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Table Of Contents

R2S Services

Shipping services  

  • Last mile delivery

  • International Shipping

Special services

  • PUDO Services

  • COD Services

Technology services

  • End-to-end tracking services

  • Inventory Management

About R2S


R2S Logistics is an Egypt-based logistics company that specializes in the last mile delivery service. The company was founded with the mission to enable e-commerce deliveries within and from Egypt. 

R2S Logistics was founded in Nasr City, Cairo, in the year 2016. The carrier processes about 100k+ shipments per month through over 500 merchants spread across categories. The carrier’s main vision is to cater to the needs of traditional businesses while enabling the e-commerce sector in the country. 

In the shipping department, R2S facilitates domestic and international deliveries through its delivery network. The carrier is known for its seamless last-mile network that allows you to cater to the B2B and B2C customer base. The international delivery network allows you to expand your reach across the globe and have access to a much larger customer base.

R2S provides its delivery services under a PUDO (Pick Up, Drop Off) Delivery mode. This means that your package will be picked up from your doorstep/warehouse and dropped off at the customer’s preferred location. You can then customize your delivery service as per the preferences of your customers and supply chain. You can enable a cash-on-delivery payment model domestically.

With the integrated technology, you can enable customers to track their packages in real time. R2S even has an inventory management solution that enables you to sort out the fulfillment workflow. ClickPost has a logistics API integration with R2S to enable NDR Management features along with the carrier’s seamless delivery services.

FAQs about R2S


1) Does R2S have a merchant portal?

R2S has a merchant portal that allows you to create and manage orders in a single place. To get access to the portal, you will have to visit the official website. You will need to enter your merchant credentials at the merchant’s portal link on the website.


2) What are the features of the cash collection service of R2S?

R2S Logistics has a COD enablement feature. The service promises early remittance and faster collection from the merchants. These features allow e-commerce merchants to offer cash-on-delivery services without compromising on ease of doing business. 

List of R2S APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:
Ship an order with the carrier by manifesting and generating a shipping label
Track Shipment API:
Get the current status of the order from the carrier’s tracking page
Cancellation API
Generate a cancellation request with the carrier
Calculate the estimated delivery date for a particular pin code
NDR Action update:
Generate a communication request with the customer to resolve the failed delivery
Return Web-hooks:
Return the parcel to the nearest/origin warehouse to complete the return process




How does it work?

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