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Table Of Contents

Kart2Door Services

Shipping services  

  • Same day delivery

  • Next-Day delivery

  • Bulk shipping 

Special services

  • Intuitive dashboard

  • Sustainable packaging

  • Warehousing solutions

Technology services

  • Proof of Delivery

  • Real-time order tracking

  • API integrations

About Kart2Door


Kart2Door is a retail logistics and transportation platform that spans the entirety of supply chain operations from storage to shipping and delivery. It is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States, and provides same-day, next-day, and 2-day delivery within the country. It is also available in other locations and offers international shipping services. However, cross-border deliveries typically take more than 2 days. 

This shipping solution is loved by many brands because it maintains SLA agreements excellently and takes quick action in case of breaches. Moreover, with Kart2Door, eCommerce businesses get access from the remotest locations to the busiest corners of the world. Its intuitive dashboard makes order management easy, even for businesses with very heavy order volumes. Tracking shipments is easy, and businesses can track several packages at once from the dashboard by entering the order numbers of AWBs. 

Another unique feature that attracts customers is the use of eco-friendly packaging that helps reduce carbon footprint and allows conscious shoppers to shop guilt-free. Kart2Door is also well-known in the ecommerce shipping sector for its successful handling of very heavy and bulk shipments. Entrepreneurs can arrange pickup of such items from their warehouses at no extra cost. Kart2Door has several large shipping vessels for the overseas transportation of very large articles. 

With Kart2Door, businesses can be assured of every delivery because the platform necessitates proof of delivery (PoD) with a virtually signed document. It also makes multiple delivery attempts if the customer is unavailable the first time around. This helps reduce occurrences of failed deliveries and RTOs (Return to Origin). Kart2Door can be a great partner for businesses looking for reliability and innovative shipping. With ClickPost’s Kart2Door logistics API integration, you can reap all the benefits of Kart2Door’s features without any of the hassles!

FAQs about Kart2Door


1) Does Kart2Door provide expedited delivery for international orders?

Most Kart2Door international orders arrive at their destination within 2 - 4 days of dispatch. Lightweight international shipments travel via airlines, while heavier items are transported in shipping containers.


2) Does Kart2Door deliver on holidays?

Yes, Kart2Door offers delivery services on weekends and holidays.

List of Kart2Door APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:
Starts order processing by generating AWBs and printing shipping labels
Track Shipment API:
 Tracks the progress of a package from start to finish 
Cancellation API
 Cancels an unshipped order or package
 Shows the estimated delivery date of any given package based   on the location 
NDR Action update:

 Allows businesses to take action against NDR packages and   ascertain the reason for Non-Delivery

Return Web-hooks:

 Initiates the return process of delivered orders




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