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Table Of Contents

Magyar Posta Services

Shipping services  

  • International Delivery

  • Remote area Delivery

  • Express Delivery

Special services

  • Time Window Service

  • Postal Packing Service

  • Insured and Registered Post

Technology services

  • Drone Delivery

  • Track & Trace

  • eCommerce Integration

About Magyar Posta


When it comes to picking up the shipping service in any country, the one thing everyone trusts is the national post services. Magyar Posta (Magyar Posta Zrt) is Hungary’s national post service.  It has been the country’s biggest postal network for mailing services since 1840. However, with the growth of ecommerce, Magyar Posta has expanded its services to include parcel shipping in domestic and international regions. 

At Magyar Posta, customers can opt for a variety of services ranging from mail delivery to parcel shipping and freight transport. Along with logistics and supply chain offerings, Magyar Posta also provides money transfer, express delivery, and stamp collection services. Their e-commerce service is especially helpful for those who want fast and cost-efficient shipment within Hungary or internationally. 

This shipping network has 2600+ post offices across Hungary which also act as Parcel Terminal centers or pickup and drop-off points. Some of the most useful ecommerce services offered by Magyar Posta are : MPL Business and Postal parcel, international Postal and EMS Express Mail, Europa+ and MPL Europe Standard. 

Both MPL Business and MPL Postal are domestic shipping services for packages weighing a maximum of 20 kgs. The only difference between the two is the transit duration. MPL Business shipments are delivered the next day while MPL Postal packages take 2 days to arrive. Both these services allow for dropping off of parcels at Postal Points or Parcel Terminals. Customers and brands can track their shipments in real-time using the Magyar Posta mobile app or the website. The carrier notifies customers via an SMS or email when their order has been received at the post office. 

As discussed above, Magyar Posta provides 4 international delivery services for ecommerce businesses. International Postal Parcel is a standard delivery service best suited for non-urgent items. It’s their cheapest international logistics solution. Businesses can use their own packaging or ask Magyar Posta for value-added packaging services. EMS Express Mail is an expedited shipping service available in 114 countries across the world. It offers shipping insurance of HUF 50,000 or USD 140, at no extra cost. For more coverage, companies need to pay a separate fee. Order status updates for both are sent to customers via SMS and email notifications. 

Europa+ Parcel sends time-definite shipments to 29 countries within Europe. Magyar Posta can arrange a free home pickup for a booking of more than 3 packages. MPL Europe Standard is another shipping service for European businesses and customers. It currently ships to 9 countries with DHL. It offers a maximum shipping insurance of HUF 150,000 or USD 420 per shipment. 

With more than 27,000 workers and more than 2608 locations, and 356 mobile post offices, there's no doubt that Magyar Posta is the most reliable way to ship your packages. ClickPost can set you up with Magyar Posta within minutes with its Magyar Posta tracking API. Contact us to start shipping today!

FAQs about Magyar Posta


1) Does Magyar Posta deliver to rural areas?

Yes! Magyar Posta has an extensive network of regional partners that enable them to reach even the most remote parts of Hungary. As of now, the carrier’s serviceable regions include 520+ towns.

2) What payment methods are accepted by Magyar Posta?

Magyar Posta accepts all the usual kinds of payment methods like credit/debit cards, netbanking, e-wallets, PayPal, RazorPay, etc. It also accepts cash-on-delivery.

List of Magyar Posta APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Automatically generates AWB number and prints shipping label for order processing

Track Shipment API: Monitors the movement of every shipment on inbound and outbound journeys
Cancellation API Cancels an order after confirmation
EDD API: Displays the estimated delivery date of a package according to the pin code
NDR Action update: Starts the failed delivery management process by triggering carriers
Return Web-hooks: Accepts or rejects customer return requests




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