Management

  • Real-Time Tracking

  • Order Visibility

About Hypertrack

HyperTrack is a SaaS offering that allows product developers to create a system to automate their business processes for hyperlocal services. It is based in California, United States. HyperTrack has proven useful for myriad sectors like logistics, ecommerce, marketplaces, shipping carriers, etc. The core principles that HyperTrack runs on are Transparency for seamless communication, Automation for reduced workload, Continuous improvement to stay on top of the game, and Modernized operations to maintain the highest standards of efficiency. 

It has 6 services divided into 2 categories - Plan and Assign and Track and Validate. The services included are Self-improving Routes, Nearby Search, Flex routes, On-time Routes, Geofences, and Geotags. HyperTrack users have noticed a considerable improvement in customer retention since the use of its services. With self-improving routes, businesses get to deliver on their EDD promise. It auto-assigns drivers and fleets according to delivery types. However, even with routes decided before dispatch, the software prompts drivers to change routes in case of roadblocks, weather changes, traffic, etc. It helps track KPIs to improve future decision-making. 

In Nearby Search, the HyperTrack system automatically picks the nearest driver based on the delivery location. It can also choose a driver completing a delivery if he/she is in the vicinity. Businesses are free to assign drivers according to the type of delivery. Developers can build the estimated time of arrival (ETA) configuration within the app to keep customers updated. This helps reduce last-mile delivery glitches and delayed deliveries. 

The Flex Route feature allows drivers to choose their own routes depending on the ground reality. It also lets customers track the movement of the vehicle and displays the approximate delivery time. This data can be harnessed by operations teams to ascertain whether order has been successfully delivered and the cost of fulfillment vis-a-vis logistics costs. Hyperlocal businesses can build better productivity plans aided by this information. On-time routes feature uses the same tools as Flex Route. However, the only difference between the two is that on-time is a time-definite service. 

Geofences help businesses mark a location or area they frequently deliver to. These can be supermarkets, malls, business hubs, etc. By geofencing the location, online sellers can automatically detect and acknowledge any delivery occurring within that area. For their ease, they can set up automatic driver payouts for such locations. 

HyperTrack offers Geotags as an SDK-only integration. It helps businesses improve route maps and update customer address books accordingly. It also provides real-time order tracking data and registers the route taken for order fulfillment. The ClickPost Hypertrack tracking API integration is great for any hyperlocal business looking to improve live-location services. Join us to start shipping with HyperTrack today!

FAQs about Hypertrack


1) Is HyperTrack suitable for enterprise-grade clients?

Yes, HyperTrack offers a scalable model and is equipped to grow with the business’s needs. Small and medium-sized businesses can start with features that provide real-time tracking, dynamic driver assignment, etc., before moving on to more comprehensive logistics solutions. 


2) Which last-mile delivery problems can HyperTrack solve?

HyperTrack can be the solution to an optimized last-mile delivery system by reducing delayed orders and failed deliveries, providing proof of delivery (POD), lowering logistics costs, and enhancing post-purchase customer experience.

List of Hypertrack APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:
Automatically generates AWB number and prints shipping label for order processing
Track Shipment API:
Monitors the movement of every shipment on inbound and outbound journeys
Cancellation API
Cancels an order after confirmation
Displays the estimated delivery date of a package according to the pin code 
NDR Action update:
Starts the failed delivery management process by triggering carriers
Return Web-hooks:
Accepts or rejects customer return requests


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