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Table Of Contents

Mahindra Logistics Services

Shipping services  

  • Rivigo, B2B Express Service

  • Air Chartering

  • Freight Forwarding

Special services

  • Warehousing

  • In factory Logistics

  • Customized Packaging

Technology services

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Smart Warehousing

  • Alyte Management Software

About Mahindra Logistics


Mahindra Logistics Limited (MLL) is the logistics arm of the Mahindra Group. The logistics company is known for its seamless B2B Express services alongside other core logistics services in the industry. The company was founded with a vision to become an integral part of every supply chain operation to enable mobility and seamless transport services. 

Mahindra Logistics Limited was founded with a vision to seamlessly integrate tech into the logistics supply chain. This vision of the company is incorporated in the plethora of services offered by the carrier. The company caters mostly to businesses from the Automotive, Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, and Commodities sectors. 

The client of Mahindra Logistics can make use of its supply chain, which consists of 19 million square feet of warehousing space and over 15000+ delivery vehicles. The company operates from over 500+ locations across the country, with over 50

The Courier company is known for its B2B express service known as Rivigo. This service enables distributors and suppliers to reach their merchants in an expedited time frame to ensure a continuous supply. Mahindra Logistics originally started the service under the tag Trucksfirst, with a focus on an errorless method for B2B logistics. The technology integrated into the platform ensures that you get the lowest shipping costs, and smartphone application access enables easier management. 

Apart from Express B2B services, the carrier also offers air charter services and freight forwarding services to empower a global supply chain for its customers. MLL’s freight forwarding services offers FCL and LCL options and is enabled through a subsidiary company known as LORDS.

Mahindra Logistics Limited provides an excellent supply chain management service. This service includes warehousing services, customized labeling, and packaging for your e-commerce orders. This will enable you to establish a stronger brand presence through your shipping experience. 

The Smart Warehousing solution from MLL allows for efficient inventory management. You will be able to display real-time inventory levels on your website and assign only one purchase to one SKU. The Alyte Management platform from the carrier allows for GPS-enabled order tracking. ClickPost has a logistics API integration with Mahindra Logistics Limited that allows you to go live with features like NDR, Live Notifications, etc., for enhanced customer experience. 

FAQs about Mahindra Logistics


1) What is Rivigo?

Rivigo is the name of the B2B express service of Mahindra Logistics. It was started in 2014 as Trucksfirst, which provides deliveries of 19,000 pin codes through 200 branches. The service is used by over 500 business partners across various business sectors and regions. 


2) Can a sustainable delivery model be implemented with Mahindra Logistics?

Mahindra Logistics has an EV delivery service option known as eDel. Through this service, you can provide quality delivery services through a fleet of electric vehicles. This will allow you to maintain your sustainable, eco-friendly model in your delivery supply chain. 

List of Mahindra Logistics APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Create order on Courier Partner, fetch waybill and shipping label and place pickup request

Track Shipment API: Track your China Post shipment using AWB and Courier Partner
Cancellation API Cancel shipment manifested on Courier Partner for faster returns
EDD API: Show estimated delivery date for shipments on the order checkout page
NDR Action update: Updates the after NDR action directly on courier company’s database
Return Web-hooks: Track your return shipment using AWB and Courier Partner using web-hooks




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